OLTL Update Wednesday 4/4/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/4/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Langston and Starr are in the hallway at school talking about Cole. Langston leaves and Cole comes around the corner.

Todd invites Evangeline to dinner. She refuses and Todd offers to cook for her. Evangeline laughs and agrees.

Adriana and Rex discuss Layla and Tate. Rex accuses her of being jealous of Layla and Tate.

Miles gives Marty flowers to apologize.

John is hitting the heavy bag at the gym. One of the guys tells him he should let others use the heavy bag too. Mike walks up behind him and John snaps, thinking it's the other guy. John tells Mike he and Natalie broke up.

Natalie cries in Viki’s arms about breaking up with John.

John and Mike talk about his relationship. Mike assumes John broke up with Natalie, but John says Natalie ended it. John says he’s not sure they can be friends after everything.

Natalie and Viki talk. Viki tells her it takes a lot of time to get over a break up. Viki tells her about Clint. Natalie says she sorry.

Adriana asks a jealous Rex if he thinks she likes Tate. Adriana tries to reassure him she only likes him. They share a kiss. Adriana tells Rex that Tate told her if she wasn’t taken he would ask her out. Rex asks if that was a surprise. Layla asks Tate if he’s going to leave Adriana alone.

Todd and Evangeline discuss dinner plans.

Marty invites Miles into her office to talk. Miles asks for her forgiveness and tells her he knows about Todd and what happened in college

Cole asks Starr to talk to him. Starr is afraid her dad will try to kill him. She tells him they are over.

Rex asks about Tate wanting to go out with Adriana. She tells him it’s been handled. Rex gets sarcastic. Layla tells Tate to stop staring at Adriana. Tate tells her everything is fair game.

Marty tells Miles she doesn’t want to talk about it. Miles pressures her and Marty says it didn’t define her life. Miles compares it to when he was in the sanitarium with his monster face. He asks if that’s what it was like for Marty. They discuss it. Miles says that now he knows why Spencer hated Todd.

Todd asks what Evangeline wants for dinner. What’s her fantasy meal? Evangeline tells a story about a Creole restaurant in NYC. Todd offers to cook it and she laughs and says peanut butter and jelly will be fine. Evangeline gives him a kiss on the cheek and says thank you.

Cole tells Starr she can’t let her Dad run her life. Starr is afraid of her father and Coles asks if she still loves him. She says if you love me you’ll stop it. Starr threatens to report him. Cole leaves. Langston comes and tells her to let him go. Starr sits and cries and Langston comforts her.

Adriana gets upset with Rex because he accuses her of liking the fact that two guys are after her. She tells him she loves him and wouldn’t hurt him. They kiss. Layla tells Tate that Adriana and Rex have a good shot at staying together. Tate tells her it may not last.

Marty explains to Miles that Spenser hates Todd because he loved Blair and Blair loves Todd. Marty says she believes Todd felt bad about what he did to her and wouldn’t do it to another woman. She tries to explain how Todd growing up with an abusive father caused his behavior now. She says she thinks Starr is afraid of him and he’ll hurt her emotionally. Miles tells her Spenser told him things after he died.

Natalie talks to Viki about John and love. Natalie says she jumped to the wrong conclusion about marriage. She says she steamrolled over John. Natalie asks if John hadn’t been in the accident would they be married now? Viki says they can’t change the past and need to deal with now.

John and Mike talk about their parents and how they would be if the father hadn’t died. Mike tells John that he and Natalie are two alike. He talks about his mom and how things are with him and Marcie and Tommy. He almost lets it slip about Tommy’s real father, but stops himself. John is suspicious. Mike tells John there is no secret. John says he looks guilty. Mike says he’s afraid Tommy’s parents will come back and take Tommy away. He says it’s an adoptive parent fear.

Cole walks into the gym. John points him out to Mike and tells him about Cole and Starr trying to run away. They talk about Marty and Todd.

Natalie and Viki talk and Viki tells her she can stay as long as she wants. They talk about Clint. Todd bursts in asking for cookbooks, pots and pans and says it’s an emergency.

Layla tells Tate that Adriana is his boss and he shouldn’t touch. Evangeline comes in and Layla introduces her to Tate. Tate compares life to baseball and says only one team can win and he looks at Rex and Adriana.

Miles tells Marty about Spenser’s letter. He says the letter has a lot of information that could hurt a lot of people. He asks Marty what to do with it. Marty asks what the letter said and Miles won’t say. They talk about what a patient would discuss. Miles says he doesn’t want to talk. Miles says he doesn’t think Spenser would want everyone to know. Spenser trusted him with this information and he’ll figure out what’s the right thing to do.

Langston consoles Starr. Starr asks if she did the right thing about never seeing Cole again. She says it’s really hard and starts to cry again.

Cole snaps at the gym trainer. Mike says Cole reminds him of John. Taking anger out on objects. Mike tells John he should take it easy.

Viki helps Todd find recipes. Todd asks her to help cook and Viki says no. He makes a remark about Dorian and Clint. She tells him about Natalie and John. Natalie comes downstairs and offers to tell him how to cook. Todd’s phone rings. Miles is calling and tells Todd he has a message for him.

Starr and Langston head back to class. Starr tells Langston her dad is not right about this, but she can’t change her mind because Cole would be dead.

Mike asks John if he did the right thing in breaking up with Natalie. John talks about Cole doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. John and Mike head to the showers. A guy in the gym talks to Cole about boxing. An angry Cole taunts him.

Adriana and Rex kiss. Tate watches and says to Layla and Evangeline that nothing lasts for ever. Tate leaves. Evangeline says guys like Tate are full of hot air.

Todd talks to Miles. Todd says he’s not listening and Miles says something about Todd’s missing son.

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