OLTL Update Monday 4/2/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/2/07


Written By Jysika
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie was talking to John about how she is going to look like a fool because she told everyone that she and John were going to get engaged and they aren’t. She says that everyone is going to feel sorry for her and she hates it when people feel sorry for her. John said that she did nothing wrong, and that its not her fault. She starts crying. John asks her what he can do to help her, what she needs. She told him that she needs space like he does. He says that it sounds like she’s saying that they’re breaking up. He says that he doesn’t want to break up. Natalie says that she loves him, and she thinks that he loves her. He interrupts her and says that she knows that he loves her. She says that she thought that was enough but its not. John asks her if she means that they are just giving up, he says that he’s not good at giving up. Natalie says that there isn’t much else that they can do because they aren’t going to start going to couple’s counseling. John agrees. He starts talking about how they use to be friends. Natalie says that they were more than friends, John was her best friend. John says that doesn’t have to change that they can still be friends and they will still see each other around. She says she guesses so. John asks her if she’s sure it has to be this way, she says it does. He asks her if she wants him to take her home, she says that’s okay.

Cole, Starr, Marty, Todd, and Evangeline are at the police station. Starr is begging Todd to leave Cole alone. She says that she’ll swear that she won’t have anything else to do with Cole anymore if Todd will agree to drop the whole thing. Todd starts to say something, but Evangeline tells Todd that he should let Starr do this. Cole begs Starr to not do that, Starr tells him that it’s the only way. Marty says that if Cole promises to not have any contact with Starr anymore that she won’t send him to military school and will drop the charges against Todd. Cole is still begging Starr to not do it, but Starr keeps insisting that it’s the only way. Cole says that he will agree to it if he is allowed to speak with Starr alone in private to say goodbye. Todd doesn’t like the idea but Marty says that they are at a police station and that Todd should at least give that much to Starr.

Once alone Cole says that Starr is a genius and that he almost believed her himself. Starr says that she wasn’t lying, that she meant what she said. Cole said that she couldn’t have meant what she said. Starr says that it has to be that way, and its not just for Cole but for everyone. She says that she’s doing it for her brother who doesn’t need to see his father in jail again, and some other people. She says at least this way she knows where he is and that he’s safe. Cole asks how he’s suppose to see her at school and not talk to her. Starr says that she hasn’t thought that far ahead yet. Cole says that he loves her. Starr says that she knows. She says that no matter what, she’s not going to regret everything that they’ve done together, and that she’ll never forget how much he means to her.

Evangeline tells Todd a story about this one time that she went on a date with a boy who just got his licensee and her dad told her to be home by 10 pm. She says that she was 5 minutes late and her father was waiting in the drive way a few seconds away from calling the police. She says that she didn’t forgive her father for months for that, but then a kid in her school had a car crash and died, and that she understood what her father was worried about. She warns Todd that if he doesn’t start being less strict on Starr that he’ll lose her.

Antonio and Talia are looking up information on the coin. They’ve already figured out that its from some white supremacist group. Antonio mentions something about Talia saying that this isn’t the hate crime that she’s came in contact with, he asks her if she was the victim of a hate crime. I don’t think she answers. She then decides to look for fires prior to the first arson attack. She finds one where a guy was in court for a hate crime and it said that he only said three words in his defense. It was the same three words that were on the coin. Antonio thinks that maybe that guy can give them some info on the coin to help them catch the arsonist. Antonio calls the warden of the jail that the one guy is in. He gets off and tells Talia that the guy won’t be telling them anything because he got killed when he was trying to start trouble for another cellmate.

Jessica tells Nash that she’s going to adopt Antonio’s daughter. Nash kind of flies off the handle. He tells her that she realizes that she made the wrong decision by staying with Antonio and that she really loves him. But he says that she’s in denial and when she finally decides that he is the one that she really wants to be with that she is going to be too tangled up in Antonio’s family. Jessica goes off and says that Antonio’s family is her family too. Nash says that she’ll never be happy because Nash is the one that she really wants to be with. Jessica says something. Nash says that he does want Jessica to be happy. They talk a little bit more.

Miles just received the letter from Spencer. He decides to start drinking, while drinking he starts to see Spencer sitting across from him. They start talking about how Marty turned Miles down. Spencer is upset because Miles is going to take no for an answer. Spencer says that he didn’t create Miles in his own image for him to be a quitter. Miles says that people don’t always get what they want, Spencer accuses him of being a pessimist. Miles says that he’s not a pessimist, he’s a realist. Spencer starts talking about everything that Miles had been through, everything that Miles had overcome, he says that a man who has overcome all the stuff that Miles has overcome can overcome anything. Spencer then says he wants Miles to do something for him. Miles says that he won’t hurt anyone. Spencer acts like he’s shocked that Miles would make such a statement. Miles says that Spencer has been nothing but nice and helpful to him, but people around town are saying that Spencer was a monster. Miles starts talking about how nice everyone in Llanview is. Spencer says not Todd. Miles agree that Todd isn’t nice, but he says everyone else has been real nice to him. Spencer says its because they want something, he reminds Miles that he’s a real wealthy man now. He says that’s the way that the world works. He then tells Miles to read the letter and he will find out what Spencer wants him to do. Miles tells Spencer that he will have nothing to do with Todd.

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