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One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/29/07


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Bo, Paige, and Mathew go out for hot chocolate. After Bo leaves to get the coco, Paige asks Mathew about living at Asa’s. Mathew says that it’s ok but it’s not home.

At the PD, Natalie tries to hide her devastation when John tells her that she misunderstood the situation and he was not going to propose. Natalie questions whether John wasn’t going to propose last night or ever.

At the pier, Cole and Starr anxiously wait for someone. Cole takes this opportunity to make sure that Starr is absolutely sure she wants to go through with running away. She says she is.

Vincent arrives at the PD apparently summons by Talia. Talia shows him a sketch on the coin she found at Nora’s and asks him if it means anything. He says it does.

At the diner, Jessica is uncomfortable when Jamie calls her mommy. Sensing Jessica’s uneasiness Antonio asks Jamie to go color. Antonio says that Jess has been like a mother to Jamie for a long time. Jess says, “I guess.” Antonio questions whether she has a problem with Jamie calling her mommy.

Starr looks afraid when Cole keeps pressing her on whether she is sure she wants to run away. She quickly changes to the subject to Florida, but Cole will not be deterred. He tells her he doesn’t want to be the reason she has problems with her family. Starr says that if her family is going to make her choose, she chooses him. Langston arrives at the pier with some cash for Cole and Starr. Cole asks Langston to mail the letter to his mom but realizes it’s missing.

Marty arrives at the PD to report her son as a run away. Marty not liking the answer the officer gives her first asks to Bo and then John.

John tells Natalie that he doesn’t see them getting married after she asks him for honesty. Natalie is humiliated because she told her sister and parents that they were getting married. She then gets angry and asks him why he had the ring, took her to the Palace, and told her that he loved her. John tells her that he does love her. Natalie keeps asking John questions until she comes to the conclusion that he was going to break up with her.

Jessica tells Antonio that Keri loved Jamie very much and she doesn’t want Jamie to forget that she has a “real mommy.” Antonio goes over to question whether Jamie knows who her real mommy is. She says that she’s in heaven but she wants to call Jessica mommy. Antonio goes back over to Jessica and questions whether this is something Jessica wants. Though she says that she wants to bond their family more than anything, she is remembering Marty’s advise and writing Nash’s name on the card.

Vincent gets defensive when Talia keeps questioning him about the coin. He does note the irony that the coin stands for purity and peace and it’s linked to the arsonist. He says it’s not only ironic but familiar.

Cole starts to freak but Starr tells him he probably dropped it when they where running over to the pier. Langston doesn’t want to know where they are headed for fear that she’ll crack when the police and Starr’s parents start grilling her. Starr and Cole feel bad for putting her in that position. Langston tells him not to worry because she’s got them covered.

John tells Natalie that when he was in the hospital he thought he’d be able to start his life over, but realize that it’s not possible. John wants to go somewhere and talk, but Natalie doesn’t want a long explanation. She only wants to know if he wants to be with her, “yes or no.” Before he has a chance to answer, a frantic, Marty interrupts telling him that she needs him.

Jessica tells Antonio that Jamie calling her mommy isn’t the same as a friend’s kid calling her Aunt Jess. Besides that RJ surely would have a problem with this. Antonio says that RJ will support whatever Jamie wants to call Jessica. Antonio then says that they need to talk about Nash. Jess wants to know what Nash has to do with this.

Mathew is worried that Nora might get sick again because she’s so stressed out. Paige tries to comfort him, but Bo acknowledges that nothing they say will make him feel better. Bo tells Mathew that what he’s feeling comes with loving someone.

Langston gives Starr and untraceable phone and tells her to keep in touch. They share an emotional goodbye.

An angry Natalie tries to get Marty to shut up and leave, but Marty yells that she has to find Cole and Starr before Todd finds out their missing. John takes an upset Natalie outside and tells her that they will talk later. Natalie wants an answer but John says later. Natalie gives in and says, “whatever you say.”

Marty tells John that Cole and Starr won’t keep away from each other and with Todd in the mix the situation is explosive. Marty regrets enrolling Cole in military school but thought it was for the best. An emotional Marty explains that Cole wrote her a letter. Marty reads Cole’s letter telling her why he ran away. Basically because she doesn’t respect him and wants to be with Starr.

Cole and Starr get bus tickets to Cleveland.

Mathew sees Todd so he asks him if Starr is ok because she hasn’t returned any of his calls. Todd says no. Mathew wants to know what’s wrong. Todd says, “her love life.” Natalie rushes in looking for Todd. Natalie tells Todd that Starr ran away with Cole.

Vincent tells Talia that it’s a symbol that is on the back of cars and on churches. Talia is irritated and asks him if he knows of anyone who has this coin. Vincent says he doesn‘t a in a subtle way tells her not to call him back down to the PD or he might have to get his lawyer involved.

Antonio tells Jessica that if Jamie starts calling her mommy then there’s a good chance that Bree with call him daddy. He wants to assure Nash that he is an important part of the family. Jessica agrees that they should think of Nash’s feelings. She then says that she is happy to send a statement by having Jamie call her mommy. She tells Antonio that his family is her family. Jessica goes to Jamie that tells her that she would be so proud if she were to call her mommy. Jamie smiles and gives her a hug.

Natalie tells Todd that Marty came in with a letter from Cole saying that he and Starr ran away together. Natalie tells Todd that Bo is sitting right behind him, but Todd wants to handle things his way. Natalie looks worried.

John gets a call that an officer found Starr’s jacket at the train station. John tells Marty that Starr is a smart kid and probably left it there to make them think she and Cole left town. John has a thought and calls someone to find out if there are any patrols around the bus station.

Starr and Coles’ bus will begin boarding in fifteen minutes.

Jessica looks freak out when Antonio suggests that she adopt Jamie. Antonio reminds her that it meant the world to her when Clint adopted her and her brothers. Miles interrupts a relieved Jessica by calling. Jessica tells Antonio that Miles seemed upset and she needs to go see him. After Jessica leaves Jamie tells Antonio that she hopes “mommy doesn’t leave like my first mommy.”

Natalie calls someone and tells them that she needs to see them.

John finds out that Starr and Cole are at the bus station, but the officers can’t respond. John says he will go himself. Marty goes with him.

Cole and Starr get ready to board the bus to Cleveland when an angry Todd shows up. Cole and Starr look both stunned and scared.

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