OLTL Update Thursday 3/29/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/29/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
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Bo, Paige, and Matthew enter the coffee house and Bo asks them if they want hot chocolate.  As he walks away to get their drinks, Matthew tells Paige that Nora is not doing very well.  John and Natalie are in his office at the police station and John tells her that he is not going to propose to her.  Natalie says she is making an ass out of herself again by jumping the gun.  John says he is not ready to be married.  Natalie asks him if he means right now or if he means that he will never be ready. 

Starr and Cole are at the docks near the train station talking about how their parents should let them be together or let them go.  Talia calls Vincent down to the cop shop and shows him a drawing of the medallion and asks him if he recognizes it. 

Jamie, Jessica, and Antonio are at the coffee shop and Jamie calls Jessica “Mommy.”  Jessica is thrown off balance by this and tells Antonio this is the first time Jamie ever called her mommy.  Antonio tells Jamie to go find her crayons and draw, so he can talk to Jessica.  Antonio tells Jessica she's been like a mother to Jamie for a long time and asks if Jessica has a problem with Jamie calling her mommy. 

Cole wants to know if Starr has a problem with leaving her family.  Starr says it will work out because if her parents make her choose, she'll choose him.  Langston meets up with them and hands Starr an envelope with money and a bracelet inside.  Cole asks Langston to mail a letter to his mom with a Llanview postmark on it, so she'll get it after they're gone.  Cole looks in his backpack for the letter, but it is not there.  In the meantime, Marty has found the letter and rushes off to the police department to file a missing persons report.  She asks for Bo and is advised he is not there and then she asks to see John.  Natalie and John are in the middle of discussing their relationship and John lets Natalie know he is not seeing marriage between them right now.  Natalie says she should have realized he's not the marrying kind and that she has made a fool of herself.  She wants to know if John wants to spend time with her or was he trying to break up with her that night at the Palace Hotel. 

Jessica doesn't want Jamie to forget she had a real mommy and expresses these thoughts to Antonio.  Antonio asks Jamie if she knows who her real mommy is and she replies that her real mommy is in heaven.  Jamie says she knows Jessica is not her real mommy, but wants to call her mommy.  Antonio asks Jessica if this is what she wants and she thinks of the card with Nash's name on it. 

Talia asks Vincent if he sees anything in the drawing that looks familiar.  He says all medallions look similar to each other.  Cole continues to look through his backpack for the letter and Starr tells him it must have fallen out of his backpack.  Langston lets them know she's got their backs if their parents question her. 

Natalie and John are still discussing their relationship and John relays to her that while he was in the hospital he felt like he could start his life over.  He asks her if they can go somewhere else to talk.  Natalie just wants to know if he is breaking up with her and wants a yes or no answer.  Marty bursts through the door interrupting them and pleads with John for his help. 

Antonio and Jessica are still at the coffee shop in Angels Square.  They are discussing Jessica’s feelings that R.J. might have a problem with Jamie calling her mommy.  Antonio switches gears and says they should consider how Nash would feel about Jessica being called mommy. 

Bo gives Paige and Matthew their hot drinks.  Matthew tells them both he is worried about Nora and Paige lets him know Nora will be fine as long as she takes her medication.  Matthew says he watches her take the medication every morning.  Bo tells Matthew that worrying about someone is part of loving them.  Bo then tells Paige he doesn't want to lose her.  Matthew asks Bo permission to go over to see Todd when he spots him across the room. 

Langston gives Starr a ten-hour untraceable cell phone to use to call her.  Starr gives her a big hug and thanks her for everything and says she will be back.  Natalie rudely tells Marty she and John are in the middle of something, but Marty is hysterical and needs to talk to John.  John says they'll talk later and asks Natalie to leave, as he has to handle this situation.  John questions Marty about Cole and she is ashamed to admit she doesn't know that much about what Cole does during the day.  All she knows is that Cole can't seem to stay away from Starr no matter what he's told.  She blames herself for trying to send him to military school and John says it is not her fault.  Marty reads Cole's letter to John, which says he is running away and doesn't want to go to military school.  It continues to say that if someone wanted to keep her and her husband apart, she would understand how he feels.  Cole and Starr head over to the bus station and Cole buys two tickets to Cleveland.  He feels they can blend in there, since it's a big city and the rock and roll Hall of Fame is there too.  Starr thinks Todd will forgive Cole when she comes home. 

Matthew goes over to say hi to Todd and asks him if he knows where Starr is saying that he has been trying to call her and she is not answering her cell phone.  Natalie comes in the coffee house and lets Todd know Marty told John Starr and Cole ran away.  Todd is livid. 

Vincent lets Talia know the medallion looks familiar and sarcastically calls her sweetness.  She calls him sweetness back and he says she's cute when she's sarcastic.  She then calls him Mr. Jones and thanks him for coming in.  He threatens to bring his lawyer with him next time.  Talia thinks Vincent's finger is in the pie somehow and lets another officer in on her feelings. 

Jessica lets Antonio know that it is okay for Jamie to call her mommy because Jamie, Antonio, and Bree are her family and she loves her family.  Jessica lets Jamie know she is happy and proud for her to call her mommy. 

Natalie relays to Todd how Marty busted in John's office while they were talking.  John gets a call from one of his officers informing him they found Starr's jacket at the train station.  John feels the jacket was left behind to throw the officers off track.  John orders the officers to check the bus station.  Cole and Starr are sitting on a bench in the bus station waiting for their bus to leave.  The announcement over the speakers indicates their bus is leaving in ten minutes. 

Antonio asks Jessica how she likes being called a mom and if she would like to adopt Jamie.  Jessica is about to reply when she gets a call from Miles asking her to come to his place for some sort of emergency.  Jamie tells Antonio, I hope mommy doesn't leave us like my first mommy.  Natalie calls an unknown person on her cell phone and says they need to talk. 

John gets a call that Cole and Star have been located at the bus stop, but no other officers are available, as they've been called to a domestic dispute.  John advises the officer to stay put and says that he'll handle.  Marty wants to come too, but John doesn't want her to.  She insists and they both head to the bus station.  The announcement comes over the speaker that the bus to Cleveland is now boarding at gate #3.  Cole and Starr hold hands and start for the gate, but are stopped by Todd. 

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