OLTL Update Wednesday 3/28/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/28/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Bo enters John McBain’s office and offers congratulations. John asks if Natalie told him and Bo says he’s talking about the robbery bust at the Palace.

Natalie joins Jessica at the restaurant and casually mentions that she is getting engaged.

Cole is packing while Starr watches. Starr tells him no way they’re leaving this way.

Blair and Cristian at Capricorn. Blair came to rehearse. They discuss art work and Cristian says he needs a new muse. Blair asks how long they can continue talking around it without acting on sexual feelings.

Evangeline enters Todd’s place just to “drop by”. Todd doesn’t believe she just dropped by. He thinks he knows why she’s there, but he wants to hear it from her. Evangeline tells Todd he doesn’t know what she wants, he says he does and she says why? Todd says he got away with it. Evangeline asks what? He says “got you!” She sits in a chair and covers her face. Todd guesses its something about Evangeline and him.

Cristian and Blair discuss work and their fling. Blair suggests they talk about what happened on the mountain. They agree it was fun. Blair says and it will never happen again, right? Cristian just looks at her.

Antonio and Talia wait for Doctor Crosby to hypnotize her. Antonio reassures her about being hypnotized.

John and Bo discuss the robbery. Bo asks what John thought he was talking about. Bo tells him he seems distracted. John tells him that Natalie thinks they are getting engaged. Bo asks if he had a change of heart. John said he didn’t plan on proposing to Natalie. Bo asks how Natalie had that idea. John tells him about Natalie seeing the ring. John explains he was going to put it in the safe at work and he only asked Natalie to dinner to talk. Bo asks what he going to do to fix it.

Cole admits they shouldn’t run and Starr says he doesn’t understand. They discuss their parents. Starr says they need to send a message to their parents and they have to do it right. She says they have to travel light.

Cristian says he doesn’t think Blair was looking for love any more then him. He says they kind of helped each other out. They talk about Todd and Evangeline.

Evangeline says she and Cristian won’t get back together because they’ve said too many things. They discuss Blair and Cristian. Evangeline gets annoyed about Todd talking bad about Cristian. Todd teases her and she tries to leave, he takes her hand and Todd asks her to talk to him. They sit and Evangeline tells him not to say anything negative about Cristian. Todd makes a joke. Evangeline says she doesn’t understand what Todd did to mess everything up and she hates it.

Dr. Crosby comes in and talks to Talia. He begins by telling her to think of a favorite place and go there. He puts her under by counting to five. He asks about Nora’s house and what she found. She talks about finding the metal and wiping off the dirt, but then says she knows someone is there with her and that it’s him.

Bo and John discuss Natalie. John thinks he should come clean and Bo says it’s going to break Natalie’s heart. Unless he decides to go through with the engagement. John is not sure either of them is ready for marriage

Natalie and Jessica discuss Natalie getting married. Natalie is happy and excited. Jessica tells her marriage doesn’t solve everything and that if there were problems there before the wedding they will still be there. Worse. Natalie asks if Jessica and Antonio are having problems. Jessica denies it, but says Nash is an issue. Jessica explains to Natalie that she and Nash are having trouble relating to each other. Natalie says give it time.

Dr. Crosby asks what happened and Talia tells them the man got the drop on her. She describes what happened and he got away. She says the man wore a mask. Dr Crosby asks about the metal again. She says it had a bird on it, dove with wing spread upward. Words; putus. A sketch artist is drawing while she talks. Dr. Crosby keeps prodding her, but she can’t remember anything else. He wakes her up. They show her the picture.

Starr and Cole discuss money and what they need to runaway. Cole asks if Starr did this before and Starr admits she had when she was younger and stupider. Cole asks why they are doing this and Starr says so that their parents will understand. They say they love each other.

Blair and Cristian discuss Todd and Evangeline and what happened on the Mountain. They talk about their futures without Todd and Evangeline.

Todd and Evangeline talk. Evangeline tells him he makes a rotten friend. Todd says that’s not such a bad thing. Evangeline asks to hang out with him for a while because she’s only happy lately when she’s with him. Todd goes to get them snacks.

Jessica says goodbye to Natalie and finds the paper in her purse that she had written the name of the man she wanted to be with on. It says Nash and she sets it on fire with her lighter.

Dr. Crosby asks what the sketch of the metal means and Antonio and Talia discuss it.

Cole writes his mom a note. He says she’ll be alone and he has to make her understand. Starr suggests they mail it so she gets it after they are far away.

Bo offers to help John any way he can and leaves. He walks out and into Natalie. Bo hugs her and tells her he’ll be in his office is she needs him. Natalie goes into John’s office and gives him a big hug. She’s very happy and tells him how she feels about him. She calls him her fiancé’. John just stares at her.

Antonio comes in with his daughter to see Jessica. They talk about the girl’s class trip. She calls Jessica “Mommy”.

Blair sings a sad love song. Cristian watches from the bar.

We see Cole and Starr kiss and then with a last look at the apartment, they leave. Cole accidentally drops the letter as he goes out the door.

Blair continues singing.

We see Evangeline looking out the window as Todd comes back with snacks.

Blair singing.

Evangeline & Todd sharing a moment.

Blair still sings. Cristian watches her from the bar as the song finishes.

Natalie kisses John and Natalie asks what was wrong with Bo. Did john tell him the good news? John tells her she wasn’t supposed to see the ring and she doesn’t understand. He says he loves her, but wasn’t going to propose to her.

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