OLTL Update Tuesday 3/27/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/27/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer

Todd goes over to Dorian's house to check on Starr. Starr lets her Dad know that Cole is being sent off to military school. Over at Marty and Cole's place, Marty reads Cole information about the military school from the school pamphlet.

Adriana and Tate talk about his attraction to her. Adriana advises him she has to set some rules or she can't see him anymore. Jessica goes to the coffee shop to drop off Bree with Nash to baby-sit.

Bo calls Rex into his office and advises him that he found a bag of money from the robbery; Rex picks up the bag and examines it. Evangeline and Nora are talking in the police station outside of Bo's office when Antonio and Talia stop by. Antonio advises Nora that they have a lead on the arsonist who burned her house down. Antonio tells her that Talia found a medallion at the site; Talia shows her a photo of the footprint. Nora is upset and yelling that this is all the proof they have after all this time. Evangeline asks Antonio how Cristian is doing.

Bo lets Rex know that the money in the bag is the money taken from Roxy's and wants to know if Rex was ready to take the money for himself. Bo asks Rex when everyone will be able to see his model underwear photos. Rex and Bo discuss Tate. Rex says he is not jealous of Tate, but the look on his face says otherwise.

Adriana lets Tate know that she and Rex are a couple. Tate assures her that he would never come between two people in love.

Cole and Marty discuss military school some more. Cole suggests that if he is such a disgrace, then she should send him away. Marty confides to Cole that when his father was around, they made these type of decisions together, and it's not easy for her on her own. Cole says to Marty that Starr is all that matters to him. Marty leaves for work, and on her way out , she says that when she gets home from work, they'll go over the courses he has chosen to take at military school.

Still at Dorian's, Todd asks if Starr thinks he's a good father. She replies yes but lets him know that she is not a kid any more. Starr's cell phone rings, but she ignores it. Todd wonders if she's not answering because it's Cole.

Nash asks Jessica to stay with him and Bree at the coffee shop. Evangeline goes over to Marty's office to drop off a file from the DA on a case they want her to handle. Evangeline thinks the DA wants Marty to handle the case, since she is so good letting psychopaths go free. Marty asks her if she brought the file over to pick a fight with her.

Bo and Rex discuss his relationship with Adriana. Bo advises him to let her know he is not jealous of her working relationship with Tate. Rex then lets Bo know Adriana saw Tate naked at the ski lodge. Rex calls Roxy to let her know her stolen money has been found.

Nora is still upset and says to Antonio, Talia, and Bo that this photo is ridiculous.  She asks what it will prove, since the insurance company already thinks she's the arsonist.

Female fans surround Tate at the Palace Hotel Bar while he is with Adriana. Tate tells them Adriana is his girlfriend.  She goes along with it, but he then kisses her. The fans leave, and Tate apologizes to her.  He says this was the only way he knew how to get rid of his female fans. Adriana is visibly upset, but Tate apologizes to her again. He lets her know that if she did not have a boyfriend, he'd want to kiss her a whole lot more.

Rex meets with Roxy at the coffee shop and hands over her bag of money. Roxy sees Nash and Jessica together at another table and wonders aloud to Rex what it's all about. She tells Rex that hairdressers usually know everything that is going on. Roxy feels something is bothering Rex and asks him what's wrong. He says he thinks Tate is trying to make a play for his girl. Roxy assures him Adriana would never cheat on him and if she does, she'll scratch her eyes out.

Nora is still ranting about the photo being the only evidence outside of Bo's office.  He pulls her into his office and closes the door. Bo lets her know that Talia put her life on the line to find the culprit and that she should be thankful.

Evangeline says to Marty that she doesn't want to fight with her, but for all of Marty's so-called education, she is such a bad judge of character. Marty asks if Evangeline is so educated, why she is pursuing Todd. Evangeline says it is over with Cristian, so she doesn't want to talk to her about Cristian or Todd.

Cole leaves a message for Starr to call him. Todd checks Starr's cellphone to see who called her and it's Cole. Todd calls Cole, so he answers the phone, thinking it's Starr.  He answers, "I thought you got caught". Todd tells him that the only one who got caught is him. Todd knows that Cole is going to military school but threatens that he will see him in jail. Todd lets Starr know he would walk through fire to keep her safe.  He tells her that she can go back to school when Cole is gone and that he loves her.

Evangeline admits to Marty she is confused about Todd and not yet over Cristian. Marty says it is not easy; Evangeline says they'll be okay if they don't talk about it.

Nora confides to Bo that she just wants the case solved. Roxy advises Rex to take off his shirt as he has good pecs. Roxy then says she remembers who Tate is and that he is hot, so it's no wonder Rex is worried. Rex sarcastically thanks her for her help. Nash and Jessica fight about Antonio. Roxy exclaims to Rex that Tate is hot, but says that Rex is her son. She offers to take him to lunch to make up to him for what she said about Tate.

Tate tells Adriana he'll back off. She asks him if she didn't have a boyfriend, what he would do.  He says he'd make a play for her if Rex wasn't in the picture.

Nora apologizes to Talia for snapping at her ,and she accepts her apology. Nora says she can be reached day or night if needed.

Marty and Evangeline continue to discuss Todd. Evangeline compliments Marty on how she handled the Manning's at the ski lodge regarding their children. Marty expresses how sorry she is to Evangeline about her and Cristian.

Tate tells Adriana she is smart and funny and does she know how gorgeous she is.

Bo goes over to Asa's house to check on Matthew because he is sick. Matthew explains to his dad how Nigel tried to change his sheets when he was in bed as if it were a hospital. Bo invites him to stay with him, but he declines, as he doesn't want to leave Nora. They discuss how Nora has been a little crazy lately. Bo lets Matthew in on where the microwave and soup are hidden, but not to tell anyone, especially the cook. Bo brings Matthew a tray of tea and cookies. Matthew informs Bo of what is going on in the household and that Asa keeps kissing Renee and saying he feels like a million bucks" Bo jokingly is surprised that it's only a million. Matthew is sick of being fussed over. Bo suggests a sleep- over in the tack house with his buddies from school. Matthew wants to ask his mom first, but Bo suggests he let him handle it as she is distracted right now.  He says that he'll handle Matthew's social calendar.

Rex walks into the Palace Hotel bar and sees Adriana with Tate. He walks over and wants to know if he is interrupting something.

Antonio lets Talia know he made an appointment with a psychiatrist to hypnotize her to see if she can remember anything else.

Jessica asks Nash to call Antonio when he is ready to bring Bree back. Nash leaves the coffee house. Jessica remains and pulls out the card she wrote in Marty's office with the name of the person she wants to be with.  It reveals Nash's name.

Evangeline goes to see Todd. Starr goes to see Cole at his home; Cole says he is going to run away with her.

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