OLTL Update Monday 3/26/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/26/07


Written By Rhonda and Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer

Clint and Dorian are at her house having after dinner drinks. They are drinking tequila.

Viki calls Nora over to her house. Viki tells Nora she took her advise and told Clint how she felt about him. Viki is upset that Clint went home with Dorian anyway.

Miles asks Marty out for a drink.

Blair is outside of her hospital room and says she's sorry she thought Todd knew about her and Cristian sleeping together. Todd is angry and goes after Cristian. Evangeline is there as well and looks horrified.

At the Palace, John and an ecstatic looking Natalie talk about the evenings events and what he was going to tell her before the robbery took place. Natalie tells John he's full of surprises. Natalie says they have a lot to work out, but they can make it work. John tells Natalie to shut up, as he has something to say.

Dorian and Clint discuss the evenings events regarding Viki and Dorian thinks that Viki is pathetic and she ruined their evening.

Marty declines Miles offer of an alcoholic drink, but does ask for a club soda in Miles room. Miles tells Marty he wants to go out with her romantically. Marty tells Miles it isn't going to happen.

Michael breaks up Todd and Cristian’s fight in the hospital corridor. Blair asks Todd why he has to do this all the time? Todd retorts, "Maybe for the same reason you always have to act like a whore? "

Nora and Viki continue to discuss Clint's relationship with Dorian. Nora tells Viki that she can’t understand why Clint would choose Dorian over her. Viki tells Nora that she angry with herself because she acted like an idiot by interrupting Clint and Dorian's dinner date at the Palace. She goes on to explain how the robbers showed up and how she followed Clint and Dorian to the hospital when they went to check on Blair. A humiliated Viki tells Nora how she then asked Clint to be her boyfriend. Nora apologizes to Viki for her advise.

Back at Dorian’s, Clint and Dorian continue to discuss Viki's actions. Dorian again lays into Viki, but Clint defends Viki's actions and asks Dorian to stop it. Dorian apologizes to Clint and asks if she's such a nightmare what is he doing with her? Dorian asks Clint if he is ending things with her.

John and Natalie continue to talk about the future. Natalie keeps interrupting John, as he tries to tell her what he wants to say. She gets up and tells John she has to go tell her mom about the engagement. John tries to stop her, but she runs out. John says to himself, "Now you're really going to hate me."

Marty and Miles discuss his feelings toward her. Marty said she is not ready to start dating and her heart still belongs to Patrick. He tells her Patrick would want her to move on and compares these feelings with women in India who throw themselves on the fire burning their loved ones ashes. Marty says she just wants to be friends. Marty gets up to leave and Miles grabs her arm, plants a kiss on her, and pleads with her not to leave. Marty gets upset and slaps him and says, "Don't do that again!"

Dorian tells Clint they are good together. Clint tells her he has to make a decision tonight about who he wants to be with. Clint kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

Viki and Nora discuss Clint some more. As they are talking, Natalie enters the library, grinning ear to ear, and tells her Mom her dreams are coming true. Nora leaves to let mother and daughter have some privacy.

Todd and Blair continue to argue in the hospital corridor. Cristian tries to butt in but Evangeline tells him to stay out of it.

Michael runs into John at the hospital and asks him how things went with Natalie. John tells Michael Natalie thinks they are getting engaged.

Marty over reacts and tells Miles, "No means no."

Evangeline and Blair start to talk about the night at the ski lodge and the conversation gets heated and Evangeline tells Todd he was right, Blair does act like a whore. Evangeline tells Todd, Blair and Cristian she doesn't owe any of them an explanation as to why she went to the ski lodge. Todd tells Cristian he that owes him an apology.

John tells Michael he couldn't tell Natalie what he wanted to because he could not get a word in edgewise. Michael tells John he better change that and fast.

In the meantime, an ecstatic Natalie tells Viki that John is going to propose to her. Viki tells Natalie how happy she is for her.

Dorian frets forcing Clint to make a decision.

Marty tells Miles no man has permission to put their hands on a woman.

Clint returns and tells Dorian he's made a decision and wanted her to be the first to know.

Natalie senses that her mom is sad and wants to know what’s up. Viki tells Natalie she still has feelings for Clint. Clint comes over and want to talk to Viki. Viki starts to freak out and wants to know what Clint is doing there, and quickly changes to subject to Nat’s engagement. Natalie tells Clint she's going to be engaged. Clint is happy for her and says they will have the biggest wedding Llanview has ever seen.

Dorian is daydreaming that Clint has returned and tells her he is tied to Viki through their kids, but she is like a wild bronco - unpredictable.

Clint discusses his feelings with Viki. Viki tells him she wants him to be happy, but doesn't want him with Dorian. Clint tells Viki he feels she doesn't really want him, she just doesn't want Dorian with him. Viki gets irritated by Clint questioning her motives and quips to Clint, “well I guess you would know how I feel.” Clint tells Viki that he is sorry if he hurt her and then leaves Viki's house. Viki is upset, but says out loud "she wants her own new adventure."

Miles again apologizes to Marty for grabbing her, but Marty still leaves. She cries a little once outside his door. Miles is upset and picks up papers off his desk and throws them around the room. He looks in the mirror and sees the man he used to be with the hideous face and says, "I'm a monster, no one will love me."

Back at the hospital, Todd tells Cristian that Blair went to the ski lodge to sleep with the first person who looked at her. Blair apologizes to Cristian and tells Cristian, "I got my wish, Todd is out of my life."

John tells Michael he had the ring with him at his dinner with Natalie, but only to take to the safe when he had a chance. He asks Michael how can he let her down. Michael tells him he has to let her down soon, before everyone in town thinks there's going to be a wedding.

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