OLTL Update Friday 3/23/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/23/07


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A replay of Talia being knocked out by the arsonist is shown.

Marcie is still unnerved about the robbery at Foxy Roxy’s so she pays a visit to Michael at the hospital. She is concerned about Tommy not knowing that he is adopted if something happens to them before they have a chance to tell him. Marcie tells Michael that she wrote a letter to Tommy that explains everything to him. Michael tells her to rip up the letter. Marcie wants to know why he freaks out every time she mentions Tommy’s adoption.

At Capricorn, Cristian eggs Evangeline on to tell Todd about him and Blair sleeping together. Todd wants to know what Cristian is talking about and he says it’s about what really happened at the ski lodge.

At the Palace, Miles and John fight with the robbers and Blair gets shot .

Talia yells to Antonio that she has the perp. She tells the perp if he moves she will shoot him.

Marcie and Michael fight over how much Tommy should know about his birth parents. Marcie says that he deserves to know as much as they can tell him. Michael says that it won’t make Tommy and happier and doesn’t see the point.

John and Clint tie up the perps, while Viki and Dorian tend to Blair’s gunshot wound. Dorian says it doesn’t look that serious because she can she and entry and exit wound. Marty tends to Miles’ head. Natalie gets irritated with the dispatch because the ambulance hasn’t arrived yet. Dorian doesn’t want Viki to help Blair.

Cristian is enjoying Evangeline’s discomfort as he starts to tell Todd about having sex with someone at the lodge. Evangeline tries to get him to stop talking, but Cris is enjoying himself too much.

Michael tells Marcie that she just needs to relax. Marcie agrees and doesn’t know what’s wrong with her because she worry’s all the time.

The perps are arrested and taking into custody. Blair is taken to the hospital. Miles and Marty need to hang around until they can give their statements.

Cristian is still gleefully toying with Todd when Evangeline tells him that he is not the man she was in love with. Todd notices that she said “was” and wants to know if the relationship is finally over.

The arsonist gets away from Talia. Antonio takes the kids to a sitters to go check on Talia.

John is not happy with Miles because of his interference with the robbers. He tells Miles that he’s lucky they didn’t kill him and then walks off. Marty tells Miles not to listen to John because he was very brave to do what he did. John gets cranky with Natalie and doesn’t like anything she has to say. John tells her it’s his fault Blair got shot. Nat say that he’s a hero and not to blame.

Antonio finds Talia in the ruins of Nora’s house. Talia is upset because she had the arsonist in her hands and he got away. Antonio tells her not to worry because they will get him.

Evangeline tells Todd that she needs to talk to Cris alone. Evangeline tells Cristian that he succeeded in hurting her but if Blair was trying to hurt Todd then it is not his place to tell him. Cris doesn’t understand why she is always trying to protect Todd. Cristian tells Evangeline that he is trying to protect her from getting in deeper with Todd. He wants to prove that she is just Todd’s rebound. Evangeline tells Cris that if he tells Todd, he will kill him and that will hurt her.

Michael and Marcie kiss and make-up. Michael says, the words never to be uttered at a hospital, that he should be home right after his shift ends because it is slow. After Marcie leaves Blair is wheeled into the hospital. Blair asks for Todd.

Cristian and Evangeline tell each other that they love each other. Cristian says that it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t see a future for them. Dorian calls Todd and tells him that Blair needs him. Todd and Evangeline go to the hospital with Cristian on their heels.

Michael tells Blair that there was no major damage, but they will keep her overnight for observation and put her on antibiotics.

Outside Blair’s room, Viki thanks Clint for tackling the other robber. Clint says it was stupid but he just got so angry with how he treated Dorian. Viki doesn’t look happy. Clint wants to know what’s wrong with Viki. Viki admits that she wants to see Clint exclusively and wants to know what he thinks about that.

Natalie looks at John lovingly as he tells an officer that the engagement ring is his. John doesn’t look so happy.

Antonio tells Talia not to use his past as an excuse to be reckless. He knows that he shouldn’t have been so reckless in the past. Talia says reminds him that he shouldn’t have come after her. Antonio says that doesn’t make him a hero only a cop. She says that it makes him both. The arsonist is seen looking at the coin huffing and puffing.

Marty tells John that her wallet is missing. John says that it’s in evidence. Marty wants the pictures of her and Patrick, which John says she’ll get back as soon as possible. Miles apologizes for the way their date ended, but Marty says that it wasn’t a date. She tells him she can’t give him what he wants and that they are just friends. Miles says he understands but looks disappointed. John gets Marty’s pictures from her wallet and has an officer take them to her.

Todd arrives at the hospital looking for Blair. Viki and Clint tell him that she was shot during a robbery at the Palace but should be ok. Todd wants to see her but Cristian tries to stop him. Evangeline tries to play peacemaker between the two. Todd wants to know when Cristian started caring so much about Blair.

Michael and Dorain come out and Todd asks how Blair is. Michael says the bullet went in and out without doing much damage, but she will be kept overnight for observation. Clint asks Dorian if she needs a ride home. Viki looks upset but focuses on Todd. Viki wants to know if he needs help with the kids, but Todd says he doesn‘t. Viki excuses herself and Todd turns his attention to Cristian. Todd want to know why Cristian is so interested in Blair. Blair listens on the other side of the door and decided to tell Todd to leave Cristian alone. She tells him it’s not Cristian’s fault that they slept together. Todd smiles. Evangeline looks worried.

The arsonist looks at the coin. Antonio tells Talia to close her eye and try to describe the coin. Talia apologizes but says she can’t remember anything. Her looks says she may remember more than she’s saying.

Michael calls John to tell him that Blair is ok and wants to know how John is. Natalie thinks that John was going to propose and says that her answer is yes.

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