OLTL Update Wednesday 3/21/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/21/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio requests to talk to Nash alone, but Jessica says not now. Nash steps and insists on telling Antonio the truth.

Viki and Nora talk about Viki fighting for Clint. Nora advises her to fight for Clint with everything she has. Viki confesses she was jealous when Clint said he was going out with Dorian tonight. Nora advises her to take off the white gloves and fight dirty.

Clint watches Roxy and Dorian go through mug shots at the police station. Roxy spots a guy and gets excited.

Talia sarcastically asks Natalie if she has to go through her to talk to Vincent in her arson investigation. Vincent says he has nothing to hide. Natalie says heís not answering any questions without a lawyer. Talia orders her out of her business but Natalie refuses.

John and Mike discuss his relationship with Natalie. John doesnít know what he wants. Mike brings up marriage and their motherís ring. John says it all got messed up when his mother gave Natalie the ring. Mike says his mother gave Natalie the ring because she was hurting. John says that Natalie and John just canít be, because she has high expectations and heís afraid of disappointing her. Johnís not sure they work together anymore. Mike tells him not to get Natalieís hopes up unless he means it.

John talks about the accident, their father and Caitlyn. He admits he comes with serious baggage. John says he wasnít ready to ask Natalie to marry him, but there was love there. He wanted the ring in case the impulse came up. He says he was happy back before the accident. He said the accident changed a lot in Natalie and in him. Mike asks if John told Natalie he wasnít going anywhere or is Johnís version of happiness doesnít include anyone else. 

Talia tells Natalie she has no authority only a big mouth. Natalie asks if Vincent is under arrest or charged with a crime. Talia says not yet. Natalie dismisses her.

Dorian says that isnít the guy and Roxy says she used to date the guy. Dorian leaves with Clint while Marcie and Roxy keep looking at mug shots. Roxy discusses past men in her life and how one of them told her he collected road kill. 

Viki talks to Nora about Clint and his dating Dorian. Nora encourages her and tells her Clint would be lucky to have Viki in her life. Viki hesitates. Nora keeps encouraging her. Viki complains that Clint came over just to tell her about the date with Dorian. Nora says that was Clint giving her a chance to be honest with him. Nora ends it with there is nothing more important then finding love.

Jessica tells Nash they donít want to hear it. Jessica says he is bound and determined to ruin their lives. Nash says heís quitting his job at Capricorn.

Dorian and Clint get seated at the Palace and talk about the robbery at Foxy Roxyís. Clint says he has to call Viki and tell her about Dorian. Dorian asks why. Clint says, ďAbout youĒ.

Nora asks Viki if sheís not in love with Clint then what is it? Lust? Viki says what if sheís only lonely? She doesnít want to be unfair to either Clint or her. Nora says sheís just protecting herself. Nora says she understands. Nora says when the opportunity for love come to her again sheís going to go for it and Viki should too.

Jessica asks Nash if that was what he came to tell them. Nash says the less time they spend together the better and he wants to focus on his vineyard. Antonio agrees. Nash leaves.

Natalie tells Talia that if she isnít charging Vincent with a crime then she canít hold him. Talia leaves. Vincent thanks Natalie. Natalie asks what heís going to do about the foot pint at the crime scene. Vincent says he didnít do anything so he isnít worried. Natalie makes a remark about taking over Vincentís life and he says doesnít mind. 

Mike and John keep discussing Natalie and Johnís relationship. John says he doesnít want anyone controlling him and he told that to Natalie about five or six hundred times. Mike says sheís just helping him. John says he understands Natalie did everything when he was recovering. Mike says they love each other and John agrees, but maybe they canít be together. Mike asks what John is going to do. John says Natalie will be the first to know.

Antonio comes down from checking on the kids and asks if Jessica is okay. Jessica says sheís upset for Antonio because Nash bailed without any notice. Antonio says its fine and he already called Cristian to cover the bar. Jessica stresses out about it and Antonio says not to worry. Knock at the door and Talia comes in. Jessica leaves to go to the Sun office. Talia asks if she walked in on something and Antonio says yes, but he doesnít know what.

Nash enters his house and curses Jessica.

Clint and Dorian discuss Viki. Clint says Viki would be concerned about Dorian but Dorian says Viki wouldnít care about her. Dorian says itís like Clint invites Viki to join them and pretends to talk to Viki who isnít there. Then Dorian tells him either Viki hits the road or she does.

Nora and Viki still discussing Clint. Nora asks if Viki is falling in love and she admits she wishes Clint wasnít seeing Dorian or anyone. Viki asks what to do? Nora tells her to tell Clint to his face before itís too late.

Roxy finds another guy in the mug book she dated. Mike comes in and asks about the photos. Mike spots Natalie and Vincent talking by the coffee pot and says to Marcie itís a good thing John doesnít see this, but john is just around the corner watching.

Nash is at home and Jessica walks in and asks what the hell that was? Nash says Iím putting distance between us. Jessica argues and Nash yells that heís trying to stay sane. The only way he knows how to do that is to get Jessica out of his blood. He tells Jessica she made her choice and now heís making his choice and that is to stand by himself. Jessica says thatís a crock. Nash asks Jessica how she wants him to play it.

John walks up to Natalie and Vincent. Natalie admits she put a stop to Talia giving Vincent a hard time. John invites Natalie to dinner at the Palace. Natalie tells Vincent sheís going to dinner with John. Vincent thanks her for what she did for him with Talia.  Mike and Marcie go home. John and Natalie leave.

Clint and Dorian talk about Viki. Clint tells her he is delighted to be here alone with her. He makes a toast to the two of them. Viki watches from the other side of the room. 

Jessica asks if Nash knows what she is going through. She says sheís doing everything in her power to get rid of her feelings for him. She says she sees Nash in the baby and it drives her crazy. Nash asks then why sheís with Antonio and Jessica says that heís her husband. She complains itís hard for her. Nash says itís hard on him too.

Antonio doesnít think it was Vincent and Talia gets ready to leave. Antonio asks whatís really going on. Talia says she had a run in with Natalie and that Natalie went after her and tried to make Talia look like a fool in front of Vincent Jones.  Talia says she still suspects Jones but agrees something is off about it.

Vincent tells Roxy heís sorry for what happened. They talk a bit and she turns aback to the mug shots.

At the Palace we see a man with a drink in his hands and a gun stuck in his belt. Viki meets Natalie in the palace. Dorian spots Viki. Natalie asks if Viki is alright seeing Clint and Dorian. She says yes, fine, great, fine. John and Natalie go to their table.  Then Viki gets up her courage and goes over to Clint and Dorianís table and says good evening. Clint asks if everything is okay and Viki says yes. Dorian says she believes Viki is crashing their date and Viki says that, yes, she is.

Nash tells Jess he canít look at her and not have her close. He feels worse knowing she feels the same and nothing happens. He doesnít want to be a pathetic guy pining over her. He says he canít sit at the club and not tell Antonio that his wife loves Nash.

Roxy finds the guys who robbed her.

Two guys talk about when to make their move. We donít see their faces.

Viki asks to speak with Clint privately and Clint says, ďBut Iím on a dinner date.Ē So, Viki says sheíll say it here. Viki says she changed her mind. She doesnít want him seeing other women and especially not Dorian. Dorian says itís up to Clint. Clint asks why and Viki answers because she wants to be with him, exclusively. Natalie and John are at their table and Natalie asks what he wants to say to her. In the corner are the two men getting their guns ready.

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