OLTL Update Tuesday 3/20/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/20/07


Written By Rhonda
Pictures by Jennifer

At the police station, Bo tells Natalie that he’s had a change of heart and he will not ask for her resignation and she can keep her desk job. Natalie tells Bo that she appreciates the offer but filing police reports isn’t what she wants to do with her life. After Bo leaves Natalie is looking at a picture of her and John and says to herself that she knows what she wants but doubts she’ll ever get it.

Antonio finally gets to go home. Jessica apologizes for not telling Antonio that she and Nash can’t stand each other.

Vincent arrives at Capricorn and is amazed at how fast Nash got the place up and running. Nash says it is both good and bad because while Capricorn is still standing the arsonist burned other things to the ground.

Clint visits Viki and tells her that he has plans with Dorian.

Nora visits Bo at the police station and wants to borrow a gun so she can shoot the insurance agent for denying her claim. Nora tells her that the insurance company won’t pay anything until the case is solved and it is proven that she did not burn down her own house.

Michael tracks Marcie down at Roxy’s salon. Dorian gets a manicure from Roxy because her regular one is in labor. Roxy offers Dorian a free bikini wax, but Dorian declines saying she has a date.

Clint wonders is Viki is jealous because he’s going on a date with a woman or because it’s Dorian.

At the police station Natalie and John admit that they are avoiding each other. John wants to find a way to stop fighting, but Natalie wonders how they’re going to make it happen. John admits that he’s a big part of the problem. Natalie is amazed that he’d actually admit that. John asks Natalie to diner so they can try to figure out their relationship.

Bo tells Nora that she’ll never have to worry about a place to live as long as he’s alive. Nora says that she really needs to stop feeling sorry for herself because she and Matthew are alive and that all that really matters. Talia interrupts to give Bo an update on the arson investigation. She says the shoe print was from a limited edition shoe. She tells him only one place in Llanview sells these shoes and they were purchased by Vincent Jones.

Vincent wants to know what Nash is going to do about this woman he has a thing for.

Antonio tells Jessica that he will be the go between for her and Nash so they don’t have to be around each other. Jessica doesn’t look pleased but says it‘s a good idea.

Viki tells Clint that she’s not jealous, in fact who he goes out with is none of her business and he can do whatever he wants. It appears that Clint was hoping for a different response.

Roxy tells Dorian that she better watch out for Viki and if she needs a little extra mojo she knows a lady who sells potions.

Marcie reads off questions that will tell if your man’s a liar. Michael exhibits all the signs -- scratching the nose, hand over the mouth, fidgety. Marcie says that a person would have to be dumb not to pick up on those signs, just as two men walk in and rob Roxy. Dorian starts yelling at the robbers when Roxy covers he mouth apologizing because her friend has “roulette’s syndrome”. The robbers then turn there attention to Marcie’s wedding ring. At first Marcie refuses to turn it over but then can’t get it off. The robber grabs for Marcie but Michael intervenes and is knocked out.

Vincent wants to know what Nash is going to do. Nash tells him that there is no point because the woman will not leave her husband. Clips of Jess, Antonio, the kids, and Carlotta are shown as Nash explains that she didn’t choose him, she chose a life with her husband.

Antonio tells Jessica how happy he is, but Jessica flashes back to Nash telling her that he loves her.

Bo is skeptical about the arsonist being Vincent Jones because all the evidence once pointed to Cristian. Bo thinks it’s a little too convenient that the evidence now points back to Jones. Nora says that even if the lead goes no where it is a lead. Bo agrees and has Talia check it out.

A police officer tells John that Michael was hurt during a robbery at Foxy Roxy’s. John and Natalie rush out the door.

Nora and Bo make small talk as she leaves. Nora stops by Talia’s desk and tells her she did a good job following up on that lead. Talia says they haven’t found their person yet.

Vincent tells Nash that he should leave the woman alone because though his mouth is saying there is nothing between them his eyes are telling a different story. Talia calls Vincent and tells him that she needs to talk to him about some new evidence.

Michael comes to just before John walks in wanting to know what the hell happened. John tells the officer to get Roxy’s statement and he’ll get Dorian’s. Michael feels bad that they robbers got Marcie’s ring, but Marcie says that he’s what’s important.

Dorian is babbling on and on about why she is there but John tells her to focus, that he just needs a description of the perps. Over on the other side of the salon Roxy tells Nat and the officer that it wouldn’t have been a big deal if Dorian wouldn’t have egged them on. Roxy and Dorian describe the same perp very differently. Dorian says that he had serpent eyes but Roxy says he had very soulful eyes. John tells Dorian she needs to go to the station. Dorian says she can’t she has plans, but then reluctantly goes. Michael tells John that he’s gone through so much to protect his family and he almost lost his wife in a random act of violence. John wants to know what he’s done.

Clint and Viki argue about whether Clint feels guilty about dating Dorian. Clint says that he wanted to make sure Viki was ok with it. Viki asks if he wants he to be ok with it. He’s not sure. Dorian calls Clint to tell him that she’s been robbed.

Carlotta leaves but not before she and Antonio discuss how lucky he is to have Jessica. Jamie finds the card that Jessica wrote the man’s name that she loves most on. By her reaction it’s not Antonio.

Nora pays Viki a visit. Viki asks if she needs anything. Nora jokes that she may have arrived with nothing but she is going to need a line of caravans to leave. Viki senses that living with Asa is getting to her. Nora tells her that Asa and Renee are great, but it’s just that she likes her own space. The subject changes to Dorian and Clint and Nora asks how Viki feels about them. Viki jokes that she fears for Clint’s life but admits and she is insanely jealous.

At the police station, Dorian is really annoyed that she has to stay and says she very confident that Bo will catch the thieves without her help. Bo wants to know what’s so important that she can’t stick around for twenty minutes. Clint walks through the door and Dorian lays on the sob story and how awful it’s been.

Vincent arrives at the police station wanting to know what new evidence they have on the arsonist. Talia shows him a picture of the shoes and asks him if he’s seen them before. Vincent says he had a pair but they were stolen a few days ago. Talia says the person that torch Capricorn was wearing a pair and that means that he was been upgraded to prime suspect. Natalie overhears this exchange.

Michael wants to know why John has to question everything he says. John wants to know what Mike has done to protect his family. John knowing that he’s not going to get anything from Mike drops the conversation telling him he has dinner plans to get to. Mike says it’s his turn to interrogate him.

Jessica asks Jamie if she found the note in her bag and then asks what she’s been told about getting into stuff that isn’t hers. Jessica tells her that they will go find her a bag of her own. Nash arrives and tells Antonio that the three of them need to bring everything out into the open and asks Jessica what she thinks about that. Jessica doesn’t look happy.

Nora and Viki discuss her jealously of Clint and Dorian. Nora says that jealously is easy and asks her if she wants Clint and if she does she’s going to have to fight for him.

Dorian wants Clint to make Bo let her leave. Bo says that they need her help. Clint tells her to take a few moments to look at the photographs.

Natalie tells Marcie to look at the photographs and then tells Talia that if she’s going to go after Vincent she’s going to have to go through her.

John tells Mike that he’s having problems with Natalie, but he doesn’t want to rehearse the conversation with Michael. John does tell him that he doesn’t like someone dominating his life, but Mike says that she’s just trying to take care of him and calls him a pain in the ass. John agrees and says Natalie deserves someone better. Mike says no, she deserves the best possible John. John asks if he’s reading those books again. Mike says he’ll do whatever he needs to make his marriage work and asks John if he’s willing to do the same with Natalie.

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