OLTL Update Monday 3/19/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/19/07


Written By Rhonda
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex is not pleased when he wakes up to find Tate’s arm draped over Adrianna.

Blair and Cristian wake up together. Blair says she doesn’t have any regrets about having sex with Cristian, but Cristian looks like he might.

Evangeline wakes with a start and looks a little unsure of herself. Evangeline tells Todd that she’s glad they talked last night. Todd laughs and says sarcastically that it sure cleared things up.

Star and Cole are happy to wake up in each others arms.

Miles and Marty wake up in the lobby. Miles looks disappointed when he learns that the roads are open.

Neither Star or Cole regret not sleeping together. Star is just happy that she got to sleep in the same bed with Cole.

Miles tells Marty that the trip was good because he got to break up a fight. Britney overhears them talking and looks like she is up to no good as she leaves. Miles wants to hit the slopes but Marty says that she can’t because she has to work.

Cristian tells Blair that he doesn’t regret what happened. Blair is glad because the sex was great, mainly due to the fact that it was just sex and there was no love involved.

Evangeline tells Todd that she misses Cristian but is glad she didn’t have to sleep alone. She goes on to tells Todd that she still loves Cristian so if they should end up back together she doesn’t want him complaining. Todd says that won’t happen because Cristian is too macho and wonders how he’ll react when he finds out that they slept together (in the same bed).

Adrianna tells Tate that her dreams are personal. Tate says his are too. Rex says that he had a nightmare that he saw a bus with a picture of him in his underwear on it. Adrianna says that he just wants her to tell him how hot he is.

Star and Cole are almost giddy with happiness at having slept together.

Britney schemes to take down Star and Cole, but Langston overhears.

Tate hits Layla up for information on Adrianna.

Marty checks in with Cole unbeknownst to her Cole is at the lodge also. Blair checks in with Star, as does Todd. Star worries that they have to be their parents down the mountain. Cole tells Star that Langston will run interference. Star worries about Britney, but Cole says that she had the chance to rat them out and didn’t.

As Langston and Britney get into a rumble, Star indicates to Cole that she wants to have sex.

Miles apologizes for Marty and Blair ending up at the lodge together. After seeing Rex and Adrianna together Miles wants Rex to tell him how to make a woman fall in love with him. Rex says his best advice is to lighten up.

Blair tells Cristian that Star is hung-up on Cole. Cristian says that maybe things would be different if Blair and Todd were still together. Blair yells that she’s not hung up on Todd and asks if she needs to sleep with everyone in town to prove it. Layla walks in on Cris and Blair sitting on the bed. Cris is fully clothed and Blair is in a bathrobe.

Cole and Star are making out in bed as Langston and Britney continue with the fisticuffs outside. Britney wins when she knocks Langston out.

Rex tries to teach Miles the art of sarcasm. Britney places a well placed call to a friend so Marty can overhear. Britney tells Marty they are in room 316 and looks really smug when Marty storms off.

Layla tells Cristian he has to tell Evangeline what he has done. Cristian agrees but Evangeline walks in when Cristian is giving Layla a hug. Evangeline demands to know how Layla could do this to her.

Adrianna accidentally walks in on a naked Tate.

Evangeline goes off on Layla and Cristian. Layla lets Evangeline believe the worst. Cristian tells Evangeline that she has no right to judge because she slept with Todd. Evangeline informs Crist that his source was wrong because she didn’t have sex with Todd.

Marty busts in on Star and Cole. Cole tells his mom she has the wrong idea after Marty finds a condom wrapper. Marty tells a distraught Star and Cole to get dressed.

Tate thinks it’s funny that Adrianna walked in on him and asks her to close the door because it’s breezy. Adrianna is embarrassed and apologizes. Tate comes on the Adrianna and tells her that since she already naked they can shower to together. Rex comes by and wants to know what’s going on. Adrianna tells him he got the room number wrong. Rex says he needs a shower to and suggests that they flip a coin. Adrianna is shocked when Tate suggests that since they’ve all slept together that they should all shower together. Rex doesn’t look amused.

Layla tells Cristian that after the way Vangie has been treating her she has no problem letting Evangeline think they slept together. Cristian tells Blair that he believes Evangeline when she said she didn’t sleep with Todd. Blair says, “I guess we screwed up, but it was fun wasn‘t it?”

Langston comes too and realizes the Britney took her phone.

Evangeline tells Todd that Layla slept with Cristian.

Adrianna is upset and says that nobody is showing together and they didn’t sleep together. Rex tells her Tate was joking. Rex asks if she still wants a shower. Adrianna says she’ll wait until she gets home.

Todd and Evangeline walk into the lodge and spot Blair and Cristian. Marty comes into the lodge tugging Cole and Star as Blair wants to know what she’s doing with her daughter. Marty explains that Star and Cole lied to them and they spent the night together. She also tells Blair and Todd she found a condom wrapper. Cristian keeps Todd from attacking Cole. A lodge employee tells them they need to stop or she’s calling the police. Todd says he wants Cole arrested. Evangeline tells him to calm down, that the police won’t solve anything.

Langston tells Britney that she’s going to pay. Britney retorts maybe, but not as bad as Star and Cole.

Marty tells Cole that she’s had it and he’s going to boarding school. Star tries to intervene but Todd screams at her to shut up and then grabs her and tells her to sit down, her life as she knows it is over. Marty pulls Cole out the door as Star looks on in worry.

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