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One Life to Live Update Friday 3/16/07


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At the lodge, Britney convinces Cole that he has to stay in their room or he will get caught. Star tells Langston that she wants to spend time alone with Cole, so Langston agrees to hang out with Britney. After Langston and Britney leave Cole and Star get really nervous at the thought of being along together.

Blair is drunk and obnoxious as she snaps at Marty and Evangeline. Layla is irritated and reminds them all that they are stuck together because the roads are closed.

Across the hall Todd is trying to find another room because he doesn’t want to stay with Miles, Tate, and Cristian. Cristian automatically assumes Todd will want to bed and he says that he does because it was supposed to be for him and Evangeline anyway. Cristian gets angry and throws Todd against the wall.

In another room at the lodge, Rex asks Adrianna if she ever realized that she could do so much better than him. She calls him a moron and says that she loves him. Adrianna assures Rex that she would never be interested in a guy like Tate.

Miles stops Cristian from hitting Todd, but gets shoved to the ground and a bloody head from his trouble. Cristian gets what he deserves when he misses Todd and hit’s the wall instead. Cristian tells Todd that he still cares about Evangeline and won’t let him hurt her like he did Blair.

Evangeline and Blair continue to bicker about Todd and who wants Todd and who Todd wants. Marty tells Evangeline she’s going to have to get use to Blair because even when Blair doesn’t want Todd she doesn’t want anyone else to have him. Evangeline is irritated and says that she doesn’t want Todd. Blair starts back in on Evangeline, until Evangeline says that maybe she’s right.

Cristian and Todd continue to fight about Evangeline. The necklace that Todd gave Evangeline falls out of his bag and Cristian realizes that Evangeline gave it back and doesn’t want Todd.

Evangeline tells Blair that she’s right that she wants Todd. Marty and Evangeline try to stop her but Evangeline says that she’s only telling Blair what she wants to hear. Evangeline says that Blair doesn’t want to hear the truth that she and Todd are just friends. Layla enters the fray and defends Blair says that Blair wouldn’t think what she thinks if Evangeline wouldn’t keep hanging around Todd. Evangeline accuses Layla of going after Cristian. Marty tries to calm everyone down but Evangeline gets fed up and leaves. After both Evangeline and Layla leave Blair starts in with Marty about Miles.

In the lobby Evangeline asks if she can find out what room Todd is in. Langston and Britney overhear Evangeline and Langston tells Britney to not even think about causing trouble for Star.

Star tells Cole that she’s worried that Dorian is going to call Blair and tell her she’s not there and she also feels bad that Langston has to hang out with Britney, who she doesn’t even like. Cole convinces Star that they are not doing anything wrong and that their parents should get over their problems. Cole tells Star that he loves her. Star is happy but wants to know how he knows that. Cole says it’s because he’s always thinking about her and even in bad times wants to tell her everything. Star tells Cole that she loves him too. Star is either trying to hint at or ask Cole if they should have sex.

Rex tells Adrianna that he is so lucky to have found the person he’s meant to be with.

Marty tries to tell Blair what she needs, but Blair cuts her off saying that she knows who she is and she’s not trying to tell other people how to live their lives when their screwed up like Marty. Marty says she was going to suggest coffee, but since Blair started this conversation she’s going to tell her what she thinks. Marty tells Blair that Blair’s jealous because she’s never found happiness. Marty goes on to say that she was able to get past the rape and have a happy life with Patrick and Cole -- something Blair will never have.

Todd and Cris continue to snipe at each other until Cristian leaves. Todd wants to know what Tate’s deal is. Tate tells him to go to the baseball website and look him up. Todd asks him what his name is so Tate gives him a baseball card, which Todd thinks is pathetic. Evangeline arrives wanting to know if Cris is there. Todd says no so Evangeline wants to come in.

Marty and Blair continue to fight. Blair says that Marty has no idea how strong she is. If that’s true, Marty wants to know why Blair still defines herself by the men she collects. Layla comes out of the bathroom and tells Marty and Blair that they are pathetic because they are still fighting and then leaves. Blair wants to argue some more but Marty’s had enough and leaves as well.

Miles observes Adrianna and Rex’s closeness. Adrianna tells Rex that she doesn’t want to mess things up.

Marty runs into Miles who tells her that he just got into his first brawl and needed some ice for his head.

Evangeline tells Todd that she’s in the room across the hall and if she has to stay there with Blair someone’s going to get hurt. Todd tells her that she can stay in his room with him and Babe Ruth. Evangeline goes to the bathroom to get an aspirin while Todd gets rid of Tate.

Tate runs into Cristian and tells him that Todd is with Evangeline.

Cole nervously waits for Star to come out and pulls out a condom. A nervous Star comes out and starts making out with Cole on the bed.

Langston wonders what Star and Cole are up to. Britney wants to know if she needs her to draw a diagram.

Tate flirts with a lodge employee and gets the whereabouts of Layla and Adrianna.

The lodge looses heat so Evangeline puts on a bathrobe over her clothes.

Tate walks in on Rex and Adrianna, who are about to make love.

Evangeline crawl into bed as Todd lays down on the chair. Todd apologizes for how the day turned out, but Evangeline says that he can’t control the weather. Todd jokes that maybe she can’t, which makes Evangeline laugh. Todd jokes around with Evangeline about how comfortable the chair is but says that he could use a pillow. Evangeline goes to give him one but sees how ridiculous his sleeping arrangement is and says that he can sleep with her.

Cristian arrives at Blair’s door looking for Layla. He tells Blair to let Layla know he’s leaving. Blair reminds him he can’t because the roads are closed and asks what’s wrong. Cristian tells Blair that Todd and Evangeline are having sex.

Evangeline is still cold so Todd offers to snuggle with her to keep her warm. Evangeline accepts, but can’t resist Todd and they start to kiss.

Rex and Tate try to prove their manhood by arm wrestling. Adrianna quips that they’ll be pulling out the ruler next.

Marty tells Miles that he’s right real love does look different. She tells him about Patrick and how lucky she was to have him.

Langston wants to go back to the room but Britney says she’s sleeping in the lobby. Langston reluctantly says she is too but she’s not going to sleep so she can keep an eye on Britney.

Star can’t relax with Cole, so Cole tells her that telling each how they feel is enough they don‘t have to have sex tonight.

Evangeline pulls back from Todd. Todd tells Evangeline that she’s right it’s too soon. Evangeline confused about her feelings. Todd tells her that they just need each other tonight and not to worry about the future. Evangeline wonders if there is something between them. Todd tells Vangie that he doesn’t have many friends and doesn’t want to lose her. She agrees and they snuggle together.

Across the hall, Blair accuses Cristian of telling her to hurt her. Blair then tells him that they should get them back and they begin to take each others clothes off and kiss each other.

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