OLTL Update Thursday 3/15/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/15/07


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Cole and Star arrive at the lodge.

Marty worries that Miles has an anterior motive when he rents a room at the lodge.

Blair flirts with Tate who arrives at the lodge with Rex and Adrianna. Cristian arrives with Layla to shoot pictures of a model for Expose. Blair also starts flirting with him.

Evangeline wins a bet with Todd that she could ski down the mountain and make it to the lodge quicker than he could. Blair drops her hot toddie after seeing Todd helping Evangeline take her coat off. A nasty exchange between Todd and Blair ensues.

Miles tells Marty the another woman invited with to the lodge and he couldnít say no. Marty tells Miles that itís ok that he rented the room.

Cole and Star, who are not supposed to be at the lodge, have a close call when Marty walks by.

Layla tries to get Cristian to tell her whatís bothering him. Adrianna accuses Rex of being jealous of Tate and Rex says heís not jealous, but that is what jealous looks like. Evangeline walks through the door and spots Layla with her arms around Cris.

Layla explains to Evangeline that they hired Cristian to do pictures and begs both her and Cristian to not start any drama. Evangeline says sheís not there to start drama, but Cris asks where Todd is.

Todd and Blair continue to bicker about Evangeline when Blair informs him that she is there with Miles. Miles walks in and Blair acts really happy to see him and Todd looks really jealous.

Britney doesnít spill the beans to Marty that Cole is at the lodge with Star. Britney continues her scheme make Cole and Star think they can trust her so she can ruin them.

Evangeline and Cristian start to bicker about Todd, but Evangeline changes the subject and says sheís glad heís taking pictures. Cristian canít resist pushing Evangelineís buttons about Todd.

Rex is jealous of Tate and thinks that Tate being an ex-athlete and they think everyone is fair game. When Tate comes out Rex make it indirectly clear that he is to keep his hands off his girlfriend. Layla arrives announcing to Adrianna that their days has been shot to hell.

Cole tells Britney that everything that happened between them is in the past. Britney continues her scam to get Cole and Star to trust her. Langston doesnít think itís a good idea for them to trust her, Star isnít so sure either, but Cole says that they should.

Miles is busted when he is forced to confess to Blair that he had already invited Marty to the lodge when Blair asked him and he didnít know how to say know. Todd is in the background looking amused. Marty comes in wanting to know whatís up. Miles fills her in.

Blair, Todd, and Marty become suspicious when Langston, who is supposed to be in Llanview studying with Star, runs into them. Star and Cole start to freak when their parents immediately start call them on their cell phone. Blair gives Star the third degree as Marty is doing the same with Cole. Both Marty and Blair buy their respective childrenís lie.

Someone comes in and announces that due to a storm all roads that lead down the mountain are closed. Layla tells Adrianna that the models canít get to the lodge because of the snow storm. Layla has the brilliant idea to have Cristian and Rex fill in for the male models. Evangeline comes to the door to see Layla and finds her coming out a room with an almost naked Cristian.

Star, Cole, Langston, and Britney check out the room the photo shoot is supposed to take place in when a lodge rep comes in telling them they have a big problem.

The irony, Miles offers his room to Blair, Marty, and Evangeline. Blair and Marty both say no thanks and Todd says that he and Evangeline are covered.

The rep tells the kids that the roads are closed and the girls with be bunking together and Cole is going to be put with the guys. Britney leaves on the pretense of checking out the mini bar but is really trying to get a picture of Star and Cole together.

Miles tells Marty that there are no rooms at the inn and then tells her heís going to offer the room to Blair since heís the reason sheís there. Martyís willing to stay there with Blair as long is Todd isnít there. Miles wants to know why Marty dislikes Todd, but Marty doesnít want to discuss it.

The room clears when Evangeline gives Layla a look that could kill. Layla tells Vangie that Cris agreed to help because the other male models couldnít make it. Evangeline wants to know if he needed help putting on his underwear too. Cris says that they donít owe her an explanation. Layla gives Evangeline all kinds of attitude about Cristian even telling her that Cristian is not her boyfriend anymore. Todd arrives at the room to tell Evangeline that they are snowed in by he got them a room. Evangeline says that she will sleep in a broom closet before she sleeps in a room with him.

Rex tells Adrianna that they couldnít get the room for the night but the lodge offered them a room that just has a couch and a fireplace in it.

Britney tries to win Langston over by professing fake concern that Cole and Starís parents might discover them. Langston isnít buying Britneyís act.

Cole walks Star to her room where they are alone together and start to make out, but Britney and Langston walk in on them.


Adrianna is going over the photoís of the shoot as Rex arrives with a sleeping bag, a bottle of wine, and two wine glasses. Rex tells Adrianna heís sorry things didnít turn out the way she wanted. Sheís says it turned out better as they start kissing.

Todd, Miles, Tate, and Cristian are forced to share a room. Todd just wants to warn them that he sleeps naked.

Layla, Blair, Evangeline, and Marty also share a room. Layla seems just as unhappy that Evangeline and Marty are in the room as Blair does. Blair and Marty snip at each other as do Evangeline and Layla, but Layla says the Evangeline can sleep with her.

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