OLTL Update Wednesday 3/14/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/14/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair calls Miles and leaves a message.

Marty and Miles at the Palace, Miles asks Marty on a date.

Rex walks into Adrianaís apartment and finds Adriana measuring Tate in his underwear.

Evangeline tries to talk to Cristian as heís busing tables. Evangeline shows Cristian the envelope he sent her. Cristian tells her he knows about Todd and the necklace.

At Vikiís house. Todd tells Viki he is going away together with Evangeline. 

Cole and Starr sneak into Coleís apartment. He is looking for his stuff as Starr looks around the apartment. Cole asks how they are supposed to get their permission forms signed. Starr says if Cole can get a copy of his momís signature, she can take care of it.

Miles invites Marty to the Winter Festival. He is excited that he can try lots of new things there such as skiing etc. Marty hesitates.

Evangeline tells Cristian she didnít take the necklace from Todd. Evangeline opens the envelope and itís her house key. Cristian tells her heís returning it because someone else might need it. Evangeline declares she still loves him and apologies again for kissing Todd. She asks for Cristian to come back to her.

Viki questions Todd about going away with Evangeline. She is surprised Evangeline said yes and Todd tells Viki Evangeline doesnít know about it yet. Heís setting it up to take her to the winter festival. Viki warns Todd not to overwhelm Evangeline. Todd swears his intentions are platonic.

Rex says he forgot Adriana was fitting Tateís underwear today. Layla comes in and they talk about the photo shoot on Lantano Mountain. They start getting ready to go. Layla and Tate go in the other room to pack. Adriana is excited about the photo shoot and Rex says today was important for them too. Happy Anniversary.

Cristian tells Evangeline he wonít compete for her attention with Todd. Evangeline declares her love for him, but Cristian says prove it and donít see Todd again.

Viki tells Todd heís on the rebound from Blair. Todd says this has nothing to do with Blair. Viki tells him he is trying to get over Blair by pushing things with Evangeline. Todd says he understands why Blair did what she did in the past, but with Evangeline they donít have that kink of baggage.

Miles tells Marty he understands she wonít go out with a guy like him. Marty says itís because she lost her husband not too long ago and because heís her patient. Miles offers to fire her. He says he needs a man psychologist to help him understand woman and he prefers Marty as a friend instead of a psychologist. She says okay. They talk about the winter festival and she agrees to go with him. She goes home to get her gear. Blair arrives to invite Miles on a date. Miles is surprised. Blair invites him to the Winter Festival. Miles asks why and Blair says why not? Blair tells him because heís nice and sheís not used to nice.

Starr and Cole practice forging Martyís signature as Marty walks in. They jump up and hide in the closet.

Evangeline tells Cristian Todd is not a threat to him. Cristian tells her to cut Todd out of her life. Evangeline says he doesnít trust her. Cristian says she already proved that he canít trust her. 

Todd explains to Viki heís not using Evangeline and they are just friends. The necklace falls out of his pocket. Viki uses it as an example that Evangeline already gave the gift back and for him to stop trying so hard.   

Adriana says itís not their anniversary. But Rex says itís the anniversary of the day they spent in NY together the day he knew he was in love with her.  He gives her a necklace. He confesses he had the idea there would be nude modeling but wanted it to be him and her. Adriana invites him up to Lantano Mountain with them for the photo shoot. Tate comes out, Adriana goes to pack. Rex asks about Tateís wife or girlfriends and he admits he doesnít have one. Tate asks why the third degree. Is Rex afraid heís going after Adriana?

Todd and Viki finish discussing Evangeline and Viki tells him she doesnít want him to get hurt. Todd asks to borrow ski equipment. Todd asks Viki to think that for once heís doing something right.

Evangeline sees Cristian is serious and she starts to leave. Cristian picks up her key and gives it to her. Evangeline gives him back his key. Evangeline leaves. Cristian, now standing alone at the counter, opens a box with a necklace containing Evangelineís birthday gift. He throws it in the bus pan.

Mary answers her phone while Starr and Cole hide in closet. She reschedules patients then calls Cole. He sees the call come through on his cell phone from inside the closet. She leaves a message. Marty goes into bedroom while Starr and Cole sneak out. Marty gets her stuff together

Miles tells Blair heís not comfortable with this, but Blair says it will be fun. Blair starts to leave to get her stuff, but Miles tells her heíll meet her at the lodge. Miles wonders what heís doing. Miles tells the bartender he made a date for the same time with two beautiful women and the bartender high-fiveís him.

Blair arrives home calling for Starr. She phones Starr and tells her she is going out tonight and asks her plans. Starr says sheís staying in, studying, and hanging out with Langston. Starr goes into Vikiís house and Cole waits outside. Viki greets her. Starr asks to borrow ski equipment for a friend of hers. Viki goes to get a wrap so she can go into the attic with Starr and Starr sneaks out to see Cole. Rex denies he thinks Tate is going after Adriana. Tate says he respects other relationships. Layla and Adriana come back in discussing Tateís photo lay out. Cristian comes over. Layla asks him to shoot some background pictures of the photo shoot for them. Cristian accuses Layla of trying to get his mind off Evangeline. He tells her itís not going to happen.

Miles asks the bartender how he can get out of the two dates.

Todd meets Evangeline at restaurant. Evangeline tells Todd that Cristian gave back her key and sheís very upset. Todd asks her to the Winter Festival and Evangeline says no. Todd keeps asking and tells her he made arrangements. Evangeline asks what he is planning.

Blair goes up stairs looking for her ski clothes when Starr and Cole sneak in to get her clothes. They sneak out before Blair comes down stairs. Blair gets her purse and goes out.

Miles and Marty meet at Roadies and she is ready to go. Miles tells Marty they wonít be the only ones there. The bartender is behind Marty silently motioning to Miles to stop. Miles picks up the hint and leaves with Marty.

Adriana and the group are leaving the apartment to head up to Lantano Mountain. Rex asks Tate to sign a ball for Mathew. He says yes and heíd meet the boy, too. Layla questions Cristian about not getting over Evangeline and tells him this shoot will keep him busy. He agrees to go and they leave.

Todd and Evangeline discuss the trip. Evangeline decides to go just to forget about Cristian.

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