OLTL Update Tuesday 3/13/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/13/07


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Jennifer

Shaun and Vincent are in the steam room at the gym, but Shaun is partly dressed, just in case he has to chase anyone. Nash walks in and notices that Shaun also has a gun. Vincent wonders why Nash looks like hell. Nash tells him that knows he looks bad and feels worse. Shaun guesses that Nash has women trouble, based on what he's seen about Vincent. Vincent guesses that Nash is into a woman who is into someone else, so he confirms that she is married. Nash wonders if Vincent's problem is Layla. Shaun remarks that Vincent messed that one up but doesn't like to be reminded. Vincent slaps him and chews him out for saying that. Shaun just wants to help Nash. He tells Nash that Vincent likes Layla still, but she doesn't want anything to do with him. Nash expresses his sympathy. Vincent thinks Nash is giving up too soon. Nash tells Vincent that Jessica asked him to back off and leave her with her husband. Vincent thinks that since she didn't deny loving Nash, there is still hope. Vincent makes a speech about how women are different from men, but Shaun makes comments about Layla that he doesn't like. Vincent yells at him for not doing his job. Nash tells Vincent that Jessica told him that she loves him but also says the same thing to her husband. Vincent talks about his problems, not only with Layla, but with Natalie. Vincent tries to give Nash advice, but Shaun thinks that they are both stubborn fools and that they will never get those women they are chasing. Nash and Vincent agree that sometimes you need to move on but you just can't...and that sucks.

Jessica finds Antonio in the hospital's sun room. She has been looking for him. He says he had to get out of the room and asks how the girls are. She brings him a picture that Jamie drew him. She teases him about all the cards and flowers in his room. He notes that it's good to be missed, so she tells him that he is missed. He wonders if Nash told her that he came by because they talked about what was going on with her. She wonders why they were talking about. Antonio tells her that he's been given lots of drugs, so when he saw them in the hallway, his mind started playing tricks on him. She doesn't understand, so he explains that Nash told him that they can't stand each other. He wonders why he didn't notice that and beats himself up for not being able to read her thoughts better. He tells her that he knows now that Nash's seeing her and being reminded of Tess drives her crazy, so she agrees with that. She points out how many times she told him that she didn't want to be around Nash. Antonio thought they were spending a lot of time together after they were trapped in the mine, so he thought they liked each other. She apologizes for his thinking there was anything between them. Jessica says dramatically that Nash works on her and she thinks he might be trying to destroy her (and bring Tess back). She says she was just trying to handle it herself and not worry him. She tells Antonio that it scares her to be around Nash. She also tells him that she cares about Nash because he is Bree's father. Antonio knows that she is confused about Nash, but she assures him that she is not confused about Antonio. She tells him how she felt on their wedding day. There is a flashback to her telling him how much she loves him on their wedding day. She assures him that Tess and Nash are just memories now and that he is the man she will always love. She swears that she will never betray her feelings for him. She goes to kiss him, but he stops her. He tells her that they're a team, and she should come to him next time anything is wrong. She tells him again that she loves him and that he is her soul mate. He loves her, too, and they kiss.

Cole says hi to Starr at school near her locker. They whisper together conspiratorially. They want to go together to the winter festival, but neither of their parents want them to go at all. Starr is frustrated by how unfair it is. They plan to go on the trip anyway, even without permission. Britney sees them and remarks to her friend Amber that it is pukey how Cole and Starr are stealing a few precious moments together. Amber follows Britney, pointing out that they are going to figure out she is not really their friend. Britney threatens her into doing what she wants her to do. They go into Marcie's class late. Langston asks Starr if she is going to the winter festival with Cole, but Starr tells her they can't go. Langston offers her help. Amber tells Marcie that they were late because she couldn't get into her locker since Cole and Starr were standing in front of it. Britney pretends to yell at Amber for what she said, saying that Cole and Starr haven't done anything to her. Starr turns around and gives Langston a shocked look. Marcie stops the girls from arguing after a couple of minutes. She chews out Amber for tattling and tells Starr she's going to let this go, but she'd better not regret it. Later, Marcie tells the students that classes are canceled tomorrow due to a teacher's meeting. They cheer. She then gives them information about the winter festival. Starr tells Langston that they need to talk.

Back in the school hallway, Langston and Starr fill Cole in on what happened in the classroom. They have come up with a plan so that Starr and Cole can see each other without anyone know. They try to explain it to him, comparing it to Cyrano, but he doesn't understand the plan. Britney comes up and says it would be so cool if Starr and Cole could go to the winter festival together. Starr walks away, so Britney follows her. She keeps trying to convince Starr that she is on her and Cole's side, even going so far as to touch her arm like a friend, but Starr doesn't buy it. She tells Britney just to keep her mouth shut. Britney walks away, so Starr goes back to where Langston and Cole are. Langston has explained the plan in detail to Cole. Starr tells Langston what Britney said but assures her that she is on to her. They both know that Britney made Amber say that thing in class. Meanwhile, Britney and Amber plot their next move.

At home, Dorian and Blair catch up on what the other one has been doing. Dorian fills Blair in on her meetings with David and Evangeline. She has hired a great lawyer for David. Blair wonders why she is bothering, but Dorian reminds her that he saved her life. Blair is annoyed when Dorian mentions Evangeline. She thinks Evangeline is more angry at David's killing Spencer because it saved her, more than any of the other reasons. Dorian knows that Blair is still obsessing about Evangeline and Todd. Blair changes the subject back to David, asking what the charges are. Dorian says the paper said it will be manslaughter. Blair is annoyed that he will go to prison then, and Dorian agrees that he couldn't take prison. Blair goes to read the paper, but Dorian warns her that the paper quotes Evangeline extensively. Blair reads it anyway and learns that Spencer was stabbed many times. Both women agree that it doesn't sound like something David would do. Blair tells Dorian that she saw Todd at the Palace at lunch. She is very annoyed about how Todd gave Evangeline a giant expensive necklace. She gets further annoyed when Dorian notes that she is jealous. Blair protests that she doesn't care about Todd. Dorian knows that she is still in love with Todd. Blair denies it, but Dorian doesn't think it will happen. Blair hints that she might find someone else to get over Todd with. She mentions that she had lunch with Todd, which freaks Dorian out, since he is Mitch's brother. When Blair mentions how sweet and nice Miles is, Dorian concludes that he is the Anti-Todd. They argue some more until Blair says she might invite Miles to the winter festival. Dorian thinks that's a bad idea.

John phones Evangeline from his office. Marty is in his office with him. He asks Evangeline if he should bother sending his case notes to her because he just found out that they are doing a psych evaluation of David. He asks if they are planning to plead him out. We don't hear her answer, but John sighs and tells her that he thinks there is more to the story than what David has said. He asks her to hold off, so she agrees. He hangs up. Marty asks if he doesn't want to see her report first; he answers that he's not interested. He says he will get her tossed off the case if it does proceed. Marty tells him that Nora wouldn't have called him in if she thought there was a conflict of interest. John doesn't want her to evaluate David because he thinks she's too soft on criminals, based on her evaluation of Spencer. He is concerned that he will use David's past problems with his family to declare him unfit for trial. She gives him the report, but he throws it down, ignoring it. She had hoped this would be behind them, but he replies that she let the man who killed his father go free, so it will never be behind them. Marty tells John that she found David to be competent to stand trial. John blames Marty for David's life being ruined, too. If she hadn't gone easy on Spencer, David would not be in jail right now. She claims she was doing her job, just like him, and points out that they should move on now that the deaths have been avenged. John tells her that Bo told him the same thing. He tells that he doesn't think he should close the case yet. She wonders if it's just too difficult for him to do that. She asks what's next for him. He tells her that he just wants to live his life, such as it is. He alludes to his problems with Natalie, so she talks about Natalie and how feels about him. John gets annoyed at her butting into his life. They exchange barbs, but she hopes they can put this behind them. He wonders why, so she retorts that he's a pain in the ass, but she likes him. He asks her to tell him what she said in the report, so she asks him to go to Rodi's, so she can tell him over coffee. He agrees to go, reluctantly. They leave.

Natalie finds Miles sitting at the bar in Rodi's, reading a newspaper article. She asks if he's happy that John tracked down Spencer's killer. Miles says he is not happy that Spencer was killed by his own brother. She wonders why. He doesn't know how someone could kill their own brother, no matter how awful they are. Natalie talks about how terrible both Mitch and Spencer were. Miles can't understand why David is not going to get the death penalty, so she explains that Spencer was about to attack Blair. He thinks that the act was pre-meditated, since David came back into the country, killed him, and then left again, all in the same day. She doesn't think things are always the way they seem, based on what she's seen at the LPD. They argue about whether Spencer was a good guy or evil. She remembers what it feels like to suddenly be a young rich person. He tells her that she was always beautiful, so she doesn't really know. She thinks that instead of going out and living his life, he is thinking too much about Spencer. He admits that he doesn't know a thing about life. He tells her about all the new sensations he has been experiencing, such as new smells. She notes that he has a lot of catching up to do. He tells her that he's gotten drunk and kissed a pretty girl. She asks who it is and is surprised when he tells her that it was Marty. She asks if he likes her. He admits that he does. She advises him to ask Marty out to the winter festival. Marty and John walk in, so Natalie tells him to go for it. After some more coaxing, he goes along with her to greet John and Marty. They sit down after John says they can. Natalie asks when John and Marty started having breakfast meetings. John tells her that Marty is consulting on the Vickers case. Marty asks how Natalie and Miles know each other, so Natalie tells her that they are sort of related. Natalie starts to say that Miles told her that he got his first hangover, but he stops her from mentioning that he told her that he kissed Marty. Miles asks John if he could speak with David. John replies, "Maybe, but not today", looking at his watch. Natalie prompts Miles to ask Marty something, but he only asks how she's doing. John gets a phone call and has to leave, so Natalie goes with him. Miles tells Marty that he does have something to ask her after all.

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