OLTL Update Monday 3/12/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/12/07


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Jennifer

In the Llanview jail, David explains to Dorian that he didn't really kill Spencer. He points out that he wouldn't have come back to town if he was guilty, and he wouldn't have been able to stab his own brother. She wonders why he's saying that he did kill him, then. Dorian is frustrated when David hints that something bigger is at stake than his freedom. She reminds him about how horrible Spencer was. He strokes her face and wonders where that devious mind is that he loves. She realizes that he is being paid by someone to confess, which he confirms. He says he is getting 10.5 million dollars from "the old coot" but won't tell Dorian for sure that it was Asa he was referring to. He also tells her that he had planned to kill Spencer, but someone else beat him to it. Dorian admires how David pretended to kill Spencer so that Asa will still pay him. David explains how he came back to town, to fool John and Asa into thinking he was the real murderer. Dorian wonders how David will survive in jail while he waits for his money from Asa. He is annoyed that she doubts his plan, but she points out that his plans never work. He suddenly worries that she will ruin his plan. He tells her that she loves him and plans to save him from himself. They argue about his plan. She thinks there are too many risks and that he might get the death penalty. He thinks that is better than being poor. She suggests that he can go back to mooching off her. David has higher aspirations - he wants to be super-rich and have people mooch off of him instead. She still disagrees that it's too risky.

Michael drops by John's place, looking for Natalie. She is not there. Michael explains that he wanted to apologize to them for what he said about Spencer's murder. John tells him that it's no big deal. They are both glad to be fine again, even though Marcie is a bit mad at John still. As Michael is about to leave to go see her, John apologizes to Michael, too, much to his shock. John praises him and says that he is sorry for thinking he would have killed Truman. Michael forgives him, too. John still insists that he is guilty of something else, though. Michael denies it. John tells him that he's a lousy liar and reminds him about when they were kids.

Layla talks to Cris at the gym about Evangeline. As she cycles, she is trying to get them back together, but Cris is not interested. He blames Evangeline for destroying their relationship way more than he blames Todd. He asks what she is doing with Layla for her birthday tonight, but she tells him that Evangeline doesn't want to go anywhere to celebrate. She thinks it's sweet that he remembered her birthday and calls Vangie an idiot for ditching him for Todd. They discuss Vangie and Todd. Layla still thinks Vangie loves Cris, not Todd. Cris, lifting weights, tells her that he's not so sure that Vangie really loved him. Layla invites Cris to dinner with her and Andriana at the Palace, saying she will treat because it will be a business expense. He agrees to go if he can pay for himself. She says ok but tells him to go shower first.

Evangeline has shown up at the Palace wearing the necklace that Todd sent her for her birthday. She has already told him that she can't accept it, but he laughs, saying it looks good on her. They argue about the huge necklace. She admits that it's beautiful, but she can't take it. He agrees to take it off her and away from her. He mentions that Blair knows how to accept a gift. Evangeline freaks out when Todd mentions that the jewelry cost $1 million, yelling at him to hurry up and take it off. He wonders why she wore it, if she hated it so much. She says she loves it, but she could never wear it. Todd finally accepts it and asks her what she'd like instead for her birthday. She says she wants something more appropriate for their friendship. They talk in a sweet way about how glad they are to be friends. Todd suggests they eat. She is surprised that he's cool about taking the necklace back. Later, they wonder if Cristian remembered her birthday or not. They toast her birthday. Todd asks her to hold up the necklace to her neck. She does it, wondering why. She comments that he could feed all the homeless people in Philadelphia with that necklace. He jokes that maybe he will, to which she retorts that she wishes he were serious about that. Todd sees Adriana and Cris walk in and suggests that Vangie show the necklace to her sister. Vangie looks shocked to see them, and they look shocked to see her and Todd, too. Todd wonders why Layla and Cris are together, making it sound like they are more than friends. Layla and Cris come over and wish Evangeline a happy birthday. Cris grudgingly admires the necklace. Todd, clearly enjoying himself, asks if he can tell them how much he paid for it. Cris grunts "have a nice dinner" and walks away, arms folded angrily. Layla stops him and tells him not to worry because she knows that he can't stay for their dinner. Evangeline storms off, annoyed at Todd, saying she's going home. Todd calls after her that he got cake.

Nash and Jessica argue at the hospital about Antonio. She demands to know what Antonio suspects about them, but he tells her that he told Antonio they hate each other. They debate what to do. He suggests she choose one of them, but she informs him that she already has. Jessica first talks about what a dilemma this has been, to choose between the two of them. Nash thinks she's chosen him, so he offers to help her talk to Antonio. Jessica looks sad as Nash babbles on. Finally, she stops him and tells him that she chooses Antonio, not him. He gets very angry and demands to know why. They yell at each other a bit as they argue. Nash can't believe that Jessica is choosing Antonio, despite her feelings for him. He knows that she loves him. She admits that she does, but she insists that she should spend the rest of her life with her husband. He tells her to convince him, so they keep arguing. Finally, she tells him that they were just an accident because of Tess. He doesn't believe that, either, and calls her a liar. Then he grabs her and kisses her. She kisses him back, too, and is obviously affected by the kiss. He thinks she's convinced, but she tells him goodbye, saying they are not having any life together. Downcast, she tells him again that she chooses Antonio. Nash is very angry; he doesn't know how he will be able to visit Bree and not see Jess, and not be able to touch her. He suggests that he go hide in his vineyard, away from her, and that Clint or Viki can drop off Bree for visits. Jess doesn't think that will work. She looks very glum as she tells him that it will get easier every day. He doesn't believe that. They argue some more. Nash doesn't think he will be able to fall in love with another woman after her and Tess. As he is about to walk away in anger, Nash tells Jessica off. He says that he loved her more than Tess and that at least he was happy for a few months. Jessica breaks down sobbing after he leaves. She remembers Marty telling her to write down on the piece of paper which man she sees herself spending the rest of her life with.

Rex drinks coffee at the station. He chats with Bo, who is not in a good mood. They talk about how Rex was arrested lately. Rex can tell Bo is still mad at him. Bo wants to know who Rex has been protecting and why he is not honest with him. They argue about why Rex grabbed the scissors out of Spencer's body; Bo thinks he was covering up for someone else. Bo keeps grilling Rex but eventually gives up. Rex gives Bo tickets to the Phillys' opening game. At first, Rex jokes that it's a bribe but then says it is for Matthew, to cheer him up. Bo thanks him, and Rex leaves, smiling.

Bo and John catch up when John goes back to the police station. Bo asks if what Natalie said is true - that she removed the fibers from Truman's clothes to cover up a crime. John verifies but has no excuse as to why he didn't tell Bo about it. Bo says he was hoping that John would be able to convince him not to hire a new chief of detectives. they both agree that John screwed up. John explains his reasoning about why he suspected Michael but didn't want to tell Bo about it until he had more evidence. Then he discovered the evidence that led him to David. Bo still wishes that John had kept him informed at every step, as well as told him about what Natalie did. John tells Bo that even though he's sick of this case, he thinks they need to dig deeper. He thinks there is more to the murder. Bo wonders why John thinks there's more to it. John points out some flaws in David's story. Bo counters his points, but it doesn't sound that convincing....John thinks there is too much coincidence.

Adriana chats with Tate at the Palace. He is having trouble with his retirement; he finds it boring. She tells him that she has an idea, but he has to take his pants off. They discuss how she wants him to be a model for her company (for his endorsement). He agrees, as long as she performs all his fittings personally. She blushes, thinking he's flirting. He explains that he just wants to look good and not like a fool, so she is the only one he trusts. After some more negotiation, they shake hands. Rex comes in and sees them holding hands, so he bounces down the stairs, wondering what's going on. Adriana jokes that Rex is fired because Tate is going to be the new model and spokesperson for "Exposed". Rex jokes back that he's flattered that she had to go all the way to major league baseball to replace him. There is more joking around, with a little extra underlying tension there between the three of them.

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