OLTL Update Friday 3/9/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/9/07


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Todd meets Viki at the Palace and tells her he got Evangeline something really huge and expensive for her birthday.

At the police station Evangeline receives Todd present which makes her sit down after opening it.

At John’s apartment Natalie tells him he has no need to worry about Vincent. John says that she’s a big girl and he’s not going to tell her what to do. John then tells Natalie that he found David Vickers who confessed to killing Spencer Truman.

David wants to know if Asa brought the 10.5 million dollars he ask for. Asa says he’s not one to back out of a deal and congratulations him on exterminating that cockroach Spencer Truman.

At the hospital Antonio is still interrogating Nash on his intentions towards Jessica. Nash tells him that he is not having an affair, so Antonio asks him if he wants to.

In Marty’s office Jessica is still torn about having to choose between Antonio and Nash. She thinks it’s a tricky decision because Antonio is her husband and Nash is the father of her child. Marty asks Jessica what is tricky, her feelings of love or her feelings of obligation.

Back at John’s, Natalie and John are still discussing how John found David Vickers and his part in his brother’s murder. Natalie should have known it was a guy like David. John gets upset and says “instead of a guy like me?” They both agree that it wasn’t a stretch for Nat to jump to that conclusion considering his track record. Their conversation is interrupted by the police station wanting information. John pulls out a file and also finds the engagement ring he was going to give Natalie.

Blair overhears Todd tell Viki about Evangeline’s present and gets jealous. Todd wants to know what’s it to her they aren’t together. Viki asks Blair how she is and Blair says she’s fine it’s nothing a drink won’t cure and then quips to Todd that she always knew he’d drive her to drink. Blair leaves and runs into Miles and wants to buy him a drink.

Viki tells Todd that he should be nicer to Blair because obviously her decision to break up with him is difficult for her. Todd retorts that he didn’t get a vote and he has a right to move on with his life. Viki gets nervous when Todd says that Evangeline is going to go crazy when she’s sees her present.

Back at the police station Dorian arrives asking Evangeline about David’s case. Evangeline tells her to ask Nora. Dorian tries to butter her up by telling her that she has always found her intelligent and reasonable and Nora is intractable. Dorian asks Evangeline what it would take to have the murder charges against David dropped.

Asa wants to know how David is going to get out of the mess he’s in and then tells him that he wishes he would have waiting a little while so Spencer could kill Blair. He can’t have everything. David is amazed that having someone killed doesn’t bother Asa. Asa is angry about all the horrible things that Spencer did and is angry at Spencer’s mom for talking about him on her death bed. David gets angry and tells Asa that his mother loved him.

Nash is having a hard time answering Antonio’s question but finally says that having a relationship with Jessica is the last thing he want because he can barely stand to be in the same room with her.

Jessica doesn’t know who she loves more and needs Marty’s help to figure it out. Jessica starts crying as Marty tells her that she needs to write down the name of the man she loves without thinking, without weighing the pros and cons, and she’ll have her answer.

Blair tells Miles that he needs carbs and orders a shake from the waiter and tells him to ask the chef to make a Cramer melt. Miles questions what’s in the Cramer melt. Blair says it’s basically a tuna melt with jalapeños, horseradish, and Tabasco and not to worry because it works wonders. Miles asks Blair why she keeps looking over a Mrs. Davison’s table. Blair says that because the man she’s sitting with is her ex-husband and he hates him.

Todd makes a comment about Blair sitting with “circus boy.” Viki points out that he sure is paying attention for someone who claims to be over Blair. Todd just doesn’t want a Lawrence to hurt Blair like they did her, Jessica, and Natalie.

Evangeline is shocked and wants to know if Dorian is suggesting bribery. Dorian fanes shock and says she just wants justice served, no bribery. Evangeline says that David confess and charges will be brought. Dorian worries that David won’t be able to handle going back to prison. Evangeline says she’s sorry but David murdered someone and will not get a, slap on the wrist.

Asa is almost giddy when he asks David how many times he stabbed Spencer. David says he lost count and wants his money. Asa says he’ll get his money but wonders how a pretty boy can be so tough. As Asa walks away David says to himself, “not as tough as you’d think.”

Back in Antonio’s room Nash tells Antonio how he can’t stand Jessica and the feeling is mutual. Antonio wants to know why Nash never said anything. Nash didn’t want to talk bad about his wife in front of him. Antonio thinks that Nash should have a least told him not to keep throwing them together. Nash says that he is doing the best he can to get along with Jessica for Bree.

Marty tells Jessica that people are more likely to be honest if they write down their feelings instead of telling someone because they’re more likely to censer themselves. Jessica doesn’t what to write anything because that means that she’s is going to have to choose and hurt somebody.

John tells Natalie that Bo wants to see him, probably about Vickers and then apologizes to not telling Natalie where he was going. Nat says she’s getting use to it. John doesn’t want her to get use to it and tells her that he missed her and they begin kissing passionately.

Blair’s miracle cure worked on Miles’ hang over. Miles tells Blair that he got drunk because he wanted to know what it was like. Blair says that eventually he will have internal radar to tell him when he’s had enough.

Todd wants Viki to tell him the appropriate reaction to Blair getting to know Mitch Lawrence’s brother and a man who thinks Spencer is his hero. Viki tells Todd to not box himself into something he can’t get out of because they both could change their minds. Evangeline calls Todd to tell him he’s insane and is going to meet him at the Palace in a few minutes. Todd smiles and tells a skeptical Viki that Evangeline loves her present.

Nash tells Antonio that the conversation he witness in the hall was Jessica yelling at him for Antonio getting hurt because Nash should have been able to save her. Nash asks Antonio if he understands now that Jessica is on his case all the time. Antonio does see -- because Jessica’s behavior is erratic Nash isn’t sure if he’s seeing Jess or Tess.

Jessica, after prodding from Marty, reluctantly writes down the name of the man she loves most.

Blair makes a few snide remarks about Marty being noble so Miles asks her how she knows her. Blair will save that conversation for a day when he doesn’t have a hang over.

Evangeline walks in wearing a massive diamond necklace that Todd bought her. Blair sees her and rolls her eyes.

Marty asks Jess how she feels. Jess says the same but she knows what she has to do now, though knowing it and doing it are two different things.

Nash assures Antonio that nothing is going on between him and Jessica and says that he owes him because Bree would be an orphan if it weren’t for him.

Natalie and John are in bed after presumably making love when she tells John that she told Bo the truth about tampering with the evidence. She also says that she let it slip that John knew and that’s probably what Bo wants to talk about. John flips out yelling at Natalie for not waiting until he got back. Nat wasn’t sure if John was coming back because she never knows what he’s going to do anymore. John yells that he “never walks out on his responsibilities.” Natalie doesn’t know what John so upset about because he broke the Spencer Truman case so he’ll probably get a metal. John doesn’t understand why Nat couldn’t wait. Natalie tells John that Vincent thought that coming clean would make her feel better. John can’t believe she talk to “that scum” about him. Nat says that she didn’t give him details. John yells that he will never be the guy that sits back and takes the crap she dishes out and leaves the room. Natalie is in tears.

Asa tells Nigel that he just want a little nip of alcohol. Nigel tells him to go ahead and he’ll summon the ambulance. Asa quips that he should get rid of Nigel, but Nigel tells him to relax while he makes him a tonic with lime.

Dorian pays David a visit in jail to let him know that she’s going to get him the best defense lawyer money can buy. David tells her not to because he doesn’t want to get out of trouble.

Miles runs into Jessica coming out of Marty’s office. They make small talk and Miles asks if she thinks Marty would have time to see him. They part company and Miles asks Marty if she has a couple of minutes to talk.

Jessica runs into Nash in the hall.

John comes out dressed and continues to bicker with Natalie until Natalie asks if he believes in her anymore. John says that he believes she thinks she’s doing the right thing which brings her to the conclusion that he doesn’t.

Miles apologizes to Marty for getting drunk and hopes that he didn’t offend her. Miles tells Marty that he doesn’t remember much but he remembers kissing her and he’s sorry. Marty tells him that it’s fine because it was kind of funny. Miles looks embarrassed and says that every guy wants to hear.

Jessica is trying to hold back tears as she tells Nash that they need to go someplace private and talk. Nash tells Jess that he just saw Antonio and he’s on to them. Jess wants to know what they’ve done as she looks and the piece of paper with the name of the guy she chose.

Blair is talking to herself when she comments about Todd using his kids inheritance to buy his girlfriend tacky things.

Evangeline walks over to where Todd and Viki are sitting and Viki says “WOW” , tells her happy birthday, and quickly gets up and leaves. Evangeline tells Todd that the necklace is the most beautiful and extravagant thing she’s ever receive, but there is not way in hell she’s accepting it.

Nigel wants to know why Asa had Spencer’s own brother kill him. Asa says he was testing David to see if he has what it takes. “To be a Buchanan?” Asa says, “you said it not me.”

Dorian is still trying to talk some sense into David when David tells her that it’s fine that people think that he killed Spencer because he didn’t do it.

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