OLTL Update Thursday 3/8/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/8/07


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Jessica arrives at Martyís office and wants to talk to her. Marty asks how she is. Jessica says sheís physically fine but she told Nash that she loved him.

Nash visits Antonio at the hospital to drop off the insurance papers from Capricorn. Antonio looks ticked off and Nash asks him if something is wrong. Antonio says they need to get something straight.

John and Natalie are in bed kissing after presumably making love. Natalie tells John to never leave her again. John says that things are going to be different this time. Itís just a dream Natalie is awoken by a knock at the door. Itís Vincent and he looks like he likes Natalieís skimpy little nightgown.

John arrives at the police station to release Dorian. Dorian demands to know if heís finally caught Spencer Trumanís real killer. John says that it looks that way as David walks in.

At the police station Bo is talking on his cell phone with Matthew about how the house hunting is going. Matthew says that some of the houses are ok but that they wouldnít have anything to put in the house anyway. Bo says thatís not true because they have the most important thing - love and it can turn any house into a home. Matthew doesnít seem to agree and only says ďI guess.Ē Bo says that he agrees that what he said sounded just as corny to him but itís the truth. Bo will stop by later and cheer Matthew up in person. Lindsay walks into Boís office and tells Bo she is just dropping of donated artwork. She couldnít help but hear that Matthew is still having a hard time. Bo says that he is because he grew up in that house and heís having a hard time accepting that the house is gone.

At Asaís Nora is trying to talk up a house to a depressed Matthew. Matthew says that itís kind of far from school. Nora tries another listing. Matthew says that itís code of a small shack. The next listing Matthew labels a McMansion with no yard. Nora finally tells Matthew that they canít have everything and that they have to find something because they canít live at Asaís forever. Asa enters and yells hogwash thereís no reason that Nora and Matthew canít live with him. Nora says thereís an entire list of reasons and at the top of that list is that she is Boís ex-wife. Asa suggests that Nora move and leave Matthew with him. Nora isnít amused and Matthew tells Asa that his mom needs him. Asa asks if a new computer would change his mind because thereís one on the third floor. Matthew gets excited and says he doesnít think so but heíll go check as Noraís behind Matthew giving Asa a thumbs up. After Matthew leaves Nora thanks Asa for letting them stay with him. Nora tells Asa that they will have to stay with him a bit longer because sheís waiting on the insurance check. Asa cautions Nora that if there is even the slightest loophole she may not get her check.

Vincent tells Natalie that he only wanted to see if she is ok. Natalie says that she doesnít know she was asleep. Vincent reminds her that itís the middle of the day and asks if she is depressed. Natalie asks if he just wanted to give her more unsolicited advice and Vincent says no just breakfast but itís probably cold so itís the thought that counts. Natalie says that breakfast wonít help her problems. She tried to take control of her life by telling Bo about that thing that she did but now her life is even more out of control. Natalie tells Vincent that she lost her job and may lose her boyfriend but she was lucky to keep her desk job. Vincent says that itís not right because anyone can see that Natalie is more than just some desk flunky.

Dorian is so happy that David came all the way back to get her out of jail. David says you could say that. Dorian gives David a big hug and tells John that sheís glad he knows who the killer is but she hopes he goes free because heís her hero. Dorian is shocked when John tells David to step into the cell and says that itís ridiculous that David is being arrested. David tells Dorian to stop because he killed Spencer.

Asa tells Nora that heís getting sick of the sight of her. Nora says that they will move out tonight then. Asa clarifies and says that Reneeís clothes just donít suite her. Nora is getting irritated and says that it was very kind of Renee to give her clothes because if he remembers her house burned to the ground. The maid enters telling Asa that his packages have arrived. In Asaís opinion no Buchanan woman, even an ex, should be wearing hand me downs so he asked Renee to send over clothes from the fancy store at the Palace. Nora is deeply touched by Asa gestured and starts crying, gives him a big hug, and says she doesnít know what they would have done without him. Asa tells Nora that they would have been fine calling her the strongest woman he knows.

Back in Boís office, Lindsay flirts with Bo and says that sometimes you can start over and sometimes you can get a second chance with an old friend. The only thing you canít replace is a life. Talia interrupts and needs to speak to Bo about the arson case. Lindsay leaves but Bo tells her if she sticks around they can finish their conversation. Talia gives Bo the arson report and says that it looks like the same person. Because of Taliaís experience she requests permission to go back to Capricorn to see if something was missed and Bo agrees to let her. Talia wants to catch the guy not just for Antonio but for Jamie because he almost made her an orphan.

Back at the hospital Antonio still doesnít understand how Nash and Jess became trapped in the storage room. Nash tells Antonio he went down to get supplies and didnít know the door would still and also doesnít know why Jess want there. Nashís honesty and loyalty mean everything to Antonio and hopes that Nash will honestly answer the question he says for him.

Marty thought that Jessica was going to stay away from Nash and doesnít understand how things got to this point. Jessica says she intended to stay away but that is easier said than done. Jessica says that she and Nash were at the loft and almost made love and Cristian overheard Nash tell Layla. Jessica goes on to explain what led up to her telling Nash that she loved him and kissed him. Jessica says that it must be true because that is what she wanted to say and do in her dying moments. Jessica doesnít know what to do because she loves Antonio, he is here husband but she also loves Nash and he wants a life with her. Marty says the only thing that matters is what she wants. Marty asks a series of questions to Jessica to help her figure things out. Jessica says that she is sure her feelings for Nash are her feelings and that she is one woman in love with two men and doesnít know what to do about it.

Back at the hospital Nash wonders what Antonio wants to know. Antonio gives the nebulous response that maybe Nash can give him some clues as to what happened. Nash was already in the storage room with Jessica so neither of them know anything. Antonio points out that the fire was really big so Jessica and Nash must have been in there a really long time and wants to know what they were doing. Nash flashes back to them kissing.

Vincent thinks that Natalie is getting a raw deal considering she thought she was doing the right thing. Nat says that doesnít matter, but Vincent says it does and she should tell them to take the desk job and stick itÖ Natalie says that probably wouldnít go over too well with Uncle Bo. Vincent tells her to stay chained to the desk working for people who arenít half of who she is and asks her if that is what she wants. Natalie says that she really loved forensics because she was good at it and it made her feel apart of something. Vincent retorts apart of Johní world. Vincent tells Natalie that she doesnít need anyone to take her under their wing because she can fly on her own. Nat says she just crash landed. Vincent asks if Nat has talked to John and she said he doesnít know. Vincent suggests that she call John but she says she canít because she doesnít know where he is.

Back at the jail Dorian doesnít believe David killed Spencer because he was no where near Llanview. John says they have David on tape entering the hospital and outside of Blairís room. Dorian says that David isnít a killer, unless David walked in on Spencer ready to rape Blair and even if he did it he deserves a metal because he saved Blairís life. Well he didnít stick around for Blair. Dorian says that he wouldnít do that to one of her girls. If itís a contest between his freedom and Dorianís girls itís no contest David will take his freedom. Dorian says she doesnít believe that and John shouldnít either if he is any kind of law enforcement officer.

Nora, wearing he new clothes, tells Asa itís really too much. Asa says that they are family. Nora then gets a phone call telling her that David was just arrested for Spencerís murder. Asa is happy because justice was served on gutter rat killed another. Matthew looks a little tired and Nora asks him if he had another nightmare. He says he had the same one where heís on one side of the fire and everyone he loves is on the other. Nora is upset that the arsonist has Matthew so scared, but not to worry because Bo is going to find him and Nora is going to convict him. Matthew worries that the arsonist will find them and do it again.

Back at the police station Bo tells Lindsay she was right about what can and can not be replaced, but he wasnít gotten that through to Matthew. Lindsay says that sheís not surprised because childrenís worlds are so small that when something happens itís as if their whole world is ending. Lindsay wishes she could do something for Matthew because theyíve always gotten along and he loved Jen so much. Bo thinks that Matthew is so upset because the videoís Jen made Matthew were burned in the fire so heís losing his connection to her. Lindsay has a thought and wants to know if Matthew and Nora are still living with Asa. Yup they are so Lindsay leaves. Bo asks Nick if he has run the arsonist profile through the system. He has but no luck so Bo tells him to broaden the search to.

Natalie says that she and John donít talk even if they are in the same room, but shouldnít be talking to Vincent. Vincent asks why not and wonders how she knows John doesnít do that same thing behind her back. Nat doesnít want to talk because she doesnít even talk to her own friends. Vincent thinks she needs better friends. Nat continues to go off so Vincent apologizes and says heíll leave. Natís sorry and says that sheís just all over the place because John runs hot and cold with her and she doesnít know what to do. She tells Vincent John may lose his job because of what she did.

Dorian is still questioning John about David, but John tries to dismiss her. Dorian wants time alone so John says he will be up filing Davidís signed confession. John leaves and Dorian wants to know whatís really going on.

Marty suggests that Jessica talk to Antonio, but Jess doesnít want to hurt him. Marty points out that sheís hurting him by keeping this a secret from him. She tells Jessica that she needs to tell Antonio because heís going to figure it out so she needs to tell him before he does.

Nash tells Antonio that they spent most of the time in the storage room trying to figure out how to get out. Antonio asks what they did before that as Nash flashes back to their declaration of love. Nash wants to know why Antonio is grilling him because he feels like a suspect.

Nora is on the phone yelling at the insurance company as Lindsay arrives. Nora tells Lindsay that Clint isnít there but Lindsay wants to know if there is anything Nora needs. Nora says sheís covered and besides she doesnít think they share the sameÖ taste. Lindsay quips except in men. Nora fake laughs and then says ďok bye.Ē Lindsay says she will go but wants to give Matthew something as Matthew walks in and wants to know what. Lindsay says that she had copies made of Jenís pictures and some of her videoís copied onto DVD. Matthew is so thrilled and goes to look at them. Nora looks a little surprised so Lindsay explains her conversation with Bo. Lindsay then gives Nora pictures of Sam because she knows that Nora lost everything as well. Nora takes the book but doesnít say anything so Lindsay starts to leave. Nora calls to her and thanks her and tells her that the pictures probably mean everything to Matthew. The insurance company calls Nora back and says that they wonít pay anything.

Vincent tells Natalie that he wants to start over - clean this time because he has a lot to prove to everyone in town. Natalie says he has nothing to prove to her and that everyone deserves a second chance. Natalie tells Vincent that he is not the creepy thug she thought he was and Vincent tells her that she is not the spoiled rich girl he thought she was. Vincent calls Natalie amazing and Nat says that not everyone thinks so. As Vincent tries to comfort Natalie, John walks in the door.

Jess was hoping that things would work themselves out but she now knows that sheís going to have to choose between the two.

Antonio says heís just trying to piece things together. Nash tells Antonio to just asks whatever he wants to asks. Antonio wants to know if Nash is having an affair with his wife.

Bo asks Nick to distribute the information on the arsonist nation wide as Talia walks in the door. Talia says that she found footprints where she was knocked out and sent the pictures and dirt sample in for analysis.

Nat is surprise to see John. Vincent takes this as his cue to leave. As Vincent is leaving John tells him he carries a gun and Vincent says he does too. John turns his attention to Natalie and wants to know what he missed while he was gone.

David says that nothing is going on and he killed Spencer. Dorian wants to know why he would confess even if he did kill Spencer. She is even more confused by him coming back to Llanview. David wouldnít let ďsomeone elseĒ take the fall for what he did. Dorian remembers that John took a picture of her in the jail cell. David did this for Dorian didnít he? David says that John would have figured out a way to get David back to Llanview anyway. Dorian is going to get David the best lawyer money can buy. As Dorian leaves Asa comes in smiling and tells David he earned every penny he paid him to kill Spencer.

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