OLTL Update Wednesday 3/7/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/7/07


Written By Rhonda
Pictures by Jennifer

At the hospital a replay of Jessica telling Nash to stop pressuring her and Antonio looking on.

Todd is at the Sun trying to call Evangeline who has just walked into the Palace. Evangeline is looking less than thrilled when she sees that itís Todd calling and doesnít answer. Just as Evangeline closes her phone Layla comes up and sensing that something is wrong wants to know how Evangeline is.

Miles who appears to be drunk buys a round of drinks for everyone at the Palace. Marty looks stunned.

A dejected looking Natalie goes into Boís office to make a confession.

David, looking buff with just swimming trucks on and lounging in a chair, wants to know what John means by what he did to his brother. Like that he hated is guts, ordered his likeness from voodooís R US, or when he pop a bottle of the bubbly when Spencer was put in jail. John looking a little annoyed says that he also killed him. Cue confused look on Davidís face.

At the Palace Marty tries to stop Miles from buying everyone at the bar a drink. Miles asks why not, heís rich and heís making friends. Marty corrects him, he is buying friends. Miles says that he will take what he canít get because the only real friend he had was Spencer and heís dead. Miles wants to know if Marty is only hanging around him because he bought hier a drink. She says no that she likes him but they canít be friends.

Natalie reluctantly tells a stunned Bo that she took evidence from the scene of Spencerís murder for John. Bo demands to know if John told her to. Natalie says no she thought that John killed Spencer.

David questions why John thinks he killed Spencer. John doesnít directly answer, but says he doesnít look surprised to hear Spencerís dead or that heís alive for that matter. David, as always with the witty comeback, says that John looks fantastic and that a chemical peal has never hurt anyone. David goes on to explain to John that with the internet and email you can stay on top of things now a days. John comments on the amount of travel David has done. David quips John should be a detective or something. John says heís not in the mood for Davidís attitude. Color David shocked. John then says that he never thought heíd say it but he wants David to keep talking. David says when he left Llanview he only had enough money for a bus ticket to Miami where he hopped a discount cruise ship and ended up on an island with a name he canít pronounce. David says that while he was on the ship he started to have a beautiful relationship with a women, with a titanium hip, who bought all of his food and drinks and then had the nerve to call him a gold digger -- so he stole the rest of her money. He used the money to buy a ticket to his new home - here in Paradise. David says the locals like him so much they even adopted him as one of their own and have affectionately nicknamed him BLANCO STUPIDO. John who canít believe what heís hearing tells David to focus because heís in trouble up to his eyeballs. David rolls his eyes and says that he thought that John was a pill in Taiwan. David then offers to order he and John some pina coladas which are free if they can run faster than the waiter. John looks like David is working his last nerve when he says ďyour killed your brother big guy and I can prove it.Ē

Miles is looking sad because Marty said she canít be his friend so she explains that she canít be his friend and doctor. Here Miles thought that the doctors never wanted to play cards with him in the hospital because they thought they were going to beat him. Miles says heís just joking around. Marty wants to know if Miles understands why they canít be friends and he says yes and sheís fired. Marty starts to respond but he says that he just wants to buy her another drink and that they will figure out the rest later.

At the Sun Todd is irritated when he get Evangelineís voice mail.

Evangeline tells Layla that she and Cristian broke up. Layla tries to convince Vangie that they will work it out but Evangeline says not this time.

Marty wants to know why Miles decided on drinking beer. Miles says that he has done very scientific research and he chose beer because he can drink more of it longer. Then Marty and Miles continue debating whether being drunk can be fun.

Antonio wants to know whatís wrong. Jessica says that the three of them almost died and sheís freaked out and itís just hitting her. Antonio says heís sorry. Jess says no sheís sorry for making it sound like sheís blaming him. Antonio looks like heís skeptical and says that it ok if thatís all it is. The nurse arrives and says that their ready for him in x-ray. After Antonio leaves Nash tells Jess that Antonio is getting suspicious. Jess says that they will have to be more careful.

Antonio is back from x-ray as Cristian pays him a visit. Cris wants to know where Jess is. Antonio tells him he convinced her to leave, Nash also. WHAT TOGETHER!? Antonio says they left at the same time, not together and wants to know whatís wrong. Cris says nothing he was just asking. Antonio thinks something might be up with Nash and Jess because they have been spending too much time together. Cris questions whether he thinks they are having an affair. Antonio says no and then wants to know why heíd even go there. Cris says itís because of Todd and Evangeline. Antonio questions whether Cris actually believes something is going on between Todd and Evangeline and Cris wants to know what Antonio thinks is up between Nash and Jess. The answer to both is that they donít know. Talia interrupts when she decides to pay Antonio a visit.

Layla says that Cristian loves Evangeline and asks why would be break up with her. Evangeline thinks that Cristian could have gotten over the kiss but then showed up her place and caught Todd there and he lost it. Evangeline goes on the explain the drama that happened after with them all losing it. Layla wants to know if Evangeline went to Toddís. Vangie says yes but as a friend. Layla says she might see it that way but questions whether Todd sees it that way. Evangeline says she doesnít think so and thinks that Todd tried to seduce her.

Nash arrives at the Palace asking for a drink and to keep it coming.

Miles yells for the bar keep to bring him another. The bar tender doesnít immediately respond so Miles gets up to get his own. Marty tells him to stop but before they start arguing the bar tender brings over another beer. Miles tries to sit down and falls on the floor, which must amuse him because he starts laughing and says mission accomplished.

Todd tries Evangeline again and is annoyed to get her voice mail again. Todd gets a knock at his door -- itís Jessica. Todd asks her how she is and she tells him that sheís fine, Nash was released, that Antonio should be home soon. Todd then questions why she is there. Jessica wanted to drop of her rough draft of the Miles Lawrence story. Very Good says Todd. Todd says he has another assignment for her. She says she canít handle one right now. Todd then asks how much she likes working there. She says she doesnít need the job so if he wants to fire her go ahead. Todd says that itís not really an assignment he wants her to dig around so he can find out more about Evangeline. Jess asks ďwhy so you can get her into bed? No freaking way.Ē

Bo wants to know what Nat was thinking when she confesses that she took two fibers that match Johnís scarf off the body. Natalie thought she was protecting John, but Bo says if she was right she would have been protecting a murder. Natalie said sheíd do anything for John and that she lost him once and she couldnít bear to lose him again. Bo canít believe what Natalie did and that the fibers could still be relevant. Nat knows but she got rid of them. Nat lets it slip that John was just as upset as he is. This makes Bo more angry. Natalie tries to explain that John just found out and they tried to tell him the night Noraís house burned down. Bo doesnít want to here anymore excuses, John and Natalie are guilty of covering up a crime.

Back in Paradise David orders another pina colada and a beer for his overdressed friend. David says that John is resorting to the usual suspects just like he did when he was trying to find his fatherís killer. Oh he probably shouldnít have brought that up. John says no he shouldnít have and he shouldnít go back to Llanview either and then shows him a picture of himself at the hospital the night Spencer was murdered. David says thatís ridiculous he was nowhere near Llanview. John says heís already checked and David flew in that morning and left two hours after the murder. John goes on to say that he didnít get the justice he wanted for his father but he is going to follow through until the end of this investigation. David says that John caught him he confesses he whacked his brother.

A drunk Miles stumble to his room and says heís good after he makes it to his door. Marty asks if heís sure he almost lost it in the elevator. Miles opens the door and falls to the floor.

Talia brings Antonio a present but wants Antonioís input on the investigation. Antonio says that if he canít do anything so he may as well help her catch the guy.

Nashyells that he thought he told the bar keep to keep them coming as Evangeline watches on confused and then asks Layla if she knows what is wrong with him. Layla says probably the usual Jess and Tess but they arenít talking about Nash she wants to know more about Todd trying to seduce Vang. Evangeline tells Layla that Todd pulled out all the stops with a private dinner and a massage, but then Star came in and thought that Todd was cheating on Blair. Layla points out that Todd isnít with Blair. Vang says she knows that but she felt like she was cheating on Cristian. Layla says that Vang shouldnít feel guilt because sheís not with Cristian and tells Evangeline her problem is that she has a thing for complicated men.

John questions why David is confessing so easily. David says to check the extradition laws there are none. The waiter brings David his drink and tells the waiter to put it on his tab. That waiter says si, blanco stupio.

David tells John the case is closed and that the least John could do is thank him for saving John the trouble of doing it himself.

Natalie says it was a knee-jerk reaction to cover for John and that Uncle Bo knows that John didnít kill Spencer. Bo says all he knows is that John said he didnít have enough evidence on Michael. Natalie says thatís true all he knew where that the fibers could have come from Michael and they didnít. Thatís not the point what Natalie did was wrong and John covered for her. Natalie wants to know if Bo is going to arrest her.

Back at the hospital Antonio is just wrapping up talking to Talia about the investigation and she thanks him for his help. Talia gets up to leave and tells Antonio to get out of there fast because hospitals creep her out. After Talia leaves Cristian says that Talia is a looker and that the uniform doesnít do her justice. Antonio says sheís a cop and a good cop so hopefully she will find whoever tried to kill them. Cris changes the subject and wants to know what it is about Jess and Nash and bothers Antonio. Antonio wants to know if there is something Cris wants to tell him.

Todd wants to know whatís wrong with him and Evangeline. Jessica says that he is the reason that Cris and Evangeline broke up. Todd denies it. Jess doesnít believe it because he is always needling Cristian. Todd says that Evangeline doesnít hate him. Jess says that she is confused. Sheís had a lot to deal with and he has helped her through rough times and that he is just wrong for her because he still loves Blair. Todd says Blair is out of the picture. Jess tells Todd to stay away from Evangeline because heís too complicated for her. Todd says it sounds like this is about Jessicaís life not his.

Evangeline says that she doesnít have a thing for complicated men. Layla reminds Evangeline of all the guys Evangeline has tried to fix through the years including Cristian, John, and Todd. Evangeline says that may have been true in the past but not anymore she didnít want to change Cristian she loves him just the way he is. Layla tells Evangeline to figure out a way to fix things while she goes and saves Nash from himself.

Nash tells Layla that while he and Jessica where trapped in the fire they professed their love to one another. Nash is suppose to be happy but heís not.

Miles is passed out drunk as Marty tries to wake him telling him that he needs to help her get him to the bed. Seeing how far the bed is sheís says at least to the sofa which is right next to them. Marty manages to get Miles off the floor and walk him to the couch were they stumble and fall on it. Miles then kisses Marty.

John tells David that heís going back to Llanview with him. David tells him not to even think about kidnapping him because heís got low friends in high places. John says he wonít need to because David is going to go voluntarily and then shows him a picture of Dorian in jail.

Marty pulls back and Miles says that heís never been kissed before. Miles tells her not to tell anyone.

Todd wants to know whatís up with Jess. She says nothing but sheís not going to investigate Evangeline for him and that he can fire her if he wants. Todd says he wouldnít do that calling Jess a stronger cup of coffee and says that she is different now. Jessica says the integration changes a lot and then gives Todd a kiss and thanks him for not firing her. After Jess leaves Todd wipes his face and says he can do it himself.

Nash is upset because of Antonio of course but god help him he love Jess not Tess. Jess isnít like the old Jess and sheís not like Tess sheís a mix of the two. Nash tells Layla to tell him to resist her, to fight it, but heís not sure he can do it and worse he doesnít know if he wants to.

Evangeline tries to call Cristian as Antonio is question if Cris wants to tell him something about Jessica and Nash. Cris sees that itís Evangeline calling and hangs up. Antonio encourages him to talk to her. Cris says he has nothing to talk about itís over and if he knew what it was like to have someone mess around behind his back heíd understand. Antonio says he has and itís not the end of the world. Cristian tells Antonio he wouldnít trust Nash around his wife if he were him. Antonio does trust Nash and most of all trusts Jessica.

John tells David that Dorian is being held in connection with Trumanís murder. John says that Dorian had means, motive, and opportunity and that it wouldnít be a hard sell to a jury. David says that Dorian canít handle being in jail the thread count and sheets alone would do her in. David then asks when the plane leaves. John says that they have to go now seeing as how Dorian is the primary suspect and thereís no telling how long she could be in jail. David at least wants to finish his pina colada because from what he remembers, Statesville doesnít make a good umbrella drink. John kicks back on the lounge chair, puts on his shades, and agrees.

Bo is not going to arrest Natalie but says that she is out of the forensics program immediately and if the murder goes unsolved that Natalie will have to answer for what she has done legally. If it comes to that Bo will have no choice but to arrest Natalie and John.

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