OLTL Update Wednesday 3/7/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/7/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Jessica and Nash are standing in the hospital corridor. Antonio is sitting in a wheelchair just behind a curtain where Jess and Nash cannot see him. Jess tells Nash she can't handle the guilt. The nurse comes up to take Antonio for tests, but he insists on talking to Jessica first. Jessica and Nash walk up and Antonio asks if everything is all right. Jessica tells him no.

Todd calls Evangeline on the phone. Evangeline is at the Palace bar. She looks at her phone and doesn't answer.

Layla comes in and she and Evangeline sit at a table.

Marty and Miles are sitting at the bar. Miles is obviously drunk and announces he will buy the bar a round of drinks.

Natalie enters Bo's office. She says she has something to confess.

John McBain confronts David Vickers in paradise and tells David he wants to talk to him about what he did to Spencer. David makes a joke about buying voodoo dolls and John says, "You also killed him."

Back at the bar, Marty tells Miles he's trying to buy friends and they are not real friends. Miles says he'll take what he can get. His only friend was Spencer and he's dead. Miles toasts to his and Marty's friendship. Marty says they can't be friends.

Back in Bo's office Bo assures Natalie she can tell him anything. Natalie tells him she took evidence from Spencer's murder scene. Bo angrily asks why she would do such a thing. Natalie explains it was because the evidence would have incriminated John.

David Vickers hedges about answering John's accusation about killing Spencer. He tells John he knows what's going on in Landview through the internet and news.

John tells him to "keep talking". So David tells John about everything's he's done since leaving Landview. He says the locals now call him Blanco Stupido. John tells him to focus as he's in it up to his eyeballs. David offers John a drink. John says, "I know you killed your brother, big guy, and I can prove it."

Back in the bar with Miles and Marty...she informs him they can't be friends because she is his doctor. Miles says he understands and then jokes that she is fired. Marty makes a comment that Miles has had too much to drink. Miles tries to buy her another drink, but she says two drinks are her limit. She then imparts hangover advice.

Todd is in his office and tries to call Evangeline again. He gets her voicemail. He is frustrated she doesn't answer her phone.

Evangeline tells Layla that Cristian broke up with her and this time it's really over.

Back at the bar, Marty again warns Miles about his drinking and he declares he is determined to get very drunk.

In the hospital, Antonio asks Jessica and Nash what's wrong. Nash says nothing, but Jessica says yes. Jessica says she was just freaked out by the fire and because they were all almost killed. It happened in the club and scared the hell out of her. Antonio says, "I'm sorry." Jessica answers that it's she who is sorry for making Antonio think she's blaming him. The nurse comes. Antonio kisses Jessica and leaves for tests. Jessica and Nash are alone in the hallway. Nash says he thinks Antonio is getting suspicious. Jessica insists they have to be more careful. She says "Antonio can never find out about what happened in the store room." Nash comments that they can never be left alone again. Jessica says next time there won't be a fire to stop us.

Cristian sees Antonio back in his room. Antonio explains the tests were just follow-up. Cristian asks where Jessica has gone. Antonia explains he finally talked Jessica and Nash into leaving. Cristian blurts out, "Together? Antonia says he thinks something's up with Nash and Jessica. Cristian asks if Antonio means an affair. And Antonio asks what would make him say such a thing. Cristian tries to explain, "I don't know maybe because what happen with Evangeline." Antonio asks if Evangeline is really hooking up with Manning, but Cristian says he doesn't know. Cristian asks what Antonio thinks is up with Nash and Jessica. Antonio doesn't know. Talia comes in to see Antonio.

Evangeline and Layla are at the Palace, sitting at a table. They talk about what happened when Cristian walked in on Evangeline and Todd at her apartment and when they saw Todd at the hospital. Layla questions her about Todd's intentions.

Nash walks in and order scotch and tells the bartender, "Keep them coming."

Miles stands up and demands another drink, then falls off the chair ends up sprawled on floor and laughing.

Todd calls Evangeline and gets answering machine again. There's a knock on the door and it's Jessica. They make small talk and Jessica turns in her rough draft of Mile's profile. Todd offers her another assignment that he needs done quickly. Todd asks Jessica to dig stuff up on Evangeline. Jess says why? So you can get her in bed? No way!

Natalie tells Bo about how she took the fibers off Spencer's body. Bo wants to know what she was thinking by taking evidence from a crime scene. Natalie tries to explain how she had to protect John. Bo gets mad. Then Natalie says John knows and Bo gets even more upset. Natalie says "We we're going to tell you the night Nora's house burned down. Bo says you and john are guilty of covering up a crime.

David orders another pina colada. John shows David the picture he enhanced from the crime scene. John says he checked with immigration. David flew in to Landview that morning and left two hours after the murder. David confesses. "I whacked Spencer, I killed my own brother."

Marty helps Miles back to his room. He's falling down drunk, but happy. He falls face first into his room.

Talia brings Antonio a present and Antonio asks about investigation. Talia says she would like his input on the investigation.

At the Palace, Nash keeps drinking.

Layla and Evangeline continue discussing Evangeline's lunch with Todd. Evangeline tells her about the catered lunch, masseuse, and Starr showing up. Evangeline says she thinks Starr thought Todd was cheating on Blair. Layla tells Evangeline not to feel guilty. Evangeline says she loves Cristian not Todd. Layla tells her she has a thing for complicated men.

John McBain is amazed David Vickers is confessing and David tells him to check the extradition laws. He says John should thank him because he saved John the trouble of killing Spencer himself.

Natalie and Bo discuss that John did not kill Spencer. Bo is mad and tells her what she did was wrong for taking the evidence and that john covered up for her is worse. Natalie asks if Bo is going to arrest her.

Antonio tells Talia to check security tapes as she takes notes. She thanks him and leaves. Cristian is there and he says the uniform doesn't do Talia justice and that she's "a looker". Antonio says she's a good cop and hopefully she'll find whoever tried to kill Jessica and Nash. Cristian asks Antonio what is it about Jessica and Nash that bothers him. Antonio asks if there is something Cristian knows that he should tell him.

Jessica accuses Todd of going after Evangeline, and tells him she loves Cristian. Jess says Todd is wrong for her because Todd still loves Blair. Jess warns him to leave Evangeline alone. Todd says, "This isn't about me at all.tell me what's going on?"

Layla reviews Evangeline's high school love interests and tells her Evangeline always looks for complicated men. And that Evangeline did this to herself by involving Todd. Then she tells Evangeline to figure out how to get Cristian back.

Layla goes to save Nash from himself. Nash tells Layla that he and Jess are in love and that Jess told him she loved him. Nash says that should make him happy, but he's not.

Marty tries to wake miles up and get him off the floor. She walks him to couch and falls on top of him and he kisses her.

John McBain tells Vickers he's coming back to Landview voluntarily. David says why and John shows him a picture on the cell phone of Dorian in jail. David frowns.

Marty gets off Miles. Miles says that was his first kiss, ever and not to tell anyone. He lays down and passes out. Marty gets a cover off another chair and covers him.

Todd presses Jessica for what is bothering her. Jess says she won't investigate Evangeline. Todd remarks that's she's stronger. Jess says integration can do that to you and that it changes a lot. Jess leaves. Todd begins investigating Evangeline by himself. He finds her profile online and discovers her birthday is tomorrow.

Layla and Nash; Nash confesses that he loves Jessica and not Tess. He says she's not like the old Jessica and not like Tess either. He isn't happy because of Antonio.

Evangeline calls Cristian. Antonio questions Cristian about Jess and Nash just as Cristian's phone rings. Cris sees its Evangeline and ignores it. Antonio tells him to talk to her. Cristian says she messed around with another guy "I won't deal with that. If only you knew-" Antonio asks, "Knew what?" Antonio says he does know what it's like, and Cristian tells him not to trust Nash around his wife. Antonio tells him he does trust Nash and Jess. Cristian says, "I trusted Evangeline."

David is upset about Dorian being in jail. Johns says there is no telling how long she'll be there. David asks when the plane leaves. David finishes his drink and John kicks back in a chair and waits.

Bo says "I'm not arresting you but you're out of forensics. You can keep your desk job, but if the crime goes unsolved because of you, you will have to answer for it. Legally." Bo says both Natalie and John will face criminal charges.

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