OLTL Update Tuesday 3/6/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/6/07


Written By Rhonda
Pictures by Jennifer

Jess has a dream, which is on the verge of being a nightmare, where Antonio and Nash tug at her telling each other that she is his and demanding she choose.

Nash is finally sprung from the hospital and asks Jessica to go with him.

Miles pays a visit to Dorian in Jail to question her about why she is accused of murdering his brother Mitch. Dorian is confused and wants to know if he’s referring to Mitch’s first murder or second.

John is sitting in the airplane destined for parts unknown telling Bo that they need to keep his mission on the down low. After hanging up with Bo, John flashes back to Natalie joining him on the airplane during his last mission.

Marty is recording notes on a patient when Natalie barges in first wanting to know if the chair in Marty’s office is where John sits to spill his guts and then to know why her relationship with John is falling apart.

At the hospital Jessica refuses to run away with Nash because they are not children and other people will be hurt by the choices they make. Nash wants to know why their feelings are less important than other people’s. Jess tells Nash she can’t give him the answer he wants to hear and is saved from further discussion by her dear old dad coming off the elevator. Clint wants to know how Nash is doing to which Nash says he’s good, he’s been released, but it’s Antonio he should be worried about. Clint agrees so Jess goes to see if Antonio is awake, leaving Clint a Nash alone to talk. Clint says that Nash isn’t fooling anyone the guilt is written all over his and Jessica’s faces.

Over at Dorian’s, Star and Cole are taking a “study break” by making out. The truth is there has been no studying going on. Star says she really needs to get her calc proofs done before her mom gets home but allow Cole to try to talk her out of it. Just as they start making out again Jack runs in and snaps a picture of them. Star freaks out and runs after Jack.

Miles wants to know all about his brother because he never had a chance to meet him and only knows what he has read in the papers. Dorian is irritated and tells Miles that if he wants to know anything he should ask his niece Jessica. Miles says that Jessica doesn’t want to dredge up the past and besides that he thinks Dorian knows far more about Mitch than Jessica does. Dorian says that Mitch was seductive, psychopathic, a sociopath, and sadistic among other things and that Dorian tried to kill him after she found him standing over her unconscious daughter ready to rape her. Miles wants to know if this was before or after Dorian married Mitch. This really angers Dorian who tells Miles that their conversation is over and starts screaming for the guard. Miles tries to calm Dorian down by apologizing and asks for her understanding because what he is learning about his brother is very disturbing. Dorian is incensed that any of this would surprise him seeing as how he was abandoned by his family for being horrible deformed. Miles says he often wonders if he would have been as ugly on the inside as Mitch was had he been raised by his family. Dorian retorts that there’s still time.

When Marty refuses to talk about John with Natalie, Nat wants to know if it’s because of their professional relationship or if something else is going on. Marty tries to kick Natalie out but Natalie is having none of that and hands Marty money and tells her that they can talk now that they are doctor and patient. Marty gives in and wants to know what issue Natalie wants to start with. Nat wants to know how Marty became the third wheel in her relationship with John.

Shawn wants to know what Vincent’s plans are for the day. Vincent says he’s going to go to the police station and check up on his friend Natalie who is going through a hard time. Shawn wonders if that is a good idea.

Natalie is upset that Marty is front and center in her relationship with John. Marty wants to know why Natalie automatically assumes that a third party is to blame and wants to know if Nat ever considered that she is the problem. Natalie is angry and near tears when she says she has given everything she can to help John. Marty thinks maybe that is the problem and Natalie needs to stop trying to fix John’s life and start worrying about her own. Marty goes on to say that both Natalie and John have zero communication skills and they don’t listen to each other. Natalie says that is so not true. Marty says that if that is true the other alternative is that Natalie is just plain paranoid.

John sits on the plane as a montage of his relationship with Natalie is shown. First Natalie says that she is going to save him from himself and then various clips of them together are shown.

Clint misreads the situation between Nash and Jess and thinks that Jess is hurt and angry about Antonio being injured and that Nash needs to let it go because if the situation was reversed he would have done the same thing for Antonio. Before Nash has a chance to respond Jess comes out of Antonio’s room and announces that Antonio is awake. As Clint leaves to go see Antonio he reminds Nash to remember what he said. After Clint leaves Jess wants to know what’s up. Nash says nothing Clint just wanted to remind him to fertilize the vines.

Miles wants clarification from Dorian that she is actually suggesting that there is in his genes to be evil. Dorian says that it is highly possible seeing as how his father sired more than one psychopath. Miles is trying to control is anger as he tells Dorian that he is doing remarkably well considering he was abandoned by his family, raised by nurses; in a hospital no less. Miles says it’s a good thing that he is the black sheep of the Lawrence family. Dorian question whether he is truly different given his worship of Spencer Truman. Miles asks why it is so wrong to want to repay the man who saved his life.

Antonio jokes that he’s not needed after Nash tells him that he’s already gotten the same contractor’s that helped on the vineyard to repair the club. Jess tells Antonio to stop worrying that they have everything covered. Clint is moved by the way Nash, Jessica, and Antonio are working together.

Miles and Dorian continue to bicker back and forth until Dorian seems to relent and they agree that not everyone deserves to be put in the cell they are in.

Star is still frantically looking for Jack when she discovers that he is showing Cole her photo album. Star demands that Jack hand over the camera or else she’s telling Blair where all her lipstick is disappearing. Jack says “you wouldn’t and Cole says “lipstick -- that’s interesting.”

Natalie is unhappy with Marty’s diagnosis of paranoia and continues to fight with Marty about John. Marty is fed up and says if Natalie wants to fix her relationship that she needs to talk to John.

John continues to daydream about Natalie where they have a conversation about the metals she has given him. She says she has his Saint Jude metal and asks John if he wants it back. John says that she can keep it because he’s going to give up on being a lost cause. John arrives in paradise on the other side of the world and listens to a voicemail from Natalie explaining to John that she had to take her anger out on someone so it was Marty’s turn again. After John hangs up he daydreams of all the fights he’s had with Natalie.

Marty arrives at the Palace where after she realizes she forgot her wallet Miles comes to her rescue and buys her a drink and then toasts to getting plastered. Marty wants to know what’s up with that and Miles explains that everyday he’s going to check something off of his to do list.

Natalie is daydreaming as Vincent walks into the police station and asks Natalie if she’s going to answer her cell phone which is ringing. Natalie looking dejected says that whoever it is will leave a message if it‘s important.

On the plane John calls Natalie to let her know he’s arrived and tells her not to do anything crazy while he’s gone that they will talk when he returns.

Back at the police station Vincent sees that a message was left and says I guess it was important.

Antonio starts to ask Nash if he will stay will Jess a few days to help her out, but Jess cuts him off saying that it is more the an imposition because Nash has Capricorn and the vineyard to look after and that if she needs help she can call her sister or Adrianna. Antonio tells Jess he loves her and only wanted to have someone help her and thought that it would be good for Nash to spend time with Bree. Nash thanks him for the offer but says that he will be available if Jess needs help with the kids. As Nash is leaving a nurse comes in to change Antonio’s bandages and then take him to x-ray so Jessica leaves as well.

In the hall Nash wants to know what is wrong with Jess; Antonio offered them two uninterrupted days together and they could have used that time to “hash” things out, which leaves Jess looking incredulously at Nash.

Clint goes to pay Dorian a visit in jail and asks how her being in jail fits into her plans to woo him. Clint says that Blair told him about Dorian’s arrest because she’s worried about her and so is he. Dorian professes her innocents to which Clint says that his brother doesn’t put people in jail for nothing. Dorian is incensed at this and wants to know what he’s suggesting. Clint wants to know if Dorian is sure she doesn’t know anything about Spencer’s death seeing as how she’s in jail.

Back at Dorian’s Cole wants Star to think about being his girlfriend and let him know. Cole tells her to have an answer the next time her asks her.

Marty tells Miles that drunk dials are a no-no and it’s helpful to have someone to stop you before calling your ex. Miles says that you have to have an ex to call them. Marty, who appears a little tipsy, says not to worry he’ll have an ex one day. Miles wants to know if Marty is drunk and she says not on one glass of wine she’s just…inarticulate. Marty tells Miles that it appears that he is well on his way to being smashed. Miles agrees and says he likes it. Marty says that he may not think so in the morning and that it’s not all it’s crack up to be. Miles wonders if this opinion is from experience to which Marty says yes, she use to be known as Marty the party girl in college.

Shawn leaves Vincent and Natalie to talk. Vincent seeing that Natalie is upset wants to know if she wants to talk but she says she doesn’t as it only gets her in deeper trouble. Vincent continues to prod until Natalie gives in and tells him that John is leaving town for a while and barley speaking to her. Vincent wants to know if it’s about that horrible thing she did and she says it is among other things. She says she feels like she has lost control of her life. Vincent tells her to take the control back.

John calls Bo to let him know that he’s arrived at his mysterious destination. After he hangs up he looks around and asks himself “where are you, you son of a bitch.”

Dorian is horrified at the thought of Clint wondering if she killed a man. Clint says that based on her track record it wouldn’t be improbable but no he doesn’t think she killed Spencer. Dorian swears she doesn’t know anything.

Antonio is in his room with the nurse getting ready to go for his x-ray in his room as Jess is in the hall telling Nash that she doesn’t want to be alone with him right now. Jessica says that she doesn’t want Nash pressuring her anymore, that she is tired of the guilt, that she’s the one that is going to have to hurt someone, and she’s the one that is going to have to live with it. Pan to Antonio looking at her, but does he hear her?

Natalie questions whether it is that easy to get your life back to which Vincent says there he goes again given advice and apologizes. Nat says no it’s her and apologizes to him. Vincent tells Natalie that she is knows what’s best for her and that he hopes she figures it out.

John spots his man -- “Hello Vickers, we need to talk about what you did to your brother."

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