OLTL Update Monday 2/26/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/26/07


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair walks in to where Dorian is sitting, going through mail. Blair is annoyed that she can't find the remote to watch the news. Dorian holds it up to her, but it's obvious that Blair is bugged about something else, so Dorian asks her what Todd did now. Blair replies in anger that he kissed Evangeline. Starr walks in and is shocked to hear that Todd is with Evangeline now. Blair tries to change the subject, but Starr inquires more about Todd and Evangeline. Blair tells her that she doesn't know anything except that they kissed. Starr is depressed. Dorian tries to get her to look on the bright side, but Starr is not so easily swayed. Starr is glad to hear that Blair seems jealous of the kiss. She wants to phone Todd and get him away from Evangeline. Blair informs Starr that Todd turned to Evangeline when he needed someone, and she explains about Todd finding out that his son is dead. Starr calls her mother a bitch for the way she is acting about Todd, so Dorian and Blair yell at her. Starr storms out after saying that Blair is the reason Todd has turned to Evangeline. Dorian and Blair talk momentarily about Starr, seemingly helpless to discipline her. When Blair muses that Starr is always trying to get them back together, Dorian points out that Blair is the one who gave her hope by being jealous of Todd's kiss. Blair insists that she does not want Todd back but is just annoyed that he went to another woman so quickly. Dorian points out that Blair is the one who ended things and wonders if she did it too hastily. Blair gets further annoyed and declares that she doesn't want to discuss it with Dorian. Blair wonders if there is anything on the news about Spencer's murder investigation. Dorian tells her that justice was done when someone took scissors and stuck them into his cold, dark heart. Dorian stabs the desk with scissors as she says this. John arrives to arrest Dorian.

Todd is having wine with Evangeline at his place. She is relaxed and sitting in a robe after having her massage. He suggests she take a shower, but she doesn't feel comfortable taking one there. She wonders what he's looking at, so he tells her that she's beautiful. She gets angry at him for saying that, so he jokes that she's really haggard and awful-looking. He insists that she is beautiful. Evangeline is worried that he is trying to seduce her, but he denies it. She thinks he is using her to get over his pain with Blair and losing the children. He denies this, too, and says he is just thanking her for being there for him. She tells him right out that she will not sleep with him. He yells that he doesn't want to sleep with her, but she calls him a liar. They discuss their situation. He asks her why she's there if she is still so in love with Cristian. She knows that it won't work because Cristian is so angry. She's very sad about the relationship falling apart. He says that he and Blair took many tries before they finally broke up for good. They talk about "hanging out", with Evangeline still thinking that he wants her to do more. She grabs her and tells her to stop thinking about those other people, Cristian and Blair. He just wants to be with her. He touches her face and they hug very gently.

Adriana runs into Tate at the hospital. He tells her that he has been signing autographs for the sick kids. He wishes that he could do more. Adriana tells him that she is there to visit Antonio because he was in a fire. She notes that he will be ok, and he expresses sympathy about his being there. She fills him in on what happened. He is surprised to hear that Antonio is her brother. When she asks if he knows him, he gets a sour expression on his face but doesn't answer. He asks her details about how she found out about her real family. She tells him that she has to leave and visit Rex, who is in jail. This is news to him, so she explains about Spencer's murder. He wonders if Rex will be in jail for a little while. Adriana gets a phone call.

At the police department, John leaves to talk to Michael. Miles walks in and wants to speak with John, but Natalie tells him that he just missed him. Miles sees her nameplate and tells her that she was married to his brother. She looks confused. Miles holds out his hand for a handshake and explains that he is Mitch's brother. She ignores his hand and tells him that she heard about him from Viki. She talks about how loathsome Mitch was, and he agrees. He says that Spencer was more of a brother to him. Natalie and Miles argue about whether the police will seriously investigate Spencer's murder or not. He explains how he researched his family on the internet, including her, and how his family didn't want anything to do with him. Natalie seems to soften to Miles a bit, maybe feeling sorry for his past.

Rex and Michael still chat in jail. They agree that they need to figure out who did kill Spencer, since neither of them did. John arrives, so they tell him that neither of them killed Spencer. John opens the cell door to let them out, so they wonder why, since it was "too easy". John tells them to leave. Michael wonders if he is going to arrest someone else for Spencer's murder, but John replies that he will be the first to know. Rex wants an apology for the false arrest, but John tells them both that he knows they are still lying about something. John thinks it has something to do with Tommy. He advises Michael that the truth usually comes out, then he orders them both to get out now. Rex tries to get more info from John but then leaves when John glares at him. Rex phones Adriana to let her know that he is out of jail. Tate watches her carefully as she tells Rex that she is relieved and loves him. He asks her how long she and Rex have been going out. She confides that it wasn't love at first sight, but it just took him a while to see how great he is. Rex walks up and they hug and kiss passionately. Tate leaves them alone. Adriana wants to know what happened, so Rex fills her in. They are glad that Tommy is safe.

Marcie phones a lawyer that she had hired to get Michael out of jail. She yells at him for cashing her check but not getting Michael out. Cole knocks on the door, so she hangs up and answers it. She asked him there because he flunked his midterm. He tells her that he will focus more now on the work. She knows that he was there the night that Starr was babysitting. Cole tries to deny that he was there, but she waves his wallet at him, saying that Tommy found it in the sofa. Cole is forced to admit that he was there, but he tries to help out Starr by sticking up for her. Marcie assures him that she will not fire Starr as babysitter, but she yells at him for sneaking around with Starr. Cole objects that Starr is worth getting caught for. She advises him to stay away from Starr and let things cool off. He doesn't agree but asks her not to tell their parents what happened. She agrees not to tell. She also tells him that if he is going to sneak around, to be more careful and not leave clues around. He says that he's not used to sneaking around and remembers that his mom has told him that it's easier to tell the truth. He wishes his dad were still around because he could always talk to him. Marcie sympathizes with him. Michael walks in the door, so Marcie hugs him, glad he's out of jail. Michael tells her that it's all over. Cole leaves, and Michael takes a shower. He tells Marcie what happened, including that Rex was covering for him because he thought he killed Spencer. They wonder what John is up to. Later, Marcie overhears Michael telling Tommy, who's in his crib, that everything is going to be okay now.

Starr walks in to Todd's place to see him and Evangeline standing very close together. They tell her that it's not what it seems, but Starr accuses them of cheating on her mom. Evangeline goes to get dressed. Todd notices that Starr sounds stuffed up, so he asks if she has a cold. She tells him not to change the subject (good detail!) Todd tells Starr that he is not cheating, but Starr keeps making accusations. She is particularly annoyed that Todd can do this and she can't even see Cole. Todd starts tell her how much he likes Evangeline but then stops and says he is not going to justify himself to her. He apologizes for yelling, saying he's going through a tough time. She tells him that she knows about the baby he lost. Evangeline returns, saying she should go and leave them alone. Starr tells her to stay because she's the one who was invited. Starr hugs Todd, sadly adding that they could have all been together and it would have been great. Evangeline worries about how Starr is taking this, but Todd assures her that Starr will have to get used to the fact that her parents have split up and might go on to other people. She points out that Starr thought they were going to kiss, even though she still loves Cristian. He tells her that he still loves Blair, too, but neither relationship worked out. He tells her how good he feels when he's with her. He wishes she'd stop fighting with him about their being together. He asks her sweetly to pencil him into her life. She says jokingly that being pampered like this might make a girl weak. They both agree that they don't regret spending their special day together. She starts to tell him something about their kiss on the elevator, then she stops, saying, "Never mind", and walks out.

John puts Dorian in the same jail cell where Rex and Michael were. John seems to really enjoy having her there. They argue. Michael takes a photo of Dorian behind bars. She tells him solemnly that she didn't murder Spencer. He gets in her face and whispers, "I never said you did". He leaves, so she yells after him that he will pay for this. Blair arrives and tries to calm Dorian down. She wonders if Dorian killed Spencer. Dorian assures her that she didn't and tells her the strange way that John acted. Blair leaves to get Dorian's bail posted.

Cole visits Starr at her place after she gets home, after he waits for Dorian and Blair to leave. She is surprised to see him, but he explains that Dorian was taken away by John, and then Blair left. She tells him that her brother is out, too. He informs her about what happened with Marcie and with Michael. She tells him about John and Evangeline. She can't believe that everyone says that she and Cole are the problem, when the rest of them are so messed up. He laughs at that.

John walks into the police department to find Miles there. He tells Miles they made an arrest, but he won't give him any other time to chat. Miles gets slight annoyed and leaves. John tells Natalie that he's leaving town for a while. She is surprised by this. He can't give her any details, but she asks him to be careful. He assures her that he will and tells her it's just work, not about them. She asks him to think about the state of their relationship and whether he wants it to stay the way it is. He agrees and tells her that she looks pretty. She asks him who he arrested, so he tells her it was Dorian, and then he walks out. On the airplane, John looks at the photo he took of Dorian, and he also looks at Spencer's mug shot.

Miles visits Dorian, telling her that he is Mitch's brother. He knows that she knew him, and he thought it was time they met.

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