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One Life to Live Update Friday 3/2/07


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Jessica gently kiss Antonio before she and Nash leave the room where confronted by Cristian about being trapped alone in the storage room. Cristian being his angry self wants to know how Antonio will react knowing that they are screwing around behind his back. Jess tries to reason with him reminding him that they had a deal and Cris agrees they HAD a deal.

Todd takes Evangeline to his place to take care of her. Evangeline is reeling from Cristianís declaration that he has wasted enough of his life on her.

Clint goes to Reneeís restaurant to see Natalie, but bumps into Dorian who tries to charm him. She suggests that he let Natalie and Viki finish the serious conversation it looks like they are having.

Viki and Nat are discussing how lucky Jess is to be ok after the fire but Viki sensing something else is amiss with her daughter wants to know whatís bothering her. Natalie says nothing besides John accusing her of murder and then throwing Michael in jail.

Rex is totally freaking out because Michael thinks he killed Spencer and asks him what he is taking about. Michael thinking that Rex is only saying that because they are in jail and someone might overhear says that he understands. Rex is blown away and says ďTHAT MAKES ONE OF US.Ē Rex says that there is no reason for him to confess because he didnít kill Spencer but they both know who did as Michael looks like the wheels are turning in his head.

John is going over the crime scene photos with and notices that there is someone in the hall outside Trumanís room that appears to be hiding.

After Rex assures Michael that there are no bugs he wants to know if Michaelís trying to set him up. Michael says no. Michael tells Rex he was so sure John killed Spencer because he was at the hospital that night, but after Rex was caught in the room be understood what Rex meant when he said that he was going to do whatever it took to protect Tommy. Rex again says that Mike is trying to set him up because they both know HE called Spencer.

John asks for the crime scene photos to be enhanced to see who is hiding in the shadows then looks at a picture of him and Michael.

Viki wants to know why John would accuse Nat of murder. Nat says she doesnít think he believed it but they had gotten into a huge fight and both said things that they didnít mean. Nat is upset because she believes that John would have finally been happy had Spencer just paid for his fatherís murder. Viki says that it might be in Johnís nature not to be happy because changing is easier said than done. Nat is sure that John can change but Viki says maybe she needs to tell herself that.

Clint wants to know about Dorian trying to use Lindsay to keep him and Viki apart. Dorian confesses that she wanted to spend time with him and wants to know whatís wrong with that. Clint says that heís dating Viki, but Dorian says that they arenít married and wants to know what is wrong with playing the field.

Back at the hospital Cristian demands to know what Jess and Nash were doing in the storage room together. Jess says that she stayed to think after their talk and Nash came in to get glasses and shut the door not knowing it would stick. Cristian isnít buying that nothing happened while they were in there together. Jess admits that Cris is right after she flashes back to Nash telling her that he loves her. Antonio watches their conversation from his room. Nash tries to stop Jess but she says that while they were trapped together she told Nash that she loved Antonio and they would have to stay away from each other so they didnít hurt him and that Nash agreed. Cris is still skeptical and wants Nash to tell him if that is what happened. Jess doesnít give Nash a chance to answer and tells Cristian he is going to have to trust her and knows that he wouldnít want to hurt Antonio. Jess then says she promised Antonio that sheíd see Nash back to his room.

Cristian decides to go back in to see Antonio and Antonio comments on the intense conversation that it appeared he and Jess were having. Cristian says that they were discussing what happened and then tells Antonio that he broke up with Evangeline. Antonio says that by the way Cris went off on Todd heís still in love with Evangeline.

Todd and Evangeline try to enjoy a meal at this penthouse, but Evangeline canít get her mind off of Cristian. Evangeline says that the meal is too expense but Todd insists that itís payback for her being such a good friend to her. Evangeline decides to hell with Cris if he canít understand that she and Todd are just friends. Todd is thrilled that she has finally seen the light, but Evangeline becomes emotional.

John wants surveillance tapes from the hospital three hours before and after the murder. The police officer who was asked to get the tape questions what good that would do seeing as how hundreds of people probably were there that day. John says that itís ok because heís only looking for one person.

Michael want to know how Rex could suggest that he killed Spencer. Rex says that he knows he sent Michael over the edge by reveling Tommyís secret and that he wiped Mikeís prints off of the scissors. Mike wants to know where he got that idea. Rex explains that he saw Michael outside Blairís room and he saw it on his face that something was wrong but that Mike took off running before he saw him. Rex says it looked like Michael had just did something awful to which Mike says he did.

Evangeline is still sad about Cristian as Todd tries to cheer her up by saying that the food is a cure for what ales you. Evangeline decides sheís not hunger and wants to leave but Todd convinces her to stay when he says that he promised to take her mind off things and he meant it. Todd has one more surprise for Evangeline -- he wants her to take all her clothes off.

Dorian wants to know if Clint is seeing Viki exclusively. Clint says that he never talked to Viki about it. Dorian tells him Viki would say that they are not in high school and she has no right to ask anything of him so he Dorian says that heís free to play the field. Clint says that the field has always being very kind to him in the past. Dorian then tries to flatter Clint into seeing her.

Natalie wants to know whatís going on between her and Clint. Viki searches for an explanation and decides on they had dinner end of story and wants to know more about Mr. Jones. Viki asks if heís the person that accused Cristian of arson. Natalie explains that he is but that he lost more than buildings in the fire; he lost a friend and he feels responsible. Viki comments on how well she knows Vincent and Nat says they are kinda friends. Vincent then arrives and Nat introduces him to Viki who invites him to coffee.

Michael tells Rex that he went to the hospital that night to kill Spencer but when he got to Blair room to tell her what he was doing, but he decided he couldnít kill Spencer and that he needed to get away as quickly as possible -- so he ran. Michael says he feels guilty for wanting to kill Spencer because he became a doctor to kill people and heís not a murder. Rex want to know why Mike thinks he killed Spencer. Mike says itís because Rex was holding the murder weapon of course. Rex gets upset because he and Adrianna were so sure that Michael did it.

John gets the photos of the crime scene back and canít make out the person lurking in the shadow but can see the person has scrubs on.

Vincent tells Viki how he doesnít want to make the same mistakes he has already made and tells her heís looking to diversify his business and he wants to change.

Cristian tells Antonio that he thought he and Evangeline had a future and he was so stupid so not seeing this Todd thing coming. Antonio tells him to stop beating himself up that sometimes people just get so immersed in love that they canít see whatís going on.

Across that hall in Nashís room the and Jess discuss what they told Cristian. Nash says that while it is true that he doesnít want to hurt Antonio their feeling for each other wonít just go away. Jess doesnít know what to do because she doesnít want to feel the way she feels about Nash. Nash said if he was a noble man heíd walk away but heís not and wants to know what they are going to do because eventually they will end up alone again.

Back at Toddís place Evangeline comes downstairs in a robe saying sheís not sure about this because she has so much work to do. Todd says thatís her problem sheís got her knickers in a twist about work, Cristian, her sister and that she needs this. Evangeline smiles and gives in -- to a massage. As Evangeline goes to take her robe off she asks Todd if heís going to watch. He say hell no heís got work to do and comments that not everyone is a slacker.

Rex understands why he is in jail -- standing over a body holding the bloody knife doesnít look so good., but doesnít know why Michael is there. Michael says that the only thing he can figure is that itís because he was at the hospital that night, he wasnít working, and he told John repeatedly to drop the case.

Back at Johnís office he calls up an Agent Roberts and wants help on this case.

As Evangeline gets her massage she daydreams of her and Cristian kissing.

Cris tells Antonio even though he canít fix things with Evangeline he canít stand the thought of her with Manning. Antonio sympathizes because heíd want to kill any guy who was trying to take his woman.

Dorian cracks Clint up when she asks him to go out on a date. Clint says that he doesnít know that this is the right time. Dorian says thatís ok and gives him a standing invitation to join her anytime.

Vincent tells Viki it was a pleasure meeting her and then leaves to take a phone call. Viki notes how well Nat and Vincent seems to get along and Nat tells her they are just friends and heís easy to talk to. Viki then tells Nat that she may want to be just friends but she think Vincent wants something else.

The surveillance tape arrives and John starts to view it.

Back at Toddís, Evangeline tells Todd she feels better and jokes that she just needs a 24 hour masseuse to follow her around and Todd says if she wants it sheís got it. Evangeline thanks Todd and tells him she doesnít know what she would have done without him today.

Cristian leaves Antonio to go update Carlotta on his condition. Antonio wants him to tell her not to worry about him and tells him if he needs to talk heís not going anywhere.

Nash canít bury his feeling for Jess and staying away from each other when they share a child isnít going to work. Jess says Nash will just have to get an off switch installed, but Nash canít do that because he loves her and wants to be with her.

Clint is still amused with Dorian and says that they always had interesting conversations and that she hasnít disappointed him. Clint then get up to go see Nat but Dorian wants him to say goodbye to her first.

Clint goes to where Viki and Natalie are sitting and asks how they are. Viki is annoyed and says they are just finishing lunch. Sensing that this is her cue to leave Natalie says she has to get going. Clint is confused and asks Viki if sheís upset because of something she said. Viki says oh no itís nothing he said but he seemed to be having a ďlivelyĒ conversation with Dorian and wonders what she is up. Clint says not much but Viki says never mind because they donít have an exclusive relationship so it is none of her business and storms out. Dorian goes over and says she will she him on Saturday at 8am at Chuckís for their date.

John is reviewing the surveillance tape when he perks up after spotting something interesting.

Michael says that heís got to get out of the jail cell and go home because Marcie must be going crazy. Rex tells him not to worry because they can only be held 24 hours without being charged. Michael comments on how good that is because there is nothing tying them to the murder just as John finds what heís looking for on the surveillance tapes. John thanks god that it wasnít Mike and points at the tv screen saying that heís got whoever heís looking at.

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