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One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/1/07


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Antonio wakes up calling for Jessica who is asleep by Nashís bed. Nash wakes Jess wanting to know how Antonio is. Antonio has a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and smoke inhalation. Nash tells Jess that they can never tell Antonio that they love each other or what they were doing when the fire broke out.

At the diner Blair congratulates Todd on swapping spit with Evangeline.

Evangeline goes to Cristianís apartment to try to convince Cris that there is nothing going on between her and Todd.

Michael is still worried that John is going to figure out his secret and wonders if confessing will keep Marcie from losing Tommy. Rex tells him to play it cool nobody will find out.

At the police station Bo wants to know why John is holding Michael and Rex for questioning. Bo says that John should have told him what he wanted to do before he actually did it. John tells a stunned Bo that thereís evidence that Michael may have killed Truman and that Rex may be covering for him. John says that he thought locking them up might have convinced them to talk. John knows Michael is hiding something. Bo tells John he also believes Rex is hiding something. John thinks the Tommy may be the key.

Miles is waiting for John in his office when Marty comes in asking what he doing. Marty suggested that it would be in Miles best interest to be gone when John gets back.

Rex tries to convince Michael that confessing would be very bad. Michael and Rex agree that keeping Tommy safe is their number one priority but Rex doesnít think that confessing is the answer because Marcie will lose her husband, Michael will go to jail, and they could both lose Tommy. Michael doesnít want Rex to get in trouble for what heĎs done.

Blair explains that she heard Cris tell Antonio about the kiss. Todd thinks Blair is jealous. Blair laughs saying she is so done with Todd, but Todd says maybe heís not done with her.

Back at the hospital Jess goes into a really long explanation about where Bree is at before Nash cuts her off saying she canít talk forever to avoid talking about what happened. Jess and Nash are both feeling guilty about their mutual declaration of love, but Nash says he especially feels guilty knowing that Jess does love him. A nurse interrupts them saying Antonio is asking for Jess.

Jess goes to Antonio and asks him how heís feeling and he says good now that sheís there.

Cristian tries to push Evangeline out the door as she again tries to reason with him. Evangeline tells Cris that there is nothing between her and Todd and that she loves him. Cris says that he loves her too but love isnít enough and they are over.

Blair tries to deny being jealous but Todd says he knows that she has too much class to be outwardly jealous unlike Cristian. Todd explains that Evangeline was comforting him because he just found out his son is dead. Blair is take aback and tells Todd how sorry she is.

Cris tells Evangeline that he has wasted enough of his life and that they are through. Carlotta interrupts their argument when she calls to tell him the news of the fire and Antonio. Cris starts yelling at her that she canít listen to Jess and she should have called him.

Back in Antonioís hospital room Antonio is worried about Jess and Nash. Jess says that she is fine but Nash is better than Antonio but worse than her. Across the hall Nash flashes back to all the stolen kisses with Jess as the camera cuts to Jess thinking about the same thing. Antonio interrupts her thoughts wanting to know how Jess and Nash became trapped together.

Marty explains to Miles that she knows John because she was the doctor who testified that Spencer was unfit to stand trial for the murder of Johnís father Thomas McBain. Miles says that heís sure that she was impartial and then hits on Marty.

John hypothesizes that Michael killed Truman and then Rex helped him clean it up. Bo is sick with the thought that he might be right and doesnít want Michael to go to jail for killing a man like Spencer Truman. Bo says they may be able to make a case that he saved Blairís life by killing Spencer and Nora probably would go for a generous plea bargain. John was hoping Bo would say that but heís also still hoping to clear Mike and Rex and wishes that they would realize heís trying to help them.

Back in the jail cell Rex wants to know where their visitors and lawyers are, but is told that he doesnít have the right to a lawyer or visitors because he hasnít been arrested. Mike wants to know why John would lock them up and Rex says that John is hoping that they will rat each other out and thatís why they need to hang tight and not spill their guts. Michael agrees that they are in this together as far as it goes.

John arrives at his office where Marty informs him that Miles was there. Marty suspects that Miles was there because he wants to see Trumanís murderer brought to justice. John wants to know why she is there and she says that she wants to know if he wants to talk about his feels about Mike. Johnís not a big fan of talking. Marty keeps prodding but John says that Mike was only brought in for questioning not arrested.

Miles arrives at the diner and tells Blair that Michael has been brought in for question in Spencerís murder. Blair is sure that Michael is innocent because there are a lot worse people in Llanview that wanted Spencer dead. Miles doesnít understand how the two closest people to him are the most hated people in Llanview. Blair says that she knows about Spencer but wants to know who else. Miles tells her that heís Mitch Lawrenceís brother.

Talia gives Bo the report from the fire last night and heís surprised to see her. Talia, who gets a tad emotional, says that sheís fine and just wants to get back to work and catch the arsonist because he nearly killed three people. Bo reminds her that if the arsonist hit her any harder sheíd be dead as well. Bo then tell her to not make it personal, but she responds that itís too late that itís been personal for a while.

Back at the hospital Nash remembers his and Jessís profession of love as he continues daydreaming about their conversations.

A nervous Jess says that Nash went in to get supplies and shut the door not realizing it would stick. Antonio wants to know why she was there as Cristian and Evangeline arrive outside looking for Antonio. The nurse tells him where Antonio is but says someone is already in there and heís only allowed two visitors. Cris looks at Evangeline and says good and walks toward Antonioís room.

Jess stumbles for words when she finally decides on the excuse that she had to get away from the crowd. Antonio questions why she went to the storage room as Cris saves her by walking in the door wanting to know how Antonio is. Antonio explains to an upset Cristian that Jess and Nash were trapped in the storage room.

Todd arrives at the hospital looking for Jess and bumps into Evangeline who looks nervous to see him. Evangeline tells Todd where she is but pleads with him not to go in. Todd of course doesnít listen. Cris takes one look at Todd and tells him to get out. Jess says sheís fine but Antonio canít have this many visitors. Cristianís anger is starting boil as he demands to know what Jess and Nash were doing in the storage room. Antonio tries to calm Cristian and tells him that itís ok and the only thing that matter is that everyone is ok. Cris wants to know how the fire started and Todd being Todd interjects that maybe someone got pissed for having to pay $50 bucks for a cheap bottle of whine. Cris yells at Todd to leave and then Jess yells that Antonio doesnít need this and asks them both to leave just as Nash walks through the door saying that sheís right. Nash wants to speak with Antonio and Jess alone. Jess looks on nervously as Nash says he has something to tells Antonio.

Cristian throws Todd against the wall outside Antonioís hospital room and Evangeline yells for him to stop. Cristian quickly backs up looking like he could spit nails at Todd who is slump on the ground.

Blair doesnít know who was worse saying both Mitch and Spencer were both psychotic men that screwed over the people they supposedly loved. Miles retorts that he thought is was Blair who screwed over Spencer after she declared that she loved him.

Rex and Michael continue to discuss whether John knows anything. Michael wants to know why John would bring them in if he doesnít know anything. Rex tells a confused Michael that John brought them in because they asked for it.

Back in Johnís office Marty continues to question why John arrested Mike. John reminds her that he wasnít arrested just brought in for questioning and that he will eventually get what heís looking for. Marty questions if whether he is ready to arrest the only family John has to get what he needs.

Jessica nervously tries to stop Nash from telling Antonio anything, saying that Antonio is still weak and that whatever he has to say can wait. Nash says it canít and thanks Antonio for saving his life. Antonio unknowingly makes Nash and Jess feel horribly guilty when he says that this made him realize how important family and friends are.

Cristian yells at Todd to get up that they are taking the fight outside. Todd gets up and starts in on Cris telling him that heís being an idiot and that heís lucky to have Evangeline and nothing is going on between them. An angry Cristian shoves Todd to the ground and aggressively pushes Evangeline when she tries to step in to make him stop. A nurse comes by and break up the fight telling them to leave or heís calling security. Todd asks Evangeline, who is on the verge of tears, if sheís ok she and she says she is so Todd leaves. Evangeline calls a remorseful looking Cristian thickheaded as he waves he her off and then walks away.

Blair tells Miles that he has no idea what heís talking about. Miles says that he knows that Blair and Spencer were engaged so she must have told him that she loved him and questions whether she did. An annoyed looking Blair says she was tricked into loving Spencer and admits to tricking Spencer back. Blair also points out that if Miles is so up to date on the happenings in Llanview that he also knows that Todd was set up by Spencer for a murder he didnít commit. Miles says he knows he was accused of it and Blair says it wasnít an accusation and she helped the police get evidence on Spencer. Blair tells Miles that she will never be able to repay whomever killed Spencer because she thought Spencer was going to kill her. Miles canít believe the man he thought of as a brother could be as horrible as people say.

Mike thinks Rex is insane. Rex reminds Mike that they put up a big neon sign when they told John to back off because he wouldnít like what he found. Mike is sorry he got Rex into this. Rex says he didnít because he did what was best for Tommy. Rex says the important thing is they both keep their mouths shut. Mike agrees but then wants to know how Rex is going to live the rest of his life knowing that he killed a man. Rex spits out his water and says ďWHATĒ!!!!

John tells Marty that Spencer deserves to die but that doesnít mean someone had the right to do it. Marty questions whether John would really let Mike go to jail for something he was ready to do himself. Before Marty leaves she tells John that he owes it to himself and Michael to follow heís instincts and tells him to give her a call if he ever wants to talk. After Marty leave John starts looking over pictures of the murder scene.

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