OLTL Update Wednesday 2/28/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/28/07


Written By Rhonda
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio reaches Nash as the roof caves him on them. Jess scream for them.

Adrianna and Marcie comfort each other as Natalie arrives. Natalie is shocked when they tell her Rex is there too and Marcie tells her that John thinks that Mike killed Spencer.

John continues to try to get Michael and Rex to talk. Rex wants to know if John has ever been satisfied in his entire life. John asks if Rex knows how much trouble he’s in and says that this is their last chance to come clean if not they are on their own.

Talia comes to after being knocked out by the arsonist and calls the police as Jess continues to scream for Nash and Antonio inside the burning building. Antonio and Nash are both out cold as the fire burns around them. Talia runs to Jess and tries to drag Jess out and her yells she not leaving.

Nora yells to whoever is on the other end of the phone that they are a moron that she is trying to pay her bill but it was destroyed in a fire. Renee calls to Nora offering her a drink saying it will help. Nora agrees and drops her phone into the glass.

Natalie, Marcie, and Adrianna discuss why John hulled Mike and Rex in for questioning. Marcie thinks that John has reached his breaking point. Nat agrees maybe he has but maybe Michael is guilty. Marcie strongly disagrees.

Rex gives a hypothetical scenario where he wants to know what if Paris Hilton knew something what could John do for her. John says it’s not his decision. John thinks their in this together because they both asked him to drop the case because he wouldn’t like what he found.

Talia and Jess continue to argue until Talia caves and agrees to go in for Nash and Antonio after they get something to cover themselves. Antonio comes to and pulls an object from his side and he calls to Nash wanting to know if he’s ok. Nash says he can’t move and that Antonio needs to go. Antonio tells Nash that they either go together or don’t go at all.

John continues to try to break Rex and John. Michael gets upset and tells John that he doesn’t want to help. John says that this is tearing him a part but somebody was murdered. Michael questions whether John is pissed because he wanted to kill Spencer. John wants to know why Michael is acting so guilt. Michael says that John should know better than to think he could kill someone. John gets mad and locks Michael up.

Renee wants Nora to stop being so stubborn and accept help. Nora is feeling sorry for herself saying that she’s going to have to start all over just like her life. Nora is also worried about Mathew because he’s been through so much.

Marcie wants to leave as Michael comes out but he tells her John his putting him in jail.

Antonio and Nash manage to lift the air conditioning unit off Nash’s leg and make their way out of the storage room as the roof collapses further.

Renee tells Nora she needs to suck it up because she’s not alone. Mathew knows that Nora is the mom of the year. Nora says that she knows she’s not a bad mom but she wishes she could handle it better. Renee tells Nora that she needs to give Mathew some space. Nora asks how she can be there for Mathew when she’s trying to prove to people that she and Mathew exist. Renee tells Nora that is why she has to suck it up because she is not alone and she has people that love her and that will help her.

Marcie implores Nat to help. Michael says he doubts she will get very far. Marcie gets upset and says that it’s going to be ok that they will be ok. Adrianna asks about Rex and Mike tells her that Rex is still being questioned because John thinks he can get something out of him. Mike tells Adrianna that John knows that there is something going on between him and Rex and that they are all screwed if John figures out the truth about Tommy.

Talia helps Nash out of the building, but as Jess tries to help Antonio out he collapses. As Jess is struggling to get Antonio get up a firefighter grabs her and pushes her to the door as he tends to Antonio.

John continues to try to break Rex and he tells him that all deals are officially off the table for him. Adrianna tells Mike to keep it together that John doesn’t know anything. She then reminds him that they will all keep their mouths shut because they all have a lot to lose. Mike worries that even if John drops this he will still have his doubts and Mike will have to lie to Marcie for the rest of his life. Adrianna says that he has to lie for Marcie and Tommy. John arrives to take both Rex and Mike to jail.

Antonio, Jess, and Nash all arrive at the hospital as Jess yells for Antonio not to leave her that she loves him. Jess is crying as Nash asks how she is and then tells her to go to Antonio that he needs her.

Mathew walks into the living room and tries to sneak out when he sees that Nora is resting. Nora tells him to come in. They then talk about the fact that they can’t relax in someone else’s house no matter how much the people love them. Matthew tells Nora that he hates that everyone is feeling sorry for them.

The ER docs work on Antonio as Jess begs him to live because she needs him; Bree and Jamie need him. As the docs wheel Antonio off Talia wants to know how Jess is and assures her that Antonio will be ok. Talia then asks if she saw anything because it may be the arsonist.

Jess goes to check on Nash who is fighting with the nurse saying he’s fine and to leave him alone. Jess is angry and tells him that Antonio would be really upset to know that Nash died after he risked his life because he refused to be treated. Nash calms down and sits on the bed, but is angry with himself for what he and Jess did not Antonio.

Michael is upset that John is locking he and Rex up. John tells Mike to stop playing games and he‘ll be able to go.

Natalie and John discuss why he is holding Rex and Michael. John tells Natalie that maybe it was right to cover up evidence when she thought he was guilty. Marcie then walks up and ask when Mike is going home.

Jess goes back in to see Nash and he continues to feel guilty because Antonio if fighting for his life because he was trying to save him. Nash angrily questions how he and Jess could do such a thing to Antonio.

Matthew doesn’t want Nora to feel bad and says he wants her to feel good about herself again. Nora tells him not to worry about her, but Matthew doesn’t want to be treated like a kid. Nora then asks Matthew what would make him feel better. He says to order pizza.

Marcie and John continue to fight about him arresting Michael. Marcie is near tears and says that Spencer is dead he needs to let this go. She then yells at him to make this right before he loses the rest of his family.

Rex and Mike continue to worry about what John knows and what to do about it.

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