OLTL Update Tuesday 2/27/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/27/07


Written By Rhonda
Pictures by Jennifer

 Natalie goes out on the roof and finds Vincent there.

Lindsay thinks that Paige is going to spill the beans about her little plan to break up Bo and Paige but instead she says sheís been offered a job overseas and wants there opinion on whether she should take the job.

At Adriannaís apartment Rex and Adrianna rave to Lala how fabulous the Nellie Furtado concert was. Marcie arrives near tears telling Rex that John took Michael in for questioning because he thinks he killed Spencer.

At the police station John offers Mike coffee and Mike jokes is this where you tell me we can do this the easy way or the hard way. John says it depends on if he telling the truth.

Antonio discovers the fire and yells for Jess who is half clothed on the floor kissing a half naked Nash. Jess hears Antonio yelling for her and starts yelling back to let him know she there. As the fire continues to burn out of control Antonio yells for Jess and Nash to get on the ground and hang on because heís coming for them. Officer Saed makes it out of the club and as she starts to call for help the arsonist knocks her out.

Rex wants to make sure it was for Spencerís murder and asks if he was arrested. Marcie says no it was for questioning a Rex is absolutely blown away. Marcie wants to know if Rex knows anything he says he doesnít and reminds Marcie that he was thrown into jail for the same thing. Marcie starts freaking out when she realizes she left Tommy with Roxy. She asks if she should go get him and Rex says Nat survived Roxy so will Tommy. Marcie says she has to do something and Rex has to help her. She wants Rex to call Bo and see if he can get information on whatís going on.

Michael and John have a heated argument about John thinking the Mike killed Spencer. John says he wants to truth Mike says itís not that simple. Michael says he is protecting his family at all cost. John wants to know if Mike killed Spence for him.

Vincent jokes will Nat that he keeps tabs on her night and day when her asks if heís following her. Vincent says he was worried about Nat so he was looking for her. Vincent wants to know whatís wrong Nat says nothing but sheís tired of feeling sorry for herself. All Nat wants to do is make John happy but all she sees is disappointment.

Bo asks to talk to Paige in private about her news. Dorian smirks that Lindsay sure dodged a bullet but Paige not telling Bo what they had planned. Paige and Bo go sit down and Paige apologizes for dropping the bomb on him like that but says Dorian and Lindsay are manipulative and she wanted them to taste there own medicine. Paige says a humanitarian group offered her a job in Pakistan which is something sheís always wanted. Paige wants to make amends, Bo says she done nothing wrong she doesnít agree. Bo says he supposes he and Mathew can survive a few months without her and she said it wouldnít be a few months that she doesnít know when sheíll be back.

Adrianna sympathizes with Marcie because she know how she felt when Rex was in jail. Marcie continues freaking out says she has a bad feeling and wants Rex to call Bo. Rex agrees to call Bo but says Bo probably wonít tell him anything. Marcie freaks out even more wanting to know what she should do. Adrianna, Rex, and Marcie head to the police station.

Vincent tells Nat she can do better than McBain because he doesnít understand what a great woman heís got. Nat gets irritated and tries to defend John.

Mike and John continue to talk about whether Mike killed Spencer. Mike says John wonít understand. John tells him to make him understand. Mike says close the case. John says he canít that a manís dead it wonít just go away.

Antonio goes to soak some cloth in water before returning to Jess and Nash.
Nat and Vincent continue to fight about what Vincent wants from her. Nat says that the roof use to be her and Johnís place. Vincent asks why not anymore. Nat says she hasnít been back since the kiss.

An irritated Lindsay is humiliated by Dorian telling Paige there plan. Dorian is surprised Lindsay isnít out buying Paige a plain ticket.

Elsewhere at the diner Paige and Bo continue to discuss her going to Pakistan. She says she was one of only 100 doctors picked to go. Bo says thatís great heís proud of her. Bo asks if Paige is breaking up with him she says no but she canít ask him to put his life on hold.

John yells that he canít drop the case because Bo wonít let him and thereís an entire task force involved. Michael practically confesses to killing Truman saying that their father wouldnít want him to go to jail and that there we special circumstances. Marcie arrives and John says she will go talk to her. Mike says she doesnít know anything about this.

Antonio goes back for Jess and Nash yelling for Nash to open the door. Nash yells he canít it stuck. Antonio grabs a crow bar and yells for them to get away from the door. Antonio kicks the door in and grabs Jess and goes to leave. Jess says sheís not leaving Nash. Nash and Jess continue to argue about whether she is going and finally gives in.

Lala finds Nat on the roof and tells her the about Mike. Lala explains that Rex thought Nat could help since she works at the LVPD but if sheís too busy he can tell her sheís all tied up.

An angry Marcie wants to know where Michael is. Marcie reads John the riot act for thinking Michael killed Truman and says if this is a joke itís not funny. John says itís no joke. John flashes back to conversation with Rex and Michael then looks at Rex and says you and me lets go. After John drags Rex away Marcie asks Adrianna if Rex is involved with Michael.

Paige tells Bo she wants to get back her self respect and wants to do something sheís proud of. She says she hasnít definitely decided but wanted to let him know she was thinking about it. Bo gets a text message from Mathew which leads to a conversation about how heís doing. Bo says heís still traumatized from the fire. Bo says that Mathew is being very dependant on him and Nora and itís not good for him. Mathew wants Bo to pick him up from a friends house so Bo leaves to do so.

Paige goes over to Lindsay and Lindsay asks if she told Bo. Paige says no because he has other things on his mind. Lindsay says sheís very sorry and Paige says she is too because she was hoping that they would be friends. Dorian asks what the point would be because sheís leaving. Paige tells her she wasnít decided.

Natalie leaves the roof to go to the LVPD. Vincent tries to make small talk which Lala doesnít want to hear so she accuses him of trying to steal Nat from John.

Adrianna says she doesnít know anything except John is totally insane. Marcie begins to question whether John has post traumatic stress from the accident.

John takes Rex into see Michael. Michael wants to know what Rex is doing there. Rex says Marcie went to him for help and Mike wants to know what he told her. Rex says he didnít tell her anything . John tells them to drop the pig latin and translate.

Antonio takes Jess out of the fire and tells her to leave she says not without Nash. Antonio agrees but says if the fire gets worse she needs to leave and then goes back for Nash. Antonio gets to Nash and begins leaving as an air conditioning unit falls on them.

John wants one of them to start talking. Rex says he doesnít know anything. Mike asks if John is going to beat the confession out of them. John says they are hiding something and he wants to know what.

Jess screams for Antonio and Nash as Nash and Antonio lay unconscious as the fire burns around them.

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