OLTL Update Monday 2/26/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/26/07


Written By Rhonda
Pictures by Jennifer

At the diner, an irritated Dorian smashes a dessert in a shocked Lindsayís face.

At the police station, Bo walks into Johnís office and asks who he thinks killed Spencer Truman.

At Capricorn, Marcie rubs it in Michaelís face that they actual had a good time and kids Michael about his separation anxiety over leaving Tommy. Michael still wishes Lindsay had watched Tommy and Marcie comments on the bond Starr have a bond. Antonio goes up for Michael and Marcie and is still looking for Jessica. Elsewhere are Capricorn Cristian is still stewing about Evangeline cheating on him and makes a comment to Antonio that some people donít know what their girlfriends and wives do behind their backs. Antonio responds that it wasnít behind his back because Vangie told him about it. Antonio questions why Cris doesnít believe Vangie when she says the kiss was a mistake.

At Evangelineís apartment, she and Todd fall on the couch after fighting over the remote. After they make goo-goo eyes at each other her tells him he should go.

In the backroom of Capricorn, Jess and Nash kiss passionately as the arsonist sets a fire. Jess and Nash pull away from each other Nash says he told himself heíd never do that again. Jess asks him why he did and he responds he doesnít know but she can slap him again if she wants. Jess looks shocked as she says no she wonít slap him because she kissed him back and almost giddy Nash says that it isnít a crime to which Jess responses that wanting more is.

Cristian continues to whine about how Evangeline cheated on him and he was starting to think about marriage. Antonio questions his comment because Cris had stated before he was not ready for marriage. Cris says that isnít the point because every time he mentioned it to Vangie she said it was too soon and now he knows why. Antonio continues to try to reason with Cristian says that the last time he saw Evangeline she was crazy in love with him. Cris seems to come around and asks Antonio what to do about it. Antonio says to swallow his pride. Cristian retorts that it sounds easy but questions what Antonio would do if Jess was sleeping with someone else. Antonio says heíd kill the guy.

Nash eggs Jessica on to tell him the truth about her feelings for him. A frustrated Jess gives in and says she thinks about him all the time; what heís doing and if heís thinking about her also. Nash is amused by her declaration but questions whether this is Tess thinking about him or Jess. Jessica says itís her but doesnít understand why she canít stop thinking about him because she is married to Antonio. Nash tells Jess that he tried to convince himself that it was Tess that he was in love with but he now knows itís Jess and that they belong together.

At Michael and Marcieís, things are really heating up between Starr and Cole as they continue making out on the floor but are interrupted when Marcie calls to check up on her and says that they will be home in an hour. Starr gets very nervous around Cole when she hangs up and Cole wants to talk to her about sex.

An angry Lindsay wants to know whatís wrong with Dorian and says that sheís paying he dry cleaning bill. Dorian is angry that Lindsay told Viki that she was helping Dorian stall Viki. An irritated Lindsay says that she wanted to meet Dorian to apologize because she didnít mean to rat her out. Dorian says itís too little too late. Lindsay says that she and Viki were bonding over the daughters they had lost (Jen and Megan). Lindsay says that she couldnít lie to her they were grieving mothers. An angry Dorian doesnít care she mad that Viki told Clint and now they are going to have to work twice as hard to win him back for her. Lindsay says she is not going to help her because she tried tricks to get Bo years ago and lost him as a result. Dorian says good men are hard to find and Lindsay holds strong and says Bo is with Paige and she will not break them up. Dorian scoffs as Paige walks through the door. An overly friendly Dorian calls Paige over and tell Paige her ears must have been burning because they were just talking about her. Dorian asks her if she wants to know why as she gives Lindsay a smirk that say you told Viki look what Iím going to do.

John is reluctant to tell Bo he thinks Michael killed Truman. Bo reminds John that he promised that his personal feelings wouldnít get in the way then questions if John has proof. John says the person had means. Bo asks if he had motive. John just gives Bo a look that say oh yeah this person has motive. Bo tries to walk John through how he would proceed if he didnít know this person personally.

Michael reluctantly thanks Marcie for making them go out and says that he had fun and forgot what that was like. Marcie says that she understands and that heís been under a lot of stress lately. Marcieís curiosity seems to get the better of her and she says that Mike is even more upset since Spencerís murder and maybe when they catch the killerÖMichael jumps up and says ďNO!Ē to a stunned Marcie and quickly says I..donítÖknow if they will ever catch Spencerís killer. Marcie thinks that this is crazy that he canít possible be ok with that. Michael say he is very ok with it that Spencer deserved to die. Michael then questions what a stunned and confused Marcie would think if the killer was someone she loved.

Cristian makes Antonio see that forgiving easier said then done by his answer to Crisís question. Antonio says heís right BUT first heíd like to hear her side of the story. Cris canít believe this and Antonio responds that people make mistakes to which Cris laughs. Cris says blaming themselves is the whole Vega problem and tells Antonio that itís not always his fault. Antonio says itís not Evangelineís fault either and it doesnít erase all her love for Cristian. Cris says the juries still out on whether she loves him. (Ok seriously it was a kiss can he be anymore of a drama queen. Sorry back to the action.) Antonio still tries to reason with Cris says that Evangeline has proven she loved Cristian again and again. Antonio says that Evangeline was willing to sacrifice her career for him and asks when the last time he sacrificed anything for her. Cris responds that SHE KISSED ANOTHER GUY; SHE KISS TODD MANNING!!!!! Antonio asks Cristian if he love Evangeline and Cris says he does. Antonio says then he needs to scarifies his pride and forgive her. Cris looks like he may actually be listening.

Nash and Jess continue to argue and Nash tells Jess she needs to stop thinking with her head and start thinking with her heart. A frustrated Jess says heís making it sound like they are soul mates. Nash says they are and asks her if she can imagine a life him a Bree. Jess yells that she CAN AND HAS! Nash then implores a shocked Jess to run away with him.

Lindsay cuts Dorian off and says she was just saying how much they all have in common. They are all career women, Dorian interjects theyíve all dating Buchanan men. Paige asks if there is a support group and Lindsay retorts yeah vodka. Dorian then oh so sweetly asks Paige if she knows that Lindsay has been trying to break her and Bo up behind her back. Paige is stunned and turns to look at an equal stunned Lindsay.

John throws a dart and hitís a bulls eye as he says heíd bring íem in and hold them for questioning. Bo says thereís his answer and John says itís not as easy as it sounds. Bo tells him if he wants easy he need to turn in his badge and work for a cruise line. John says heís not going to do that and Bo says then he needs to do whatís right. John says he could be totally wrong about this person and Bo says he could be totally right. John says he needs time to figure out how to handle the situation. Bo tells him not to take too long and reminds John if he betrays the badge he sells his soul.

Todd gets up and hands Evangeline the remote and asks if he should call her tomorrow. Vangie asked Todd if he will be ok and he says he will. Todd asks if she will be ok with this Cristian thing. Vangie say that they will work it out. Told says not to work too hard look at him and Blair that they worked hard to salvage something that wasnít meant to be. Evangeline says she still believes her and Cristian are meant to be and that she just have to make Cris understand that what happened between her and Todd didnít mean anything. Todd scoffs at this he should apologize for the problems she is having but he canít because he thinks she can do much better.

Cris says he wants to forgive Vangie. Antonio says that she wants to be forgiven or she wouldnít have told him. Cris says or because she thought Todd would brag. Antonio doubts this because if she told Todd to keep quite he would and that Antonio would be worried if she kept it a secret. Cris flashes back to Jess as he remembers Jess begging him to keep her secret. Antonio inturrupt Crisís flashback by reminding him that Evangeline loves him. Michael and Marcie then interrupt their conversation to thank Antonio and tell his Nellie Furtado was amazing. Antonioís partner comes over wants to make sure there are no hard feelings about her investigating him. He says she was just doing her job but hopes they catch the guy because heís hitting way to close to home.

The fire continues to grow in the backroom of Capricorn as Jess and Nash continue to talk. Jess says she canít run away with him because of Antonio and Jamie. Nash wants to know how ignoring her own feelings is any less painful. A frustrated Jess says sheís not ignoring her feels she loves Antonio. She says breaking her hear would kill her. Nash hates to agree but he does because Antonio is a good guy. Nash say that someone will get hurt. Jess says but not Antonio that they will just have to ignore their feelings. Jess wants to know if she loves Nash so much why did she marry Antonio but doesnít want to talk anymore and wants to go back to her husband. Jess tries the door but itís stuck. The fire begins to burn out of control.

Starr nervously what Cole wants to talk about sex for. Cole nervously tries to ask Starr what would have happened if Mrs. McBain wouldnít have called. An unsure Starr says nothing right to which Cole says right and then that he didnít know. Starr trips over her words as she tries to tell Cole sheís never been with a boy before. Starr then wants to know if Cole ever slept with anyone . Cole is a little embarrassed and says a few wanted to but his mom talk to him about sex. Starr says yeah her mom too. Starr says she wanted to butÖCole interjects that sheís wants to wait. Starr nervously asks if Cole hates her and Cole smiles and says he gets it, but says he still want to kiss her.

Todd goes to leave but Evangeline goes to get a scarf for him as Cristian calls and Todd silences his call saying heís that that person she needs right now.

Cristian and Antonio tell each other that they love each other. Antonio goes over to talk to his partner saying heís never seen her out before. She says sheís only a cop 22/5. They have small talk about her wanting to become a cop all her life.

Nash canít get reception as Jessica starts to panic and yell for help. Nash tells her to come down and Jess yells that Antonio canít find them there together. Nash says he will only think the worst if she tells him. Jess isnít amused and goes to try the door again and notices itís hot. They look down and see smoke as Nash goes to see for himself and says that itís burning up. Jess starts to panic and starts yelling for help again. The fire continues to spread outside the door.

Starr telling Cole he has to go because Michael and Marcie will be home soon as they start kissing again. Cole cuts it close as he walks out and down the hall Michael and Marcie come around the other corner. Michael and Marcie walks in as an extremely nervous Starr asks how their night was. They say find and ask about Tommy. Michael gives Starr a ride home.

John reflects on his conversation with Michael where Mike asks if he really wants the person that killed Spencer to pay and where Mike asks John to let it go. John says to himself heís sorry he canít.

Paige wants to know what they are talking about. Lindsay says she didnít want to do it but Dorian steam rolled right over her. Dorian say oh no they had an agreement and that Lindsay has never gotten over Bo. Lindsay tells Dorian to shut up and tells Paige not to listen to Dorian because she is nasty and vindictive. Paige is still confused. Lindsay asks not to tell Bo because she says that Bo and Paige are happy and she doesnít want Bo thinking sheís the same old Lindsay.

Cris comes home with flowers to find Todd, who was just leaving, and Evangeline, in her bathrobe, together. Cris wants to know whatís going on.

Bo comes in and wants to leave because heís hungry. Paige say ok but she needs to tell him something. Cue nervous Lindsay and a gleefully vindictive Dorian.

Cris slams the door as Evangeline says itís not what it looks like. Cris says he wanted to surprise her and guesses that he did. Vangie says itís not like that. Cris tells her to save it that they are done and throws the flowers he brought at Todd.

Michael returns from dropping Starr off. Mike doesnít want Starr and Tommy to spend time together because she is a Manning and Manningís are bad news. John arrives and wants Mike to go to the PCPD with him to question him about Spencerís murder.

Antonio smells smoke as the fire burns out of control and Jess continues to yell for help. The smoke begins to come through the vents and Nash tells Jess to get on the ground and promises she will be ok. Jess says he canít promise that and Nash promises that he loves her and is not going to leave her. Jess says she loves him too as they begin to kiss and make love.

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