OLTL Update Friday 2/23/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/23/07


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The arsonist plans to set fire to Capricorn as Antonio and Nash prepare for the Nellie Furtado performance.

Natalie tells John she knows he thinks Michael killed Spencer.

Todd goes to Evangeline’s apartment to talk to her since she won’t return his calls. She shuts the door in his face and tells him she doesn’t want to talk.

Nellie Furtado, an old friend of Antonio’s, arrives at Capricorn as Nash and Antonio continue preparing for the nights performance. Nellie and Antonio catch up on old times each asking the other about their respective families.

Michael and Marcie have tickets to see Nellie Furtado and Star is suppose to be Tommy’s baby sister, however Michael objects.

Todd continues to try to talk to Evangeline, however she says what happened in the elevator was the biggest mistake of her life. Todd says the only thing that matters is that he doesn’t lose the best friend he’s ever had.

Jess and Miles arrive at Capricorn where they make small talk with Antonio while Cris stares daggers at her. Antonio leaves to take care of things and Jess introduces Miles to Cris. Jess requests to talk to Cris in private and as they go to find a private area they interrupt the arsonist who runs and hides. Jess wants to know what he and Antonio where discussing. Cris says won’t let Jess try to fix things because he knows what it’s like to be cheated on.

Blair, Rex, Adrianna all arrive a Capricorn. Adrianna wants to make it clear to Rex that there will be no talk of Michael, Marcie, or Spencer Truman tonight.

Marcie tells Michael that they are going to see Nellie Furtado and Star is going to baby sit. Marcie pushes an overprotective Michael out the door just a Cole text messages Star saying he will be over in five minutes with pizza.

Miles and Blair make small talk at Capricorn.

Evangeline lets Todd in and he tells her that he looks like hell. Evangeline tells Todd that she told Cristian that they kissed and that Cris broke her heart.

Cris tells Jess about Todd and Vangie’s kiss. Jess says she’s sorry but Cris says that at least Evangeline told him and they continue to fight over whether to tell Antonio or not. Cris tells Jess she needs to think long and hard because he’s not convinced that she’s as sure of her marriage as she says she is.

Todd and Evangeline continue to discuss Cristian and why he’s upset. Todd thinks Cris treats her like dirt. Evangeline says she deserves it.

Cristian continues to sulk at Capricorn as Marcie and Michael arrive still fighting about leaving Tommy with Star.

John says he’s not discussing the case with Natalie as she continues to press the issue of Michaels guilt. John reluctantly talks to Natalie saying Michael isn’t a killer. Nat tells John that Michael begged her to make John drop the case and questions why he’d do that if he wasn’t guilty.

Antonio introduces Nellie Furtado who sings “ Say It Right”.

Jess vows no more lies after she sits alone thinking about that Cristian said.

A brooding Cristian tells Antonio that Jess probably went out for some air after Antonio questions where he is. Elsewhere at Capricorn Marty and Blair bump into each other causing Marty to spill her drink on herself which leads to an exchange of words between the two.

Cole arrives at Marcie and Michaels. Star tells him it’s ok that he stays as long as he’s gone by the time Mike and Marcie return. Cole tries to get Tommy to go to sleep by reciting poems he learned from his dad.

Back at Capricorn Miles and Marty talk and apparently he sees her professionally.

Nash runs into Jess in a backroom at Capricorn and seeing that something is wrong asks her about it. Jess slaps him and says “you are.”

Todd and Evangeline continue to argue as Todd tries to make Evangeline angry by saying she can go back to the Mexican if she wants and that he hates everyone especially women of color. This seems to amuse Evangeline as she calls him on trying to make her made so she will stop thinking about Cristian.

Cris goes outside where Blair is and asks her if she thinks Todd and Evangeline are having fun. She says Todd doesn’t know how to have fun. Cristian says “let’s show him” and kisses Blair.

Star and Cole finally get Tommy to sleep. Star mentions that it’s the first time she’s heard him talk about his dad.

Evangeline wants to know what’s wrong with her that she finds Todd obnoxious behavior charming, which makes Todd smile. Evangeline says Todd is wasting his time if he’s trying to make her feel better about herself. Todd replies it’s always about her but what about him?

Blair says she not the rebound type and tells Cris that everyone can see Evangeline loves him.

Antonio asks Marty and Miles if they have seen Jess. Marty find out that Miles is Mitch’s brother thus making Jess is niece.

Nash wants to know what he did to deserve a slap. Jess tells him he can’t keep his mouth shut and that Cristian overheard him and is threatening to tell Antonio. Nash says he’s sorry but Jess doesn’t want to hear it saying she is done with him and she’s going to tell Antonio everything. Nash wants to hash things out with Jess before she spills the beans to Antonio.

Natalie and John continue to fight about Michael’s possible guilt. Natalie says she’s on his side but he’s ignoring her and she’s tired of it.

Star and Cole flirt on the couch while watching a movie. Flirting leads to making out.

Evangeline turns on the same movie and says she’s going to watch it. Todd says it’s a chick flick and grabs the remote. As Evangeline tries to get the remote back they fall onto the couch.

John says he doesn’t want to have thing conversation with Natalie right now and she says she’s not surprised. She tells him good luck with Michael then starts to tell him if he needs anything to call her but then stops and says never mind because he won’t and leaves. John calls Bo and tells him he thinks he knows who killed Truman.

As Jess tells Nash they will just have to get past each other Nash responds that’s not going to happen and they kiss each other.

Nellie Furtado sings her hit "Promiscuous" with clips of Jess and Nash kissing and the arsonist starting a fire mixed in.

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