OLTL Update Thursday 2/22/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/22/07


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Blair comes to Capricorn but they are not open yet. Nash thinks that she is there to buy tickets for the Nelly Furtado show that night but he doesn't think that there are anymore left and lets her down easy before she says anything. Blair isn't there for that. She has other things on her mind besides the Furtado concert. She is there to fulfill a dream. Nash can't understand where she is going with this. Nash is surprised when Blair says that she is there to get herself a job.

Jessica calls Cris and begs him again not to say anything to Antonio about she and Nash almost kissing. Cris is still hot under the collar and the second that the hears her voice, he is angry again. His voice goes up decibels as he talks to his sister-in-law about her loose lips. Evangeline comes out of the room and hears Cris going on about how Jessica and Nash were pretty hot and heavy…That makes her think of the kiss that she shared with Todd…She becomes very unhappy.

Todd talks with Viki about how he has been doing lately and she can see that he is sad right away. She wonders what it is this time. Is it still Blair? The children? He has new news that she probably needs to know. the search for his son is over. It turns out that the baby is dead. Viki is surprised and it shows on her face without her saying a word. ***

Natalie meets with Michael as he has asked. He asks her to get John to back off the murder investigation.

John comes to see Dr. Crosby but the man is on Leave. He is in luck though as someone else has been hired to take over his patients. It is Marty and she comes bouncing out of an office asking if she can help.

Marty offers to see John if he needs someone to talk to. John wants Crosby but Marty is all that there is. He goes into her office and she tells him that he can pick either the chair or the couch. He reluctantly has a seat and she asks him how he is doing. When she says that he seems anxious, he gets up to leave. He wants to talk to Crosby about cop stuff and Marty says that she can talk about that. She will be bound to keep the talk secret. She guesses that this has to do with the murder investigation. "My brother, ok? I think Michael may have killed Truman."

Natalie tells Michael that John will not give this investigation up. She knows that he somehow feels cheated out of the Spencer thing and he won't stop. Michael wants this over. It has been 25-years and not Tommy will have to live with this thing too. Natalie is confused. She doesn't understand what Tommy has to do with this.

Todd tells Viki how his baby is dead. He shows Viki the death certificate and that brings back a lot of memories. Margaret was pregnant with his child and he didn't want anything to do with that. He should have some relief now, but he has nothing. Viki understands and reminds her brother that he has two great kids to think about now. Viki knows that some of this has to do with his losing Blair but for now Todd should be grieving for his son. His losses are all behind him. "Not all of them."

Evangeline continues to listen while standing behind Cris and she hears how Jessica almost slept with Nash. Cris said that he would keep the secret but he really hates that she keeps asking him to. He wants her to promise that she will not see Nash again, accept for handing the kid back and forth. Jessica can't talk anymore, cause Antonio is coming and so she hangs up. "You talking to someone?" Antonio asks. Jessica laughs and runs to have her shower.

Evangeline gets more details from Cris about the kiss and what almost happened with Jessica and Nash. He is clearly upset that this happened to his brother. He warned his brother about this guy being around Jessica but Antonio was too trusting and now this! Evangeline can't do this anymore. "Cristian…There is something that I have to tell you," Evangeline says looking down at the ground sheepishly.

Miles goes to Antonio and Jessica's place and introduces himself to Antonio but Antonio won't even shake the man's hand. Jessica comes up behind him and asks who is at the door.

Todd dials on his cellphone…

Evangeline was listening to what Cris was saying to Jessica and she understands how he feels about what happened with Jessica. Cristian knows that she gets it. She has a high set of standards in his book. Evangeline tries to stop him from talking. "Cris…Todd and I kissed yesterday." Then as if right on cue, Evangeline's phone starts ringing. Cris picks it up and looks at the monitor. "It's for you."

Nash finds it hard to believe that Blair wants to wait tables at Capricorn. She doesn't want to do that. she knows that Claudia is gone and she wants to fill that void by singing starting that night.

Antonio takes Jessica to the side and tells her that he doesn't like this. He thinks that Miles is trying to get involved with the family to get money. Jessica knows that Miles has Spencer's fortune and doesn't need hers. Still, Antonio feels this guy is more than meets the eye…"You're right," Miles says loudly from behind them.

John unloads on the good doc and tells that his brother isn't the kind of person who would kill someone. Marty wonders if maybe John really doesn't know his brother. There is this other way of looking at things though. "I got this bad feeling inside. He killed him for me."

Miles tells Antonio of how he lived his life and how Spencer fixed his face and became a friend. He won't apologize for his life and how he feels about Spencer. Jessica is Miles' only living relative and he likes that she may be willing to let him into life. Viki doesn't know about Miles and Antonio has a concern about that. Miles was thinking about Jessica's mother and he wants to meet her in person. Jessica knows that Viki will find out about Miles sooner or later, so there isn't a reason that they shouldn't meet. Jessica will call Carlotta and have her watch Bree for the day. Miles hears that Nelly is performing at the club that night and Miles would love to go. Antonio will be glad to find some extra tickets and get Miles in. Jessica runs to get ready to go. Antonio talks to Miles some more and gets to know him better. Antonio knows that now that the man has Truman's money, things will be a lot easier for him. Miles makes sure that Antonio knows that he didn't ask for this money. Antonio warns that Bree and Jessica mean the world to him and so he hopes that Miles will remember that.

Michael knows that John will not like it when he finds out who killed Spencer. Natalie can't get involved in this. She and John are not getting along very well lately.. "Are you ever getting along?" Michael asks. Natalie tells Michael that he is an ass. He just wants this thing to go away. He doesn't mean to be harsh. She knows but if she pushes this thing on John, it will truly be over.

John explains that Truman was stabbed by surgical scissors and Michael was there the night of the killing. Michael really isn't an eye for an eye kind of guy. John think that Michael probably did this for him. John took care of everything. He had to grow up after their father died and he became the man of the house and took care of Michael. Michael is got a scholarship to go and be a doctor and he never looked back. Michael probably feels guilty still for leaving his brother. Marty is an only child and doesn't exactly understand siblings. "well, the thing between me and Mike…it's as solid as it gets.

Evangeline tries to talk on the phone but Cris makes her get off the phone. Evangeline tells that she went to see Todd and he just found out that his baby was dead. Cris thinks that Todd went for it. "I get it! And it makes me sick!" Cris remembers that they came home the night before and they made love. He has to wonder now if she was working off some steam that she built up with Manning. She can't believe that he said that. She and he are real. She thought that she could be honest with him but it is the fact that Todd is the guy that she got involved in. "We're a lie!" Evangeline doesn't want to hear that. "No! We are a lie! And I don't want any part of it!"

John knows that people can be capable of things when pushed too far. Marty isn't sure that Michael would do this to fulfil a debt. If John believes this…what will he do?

Michael tells Natalie that John could be destroyed by what he finds out about the killer. Natalie knows that firsthand. She says that John has gotten something that he can work on so far. Michael wants to know what it is. Natalie says that it isn't really all that much…

Blair offers to give Nash the audition of his life. She sits him down and tells him to listen for the next 3 minutes.

Jessica arrives at the house and finds Todd and Viki together. She tells that Bree is with Carlotta, but that there is someone with her that she would like them all to meet. Viki doesn't understand. Jessica wants her mother to keep an open mind about this. "This is Miles…Laurence…" The smile on Viki's face drops. "My uncle," Jessica says.

Cris realizes from talking with Evangeline that she didn't push Todd away and that makes a huge difference about what it all means. She didn't tell him right when it happened as well. "Apparently, I am not enough." Cris has his coat on and out the door. "Don't do this. Don't do this, Cristian!" Evangeline shouts after him. Cris returns and points in her face. "No! Stop it! Because I didn't do anything! You did!" He turns and this time he is gone for good. Evangeline puts her hand over her mouth and the tears well up in her eyes.

Miles explains that he didn't realize that he had family there when he arrived in town. Jessica will not have his uncle attacked. Viki just wants Miles to know that Mitch made her life a living hell. Miles know that Viki's experience with this man was horrific. Todd warns Viki that they can't believe anything that this guy says. He was a friend of Spencer's. Miles admits his friendship with Spencer but that was because the man was more family to him than anyone else. Todd laughs when he realizes that Miles and Jessica are going to Capricorn that night for the Nelly Furtado concert. Miles and Jessica head out.

Blair has her audition for Nash. She sings a ballad for him. "Don't want to love you anymore…If I could, I'd close that door…" Cris wanders in as she sings and Nash and he share a short, uncomfortable glance. Cris stands with his hands on his hips…Evangeline is home alone wiping the tears from her face. She finds Cris's shirt there and holds it to her face, smelling it…Antonio has arrived at the club as Blair is finishing her song and he stands beside his brother…Nash gives Blair the job and they hug. Antonio wants to know what is going on. Nash explains that Blair will be the new Capricorn singer. Blair heads out now all excited…Cris tells his brother privately that he doesn't like this guy. Antonio can see that. He asks what it is that happened with Nash. Cris sees that Blair is still at the bar, getting ready to go and so he talks loudly when he says that Todd kissed Evangeline the night before. Blair turns and looks strangely at Cris. He has done what he has set out to do.

Michael isn't getting anywhere with Natalie and so he quickly leaves, wishing that when Spencer died, all of the trouble surrounding him had died too.

John is confused about what to do about the investigation. His brother could be in danger, but then again he has to do his job. "What would you do?" he asks Marty. She can't answer that right now. What is sure of though is that John has an exaggerated feeling of responsibility for something… "For my brother, or for the law?" She doesn't know and asks him to tell her. He turns and walks out of there.

Marty wants to go out with Cole that night but he wants her to go to the club to see Nelly Furtado. They have been there for 6-months now and his mother never goes out like a grownup. He wants her to have some fun. She worries that he will be all alone. He promises that he will behave. Nelly Furtado rocks and he knows that his mother would have a blast. She hasn't been to a club since she was with her deceased husband. Cole gets her to agree to go out but she needs Cole to agree to behave. "Promise!"

Evangeline gets a call and when she looks at the monitor, she sees that Todd is calling. She doesn't answer. She climbs back into her chair and curls up into a ball.

Cole calls Starr and tells her that his mother is going to Capricorn to see Nelly Furtado sing. They make a plan.

Cris is pissed but Antonio can't talk about this really. He wonders if Evangeline could really be interested in Manning. He thinks that this is a good thing that Evangeline told him the truth. Cris wonders what Antonio would do if Jessica kissed another guy. "Hey! Could you give me a hand here boss?" Antonio has to go and help Nash now. Cris watches as his brother walks off with the man who is stealing his wife. Cris grabs his coat and storms out of there.

Somewhere in Llanview, the arsonist is alone in the dark. He has one of Capricorn's flyers in his hand with the image of Nelly Furtado on the front. The flyer tells of the upcoming concert that night and all the details of the show. CLICK! The arsonist's lighter comes to life and the flame is born in the lower right end of the flyer and then it climbs upwards, getting higher, growing brighter until it's completely destroyed!

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