OLTL Update Wednesday 2/21/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/21/07


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Matthew only had to deal with smoke inhalation but it could have been worse, Bo explains to Antonio at the station. Luckily, Nora and Matthew are fine, but it could have been worse…so much more worse. Bo's son almost died in that fire and so he makes this case priority one. He alerts all the officers to treat the case accordingly. Nothing gets ahead of it. Bo wants the arsonist found now! Talia and Antonio swing into action trying to come up with leads that they can follow to continue the investigation.

Jessica and Cris talk about the fact that she is attracted to Nash and though she tries to water it all down, he sees right through her. He overheard Nash and Layla talking at Capricorn and that was how he discovered that not only did Nash have a thing for her but she had a thing for Nash too. His brother has been played for a fool this whole time. Luckily, Layla and Nash didn't discover whether he heard them or not. She worries that Nash blabbed but Cris worries about Antonio.

Layla and Nash talk at Capricorn some more about the situation that he has found himself in. he thinks it is great but he knows that this is a recipe for trouble…but Nash can't stop thinking about Jessica. The smile on is face tells that he is thinking of her now. He is remembering the kiss on her bed and how that made him feel…how that makes him feel now.…He is sorry but he can't give up on Jessica now…Layla goes to her sister and can see right away that something is wrong.

Marcie finds Todd alone in the restaurant. She asks if she and Tommy can sit with him but Todd tell her 'no'.

John knows that his brother has some sort secret to do with the killer and he wants to know what that is. Michael tells John that he really doesn't want to know the truth about this killer. "What does that mean?" John shouts.

Bo tells Antonio that his little kid just had his life destroyed in that fire. All his things are gone. Antonio wants this arsonist too. The man has tried to destroy Cris and he too. Talia touches base with the men and tries to figure out who did this fire. Nora hasn't much to do with their work. The place was burned so badly that they may never know if this happened to cover up something else like a robbery. Bo tells Talia that she and Antonio should start working the streets and that there is a big reward for the name of the guy that did this. Bo turns and finds that Matthew is in his office watching him through the blinds. 888

Clint and Viki play backgammon and she beats him again. They had dinner together and it was really nice. Viki can't give over Dorian getting Lindsay to distract her so she could spend time with Clint instead. Clint doesn't want to talk about Dorian anymore. Viki's wrist starts hurting as they talk about Dorian. Viki has no idea how Clint keeps taking the high road when it comes to her. Viki laughs. She knows that it would kill Dorian to know that they spent the night together. "Would you like to?" Clint asks seriously.

Marcie explains that she didn't want to go and sit with a stranger in the diner since she has Tommy, and that is why she asked if she could sit with Todd who she is comfortable with since she knows him. She gets into a big ramble about this and than and why she can't sit here, and put Tommy there, and finally Todd tells her that she can sit. She takes the barstool and she and Tommy face the man. Next, she asks if Todd would mind watching Tommy for a minute. "Yes I would mind!" Todd shouts.

Michael doesn't want to help bring the person to justice for Spencer's death. He just feels wrong about that. That wouldn’t be justice in his mind. He knows that John think that their father would still work this case out as if Spencer were like anyone else and deserved that respect, but this time Michael knows that his father is wrong. He knows that the person who killed Spencer Truman should go free. John is silent through all this, thinking over everything that Michael says to him. ***

Bo's arranging for Nora and Matthew to go and live at Asa's place for a while. Matthew wants to go with his father but Bo knows that dealing with the media won't be good for him. Matthew questions who would do this to them. Bo has no idea, but he sure is going to find out.

Nash sees Tate and introduces himself. Tate is used to people recognizing him and they chat for a bit…In the club, Evangeline sits with her sister and tells that Todd kissed her. "Oh my god," Layla says. "It must be in the water."

Cris wants to know what Jessica is going to do. She tries to skirt around the issue but Cris knows that unless she tells Antonio directly she is lying to his brother. "The fact is that just because you didn't actually sleep with Nash, you still betrayed your husband! But I bet you got close, right? Huh, Jess? Did you get close to having sex with Nash?" Jessica gets in Cris's face and shouts 'yes'! She did!

Clint says that he would like to go to bed with her and wonders if she would like that too. "Clint!" Asa shouts walking into the room. He has been trying to find Clint and tell him the news. "Nora's house just burned down!"

Talia wondered what would have happened if Nora and her son had died. She feels that it would have been her fault for not shooting the guy when she had the chance. Antonio doesn't find that will do any good now. Talia can't stop thinking about that…It is driving him crazy.

Bo offers to buy Matthew a pizza but he isn't hungry. The kid is really sad. "You wanna talk about whatever it is that you are thinking about?" Matthew says that it's not a big deal. He could have died but he and his mother didn't. They were lucky. Bo tells the boy that it is okay to be upset. He is. All his stuff is gone forever, and some of it can't be replaced. He had videos that Jen made for him in that house. He had pictures of her and Sammy…that was stuff that she gave him. Bo knows that there are people out there who will have pictures that he can have. Bo promises that he will make things right. He couldn't live if anything bad ever happened to him. They hug.

Nash knows about Tate and his career. Tate offers to sign a baseball for Bree sometime. Nash will have a baseball available for the next time that Tate comes in…Layla can't believe this news. Evangeline tells that Todd was hurting and she was trying to be thee for him. Cris will flip and Evangeline knows that. Still she has to tell Cris. Layla says that telling Cristian this will be a bigger mistake than kissing Todd.

Jessica tells Cris that she will never let the thing that happened with Nash happen again. She hates that he is being judgmental about this. she doesn't need him acting morally superior with her. Cris decides that since she doesn't want to do it, he will be the one to tell his brother the truth. Jessica jumps between Cris and the door to stop him from leaving. She wants to have him listen to her for a minute. She has been dealing with a lot and she will be the one to figure things out. She says that she loves Antonio more than any man in the world. She can't tell Antonio the truth right now cause this situation is more complicated than Cris knows. Cris doesn't care what she says. He hasn't heard a good reason now as to why he shouldn’t tell his brother the truth.

Marcie wants to know what is making Todd so sour. He shows Marcie the death certificate with his son's name on it…

Michael tells that he does know who the killer is, and that is why he doesn't want to tell John the truth about that person. John wants to know he needs to know. "Who is it Mike? Who killed Truman?" Michael asks John if he really feels that he wants to know.

Marcie can't imagine what it must feel like to lose a child. Todd tells Marcie that she doesn't have to worry about that as she isn't losing her child. With all he has said, he hopes now that she will just leave him alone. She understands and leaves the table.

Tate tells Nash how he went to Llanview High, and spent a year in the minors, a couple of great seasons in the majors and then blew out his arm. Nash tells that he drank all the way through high school and was pretty good at it and that is how he got involved in the winery business.

Cris doesn't want to hurt Antonio or Jessica but if he finds out about this some other way. Jessica says that Antonio will not find out. she begs Cris not to do this to her. Nash and Antonio are friends and Jessica wants to preserve that. Cris knows that Nash couldn't have been a friend if he did this to Antonio. Cris will be quiet for now, but he wants her to think about this and do the right thing.

Michael keeps giving his reasons why the killer shouldn't pay. John only wants the name from Michael and not everything else that he is getting. Michael admits that he hasn't got proof as to who the killer is, he just feels that he knows. John says that he has to do this. he has to find the killer. That is his job. Michael asks his brother to please just leave it alone if he really cares for him. John doesn't get that. He doesn't know what that means. The evidence is pointing to you. Now listen, I can help you, but you got to start talking to me now! I'm going to ask you straight up …did you kill Truman?"

Michael tells his brother that he really couldn't commit a murder. John knows that but Michael would like John to honor their family by letting this go. John can't. he has his reasons and Michael knows that John can't just let this go. "Watch your back bro". John leaves the apartment. Michael goes to the crib and looks in.

Asa gives the news that Matthew and Nora will be staying with him till they get back on their feet. Asa sees the backgammon game set up and asks what's going on. "You two having a date?" Clint loves it. "You belong together. It is about time that you realize that you two lovers."

Tate loves talking to Nash but he has to get going. Nash tells Tate to come back the next night to see Nellie Furtado who will be playing there. Tate will try to make it…Layla tries to make Evangeline see that Cris is going to freak when he hears about this. "Who's gonna freak?" Cris says walking up to the table.

Matthew wipes his tears, really not wanting his mother to know that he was acting like a baby. Bo tells the boy he isn't a baby. Bo decides that he will order the pizza anyway and if Matthew feels like having it then he can. Chief Mychal arrives with a storage box and puts it on the table. Matthew is shocked to hear that this box of stuff was all that the firefighters could save. Matthew and Bo open the box and stare at the charred remains inside.

Asa loves that the couple is having a second date, but he has to go and tell Renée that they will be having company at the house. "You two enjoy yourself. I promise I will not disturb you again." Asa leaves smiling. Viki really feels that it is time for her to go home. Clint would like to talk about what they were talking about before they were rudely interrupted by his father but Viki really doesn't think that this is the time. He kisses her and walks her out.

Layla says that she was thinking that Evangeline was going to freak because Cris had been gone for so long. That's a good enough lie for Cris and he and Evangeline head home.

The arsonist is at work again. He is in the dark and he tries once, twice and then the lighter lights…

Jessica goes to the office and picks up Antonio from the station. They leave together…Talia's mind is elsewhere…

Matthew and Bo finds a picture and an award that he won. The next thing that he removes from the box brings him to tears. He hugs it and sheds some tears and then he turns to his father to see what else is in the box. The photo album is so burnt, the pages down turn. They are melted together. Bo will have the lab look at it and see if they can help with this. the next thing is a picture of Matthew and Jen. He cries over it…

Some kid asks his father why that man over there looks so sad. The father looks at Todd and says that they should just leave him alone and not bother him.

Marcie is home and she tells Michael how she saw Todd and his baby is dead. He was rude to Marcie and she understands it. "I can't imagine what it is like to lose a child…even one you never knew." Michael hopes this doesn't ever happen to them. She asks about John about the investigation. She knows that whatever is going on, John will not stop until the killer is caught.

John goes to Capricorn and orders a beer. He takes out his wallet to pay for his drink and sees a picture poking out of his wallet. He pulls it out and it is two little dark-haired boys playing together. "Oh Mike," John says sadly.

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