OLTL Update Tuesday 2/20/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/20/07


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cris overhears Nash telling Layla how he almost had sex with Jessica that night at her apartment when Antonio was at work. Cris comes up to the pair and Nash stops talking when he sees Antonio's brother standing behind Layla. Layla quickly reads Nash's face and turns. "Cris!" Layla says with the biggest, fakest smile ever on her face. Cris isn't amused. Layla and Nash wait to see what he has to say next. They can tell that he was close enough to overhear him but did he?

Miles can see that Jessica is upset now that he has admitted to having Mitch as a brother and he can't understand why. Jessica explains that Mitch was her father. Miles takes a second to take this all in and then sees that he and she are related because of this connection. It doesn't bother him but Jessica has her back to Miles and he doesn't readily see that something is going on with her. He keeps yammering on about Mitch casually, but there was more to Mitch than that.

John is working in his office at his desk, and he is upset to see that some fibers that he has in his hand matches those in the picture of the evidence that Natalie stole when Spencer was killed and the crime scene was being assessed. He throws the magnifying glass on the desk and tosses the pictures to the side as he shakes his head. The door opens and Natalie enters closing the door behind her. He thought that she went home. "You want me to?" she asks quietly. They share a blank stare.

Rex isn't sure that he can do this any longer. Adriana doesn't understand what he is going on about. He thinks that this may be the time for him to come forward and tell the truth about Tommy and just get it out in the open. After meeting with Todd to hand him the death certificate, he has a whole new feeling about what he did and he feels that it might not be right. He doesn't think that he can keep this secret much longer, certainly not the rest of his life like he promised Michael he would.

Marcie grills Michael to get him to tell her his secret. She knows that he has one, and he pretty much admits it, but he doesn't want to talk about it. He doesn't answer cause he doesn't want to lie to her. He will be forced to do that. Still he tells her that he wasn't in the building where they live. "I was in the hospital when Spencer was murdered."

Evangeline finds Todd in the elevator looking disheveled and down. She stoops to him and he pulls her to him and they hug.

Miles doesn't think that they are talking about the same person but it seems that the two people in question have the same relatives and so it is true. Miles and Jessica are related. Miles's family treated him like he didn't exist. Miles knows nothing about his family and how horrible they were. Jessica fills him in. Miles thought that Mitch's daughter was named Jessica Buchanan. She tells that now she is married. Clint raised her and she thinks of him as her father and she won't let anyone change that.

Adriana thinks that it is wrong to bring out the truth now. Rex can't believe this. She was the one who wanted the truth out in the first place. Adriana thinks that things are too dicey to tell the truth now. There are serious crimes here…falsifying official documents…withholding information on a capital crime…aiding and abetting a murderer… Rex can't help feeling bad for Todd in all this. Adriana knows that but everyone is going to get hurt now.

Marcie freaks! Michael explains that he was with John at the hospital and he got his brother home. Marcie understands now. John has killed Spencer and Michael is giving the man an alibi.

Natalie gives John an update on Nora and her son, now that they have been saved from the burning house. Natalie needs to see Bo and she wants to do it alone. John decides that he wants to take the heat with her. She agrees to that. He has something to show her. "Since you were the only one to see those fibers at the crime scene…I took the fibers on the …on the right form my scarf just now…As you can see, they're an exact match for the fibers in the crime scene." John is stunned. He wasn't ever in Blair's room, so how could the fibers get in her room. It has to be someone who is close to him to get the fibers from him to the room. Natalie sees where this is going. "You don't think I killed Spencer?" John pauses as Natalie waits for an answer. "You? Did you?"

Evangeline urges Todd to talk to her about what has happened to get him to this state where he looks like he just doesn’t give a care about anything anymore. "My son is dead," he says. Suddenly the elevator door opens and a man starts walking on the elevator but then stops when he sees Todd sitting on the floor amid papers from his briefcase. "Is he okay?" the man asks. "Take the stairs," Evangeline says pushing a button to close the doors of the elevator again.

Miles thought that he was alone now that Spencer had died. Now it seems that Jessica found him. That has to mean that it was meant to be. "I can't believe that I have a niece. I can't wait to meet everyone." Jessica suddenly realizes what he means and isn't comfortable. She tells him that this is the worst thing that has ever happened to her in spite of the fact that it is the best thing that ever happened to her.

Cris asks Layla and Nash if they have seen Evangeline. She left to see Todd and hasn't come back. Layla can't believe that he let that happen. Cris speaks in a manner, so that Nash gets the message in an under-the-table sort of way. He says that he isn't worried about Evangeline. He knows that she wouldn't do anything to hurt their relationship. He trusts her.

Todd points to the death certificate that Rex gave him and she reads it. She suspects right away that it might be a fake. Todd tells that the document has come from a hospital in Cleveland. "He's gone, he's dead. My god, Blair is gone. And the baby she was carrying is gone. I've lost too much now. It's…" Evangeline tries to get Todd off the floor but he will not budge. He wants her to just leave him there. She takes off her coat and decides that if he is going to stay there, then she will sit right there beside him for as long as he needs her. "I'm not leaving you." She sits right beside him in the middle of the papers from his briefcase.

Natalie is upset that John thought that she was the murderer, but he is quick to point out that she thought the same about him. He smiles. He knows that she isn't the murderer and he wouldn't blame her if she were. Now he is back to the original question. Who did this killing? It wasn't Spencer. If he wanted to set John up, he would have done a better job.

Marcie is all over Michael on this. She isn't sure that Michael can vouch for John this time. She loved him as much as Michael does but John is a runaway train sometimes. Then there is the fact that Spencer didn’t look like he was ever going to pay for his crimes. That could have led into John doing something wrong. "But that's not the way it happened! Okay Marcie!" The baby starts crying and Marcie is upset that Michael lost control.

Rex knows that Todd loves his kids and would do anything to find his son. Rex has taken that from Todd. His son will be living right under his nose. Rex remembers how destroyed Todd is and he really thinks that this is the end of it all. Adriana knows that at some point, someone could figure out the death certificate is fake and that Rex lied to him.

Todd tells Evangeline that Rex said that he was able to track down people in Cleveland who the lawyer sold the baby to. "He got sick in the hospital there. He died soon after…Now…" Todd starts crying and Evangeline rubs his shoulder. Todd has no idea why he is so upset…he never met the baby but he would have liked to have met the child. All that Todd has is the blanket that Spencer gave him. The baby was wrapped up in the blanket when he was born. Evangeline remembers that Spencer said that he also sent a gift to his son the day of the will-reading. Todd figures that maybe Spencer doesn't know that the child was dead. Todd tells Evangeline that it really means a lot to him that she is there for him. They look into each other's eyes now as he talks.

Cris calls Jessica and learns that she is at Todd's office. He wants to come over but Jessica tells him 'no'. She quickly hangs up. She turns to Miles now and figures that since she didn't have a great time with Mitch, she probably will not trust him either.

Michael tells that he has been under a lot of pressure lately. Marcie wants to talk about this but Michael can't do that. Marcie thinks that this is something to do with her but he quickly tells her that she isn't his problem. It couldn’t ever be her. She hopes not, but he has been edgy and lying to her. He won't talk to her about John and that is raising her suspicions. "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LET THIS GO?" Michael shouts.

John and Natalie brainstorm about who could have killed Spencer. Natalie feels that Marty could have got the fibers on her and taken them to Spencer's room, but the person would actually have to…John's mind replays a scene. In it, Michael is putting on his scarf in front of Marcie…Natalie can see that John has remembered something but he doesn't tell her what he remembers and he gets out of there fast.

Evangeline doesn't think that Todd should be alone right now. She knows that he needs someone and he agrees. "You are the only one who gets me," Todd says. "you are the only one I can talk to. You've helped me when no one else could---or would. And you're helping me right now." They kiss…

Cristian is at Todd's building pushing on the button, impatient for the elevator to come. "Come on, come on. Open up."

In the elevator, Todd and Evangeline are still kissing and they get hotter and sexier as the seconds fly by…

Layla is paranoid that Cris has spoken to Antonio by now about their conversation regarding Jessica.

Todd and Evangeline stop kissing now and she is mortified by her actions. She knows that shouldn't have happened, but he was hurting. He apologizes but she tells him not to.

Miles wanted to meet Jessica's family at first but now he sees that he would be pushing things. He never imagined that Jessica was his niece. "Is it all true?" Miles asks. Jessica says that it was bad what they said about Mitch but it is true. Jessica tells Miles that Spencer and Mitch were horrible people and it doesn't matter that he liked them. Miles has to wonder now if he will be considered to be a horrible person too. Cris pounds on the door and Jessica lets him in. "It's personal. You're going to have to go man," Cris says to Miles.

Michael denies that he gave John an alibi and he didn't tell his wife that he was with John in the hospital because he knew that she would worry. He didn't want her to know that he was so close to the killer. "I found John and I found him home. I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to suspect John. Trust me, Marcie. John had nothing to do with Spencer's murder."

Rex knows that Todd thinks that he has been the only one to look into Tommy's life. So he is sure that if Todd wants to look into it further, he will probably hire Rex again. Rex figures that he will just come up with more lies. This isn't going to be easy. He and Adriana will have to live with this for the rest of their lives. "I am so proud of you," Adriana says. "For taking care of your godson." Adriana wants to make a pact that they will keep this secret, and make sure that Michael gets away with this.

John comes to see Michael and needs to talk to him alone. Marcie goes to get Tommy, even though Michael tells her that she doesn't have to go. She will go. "It's all right. I'm just going to get our things and I'm going to get out of here," she says walking out. Michael turns to his brother now.

Adriana has Rex feeling better and she offers to make him feel good now. They kiss.

Nash just wants to forget all about the incident with Cris. He knows that Cris didn't talk to Antonio as Antonio would be in his face right now. Layla warns Nash to keep his mouth shut about this from now on, and she advises that he had better stay away from Jessica or this will blow up in their faces.

Miles leaves the office as Cris has asked him to.

Cris tells Jessica that he overheard Nash talking to Layla about her almost having sex with him. Jessica wasn't expecting that. Cris knew it. He had a feeling that Nash was lying when he heard the gossip. But a second look at Jessica's face tells him that what Nash was saying was the truth. Cris demands to know what the hell is going on with her.

Evangeline still wants to stay and be with Todd if he needs her but he tells her that she really should go. She leaves the elevator and Todd punches the wall after she is gone.

Michael asks John what's up. John can see that something is bothering him. Michael says that he finds it is funny that his brother is still looking for Spencer's killer. John doesn't know what that means. It sounds to him like maybe Michael knows who the killer is. "Hey, Mike, you know something, you tell me now, all right, and I can help you. If you don't, it's only going to get worse." That sounds strange to Michael and so he turns to his brother with a confused look on his face.

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