OLTL Update Monday 2/19/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/19/07


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex models for the underwear company creators. Layla and Adriana pin him and check out the shorts which are unfortunately too small for him. Still they can work with that. Someone comes to the door and Rex scrambles for his pants before he is caught with everything out for show. Michael asks if this is a bad time when he sees Rex putting his pants on. Layla says that she has to go to work anyway and leaves. Michael is there to tell the couple what Spencer has done from the grave.

Todd calls Evangeline and asks if she thinks that the average Sun reader will remember that Nora's ex-husband was forced out of the closet. Evangeline doesn't want to hear this. Poor Nora's house just burned down. Todd would like to see Evangeline but she says that she is meeting Cris. He tells her to bring him if she wants. he will be up all night doing work. She gets off the phone and Cris is there to see her. She apologizes for missing Jamie's birthday party. Cris knows that she is a good friend to Todd but that doesn't meant that he is a good friend to her. He will do anything to get what he wants and friends are no exception.

Jessica shows up at the office and Todd is there working as he told Evangeline he would be. She looks unhappy and disappointed for some reason. He tells that he has had a rough day and wonders what it is that she has to talk to him about. She is sorry that he has had a rough day, cause she has to tell him something that he probably won't like. She has been after Miles all day and wasn't able to get anything that was print-worthy. She couldn't get an interview with Miles and feels that she isn't any good.

Layla checks out the wine that Nash has selected at Capricorn. She sips. She loves it and critiques it as a professional now that Nash has taught her all about wine-tasting. He nods his head in agreement with all that she has to say about the wine and they settle in for a talk. She gives him a gift. It is a pair of undershorts that she and Adriana have designed. Nash says that he likes the underwear but doubts that any young ladies will be seeing him in them any time soon.

Marcie is enjoying her time at home when Roxy arrives asking if Marcie has any knitting needles. She has a bizarre creation coming from her knitting needles. She has been making a blanket. "You got any vodka?" Marcie says that she hasn't got that, but she checks for something else. Michael isn't around and Roxy thinks about that. She knows about guys going to buy cigarettes and never returning. Roxy suspects that Mikey-Mike has a little something going on, on the side.

Michael tells Rex and Adriana about the silver baby cup that he and Marcie received and how the card that he intercepted named Todd as the father to his child. He tells that Spencer arranged for them to get that after he died and Michael was just barely able to intercept the card ending up in Marcie's hands. Rex and Adriana are dumbfounded by the things that they hear. Even with Spencer's death, things still haven't died down for the couple who want to keep their child.

Cristian and Evangeline get into an argument. They can't agree on how things are with Todd. They missed each other the night before and both are sorry for that. Cris can't believe that they are fighting over Todd Manning of all people. Cris doesn't like this and decides that the night will be about the both of them and nothing else tonight. She will agree to that but wants him to agree to make one little stop before they concentrate on themselves for the rest of the night…

Jessica tells that Miles has been ducking her calls and she feels that she is too rusty to handle this job. Todd calls Miles and asks the man to come down to his office to see a list of suspects in the Spencer Truman murder. Todd knows that Miles is Spencer's cheerleader and will be interested in something like this. "I will be right there," Miles says before hanging up. Todd turns to Jessica who stands before him amazed. "Ah," Todd says. "Better fire up that tape recorder. I smell a story."

Layla critiques Nash while at the bar, telling him that he is alone because he gives out that vibe that he is only good for someone else. She can tell that he is stuck on Jessica and he doesn't even bother to deny it. He can't help himself. He loves her and he can't hide it. Layla can tell that and shudders at the repercussions of what that would do to the people around Antonio and Jessica. Nash doesn't want to hurt anyone. He is just going with his feelings. He tried to keep quiet but couldn't.

Evangeline says that Todd will be trashing Nora in his paper the next day and she said that they would come over and talk to him about that to talk him out of it. Cris wishes that she had asked him before rescheduling the events of their date. The last place that he wants to be is with Todd. He despises the man. Evangeline offers to cancel the visit to Todd's office but Cris tells Evangeline to just go and see Todd, but he will not be going with her. She is surprised by the venom with which he says that.

Michael is concerned about this family…his son especially. Rex and Adriana have no kids and so Michael feels that they have no idea what he is anxious about here and why it is so important that he keeps this secret. He just wants to protect his child and do whatever it takes to do that. Rex hands Michael the fake death certificate as a solution to his problems. Michael doesn't think that Todd will buy this but Rex knows that this is their best shot to get Todd off their backs.

Miles arrives at the office and asks Todd who it was that killed Spencer. Todd says that he will reveal that after Miles has an interview with Jessica. Miles can tell right away that he has been fooled. He can see that Todd just used the idea of knowing who the killer was to get him over there. Todd can see that Miles is scared for some reason, or maybe he has something to hide. He promises that if Miles leaves the office this way, he will find out what it is that the man is hiding.

Marcie knows that Michael isn't cheating on her, and laughs at Roxy suggesting so. That never occurred to her at all. She knows Michael and that's not it. She has to pause and think though when Roxy asks if Michael has been bringing home gifts. Apparently, in Roxy's vast experience, that is what men do when they are cheating on their wives. Marcie doesn't say so, but she did receive a silver, baby sippy cup from Michael that she really wasn't expecting.

Michael is calm now and has a drink with Adriana. He looks at a picture of his family and allows Adriana to let him believe that he and his family will be safe and remain a unit. This is tough. Michael almost forgot how to sleep. Adriana says that she and Rex have been like that too. Michael knows that Rex and Adriana have no idea what this thing means. He has to hide his son's true identify from his wife and Tommy for the rest of his life and he hasn't any idea if he can do that.

Cris is firm on this. He knows that Todd is Evangeline's friend but Todd will not be Cris's friend…not ever. Evangeline begs Cris to hold off for an hour until she gets this thing with Todd straightened out. Cris knows that this is just Todd's way of using Evangeline because Blair doesn't want him.

Miles says that he is just choosing not to share the private details of his life with the public and that he hasn't anything to hide. Jessica can relate as she had a recent issue with her identity. Todd tells Miles that he can tell his side of the story where Spencer is returned. This is a way to be the man's friend. If he doesn't do this interview, then Spencer will be seen as a murderer and nothing better. That is enough to get Miles's approval. Todd leaves the office so that Jessica can do her interview. Miles hasn't done anything like this before and so Jessica tells him to relax.

Todd is outside the office leaving a voicemail for Evangeline, telling her that she is late. He says that he is coming to her at Capricorn instead. The elevator arrives and Rex steps off. Todd doesn't want to talk to him, but Rex insists. He has something for to. He sees that it is a death certificate and doesn't understand. "It's your son's," Rex says.

Layla knows that Nash better do something with his feelings. She doesn't want to see Antonio hurt this way. Nash can't stuff his feelings away. Nash tried to be quiet but admits that he did make his feelings known to Jessica…Cristian and Evangeline are at a table arguing in Capricorn. Cris feels that Evangeline has been manipulated and is still being manipulated. Evangeline thinks about this and tells Cris that she feels that he is right. She decides to call Todd and tell him that she will be spending the whole evening with her boyfriend.

Adriana uses her example to make Michael see that he will be fine keeping this secret. She understands that Dorian loves her and she understands that keeping this secret is Michael's way of protecting Tommy. Michael likes Rex and Adriana but they have lives of their own. Michael decides that it is time for him to go home, but Adriana wants him to stay until Rex returns. He can't.

Todd reads the death certificate. Rex says that he connected Truman to a couple who lived in Cleveland…but he couldn't find any documentation on the kid…"I got a sample of the kid's DNA and it was a match. The kid was your son. I tracked the kid to a hospital. He was very sick." Todd see the kid was named, 'Peter'. The man who raised Todd was named 'Peter'. Rex says that was a horrible coincidence. He has to go now.

Miles tells Jessica that his father thought that he was a religious man. "I didn't know this until later…but…anyway, the day that I was born, my father took one look at me and thought that my mother had given birth to a demon. He took me from my mother's arms and he left me in an institution…" She never visited her son. Miles thinks that maybe his mother thought that he was dead. Jessica is sorry but Miles tells her not to be. Then Miles realized that he was more hideous than everyone else. Then a new nurse came on staff. "I thought my father was right. That I was a demon. And I thought that everyone was right…Until I met Dr. Truman…He treated me like a human being."…Spencer couldn't understand this. Then Spencer told the man something that he thought that he wouldn't ever hear. "I can give you the face that you were meant to have…" And he did it.

Todd gets on the elevator now upset. The takes his briefcase and uses it to bang at the walls o the elevator. Papers from the briefcase go flying…Todd remembers Spencer telling him that Tommy was dead…He was heartless, telling Todd that he was right to take the little boy away from him. Then he called Todd a disgusting little twerp.

Roxy is sure that Mikey has a little chicky on the side. Marcie will not believe that. Still, Roxy tells Marcie that men have the equipment and like to use it…and not always with the same woman. She feels that something is wrong but not that. Roxy tells Marcie that if she ever does find her knitting needles, they can be used for something else besides knitting.

Cristian and Evangeline hug before she sets off to talk to Todd. She promises that she will be right back.

Miles tells Jessica that the couldn't believe that Spencer could do the surgery that he promised. He was in a sanitarium but couldn't imagine living outside those walls. He had no idea where he could go, or what he could do. He could read and write but had no skills. He was trapped. He would have killed himself sooner or later if Spencer hadn't saved him.

Todd is in the elevator and Spencer talks to him. "My favorite moment, personally, was when I told you that I would only save Blair's life if you left her." Spencer loved watching Todd almost get executed. He says that TJ went to hell. "…You really think that the big guy upstairs wants to keep company with anyone related to you?" Spencer knows that he is in hell and he promises Todd that he will take really good care of TJ, "…until you join us, of course. See you soon."

Marcie arrives home and goes to Marcie who looks at him strangely. He said that he was going out to get laundry detergent but he hasn't any. He offers to go and get it now when she blurts out. "Roxy thinks that you are cheating on me!" Michael says that he isn't and that he loves her. She believes that immediately but knows that he has been lying to her. She demands to know the truth. She demands to know the truth about where he was the night of Spencer's murder.

Rex arrives at Adriana and tells her that it was brutal over at Todd's place. Rex saw the hope drain from Todd's eyes when he took the man's son away from him.

The elevator opens and Evangeline starts walking on when she finds Todd with his head down and papers all over the elevator. "Todd! What happened?"

Nash tells Layla about how he and Jessica came forward with their feelings but then Nash clamps up. He only admits to kissing Jessica and Jessica kissing him back…In the background, Cris hears everything.

Miles tells Jessica that he stopped dreaming and hoping until he met Dr. Truman. Now Miles has to listen to the things that people said about him. Jessica is affected by Miles and his last name…'Laurence'. She knew someone by that name, she tells. "Mitch Laurence." Miles is familiar with that name. "Mitch Laurence was my brother," Miles says. Jessica freezes.

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