OLTL Update Friday 2/16/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/16/07


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Viki is surprised the Asa has shown up at her house unannounced. She would have come to see him since he is still recuperating. He has something that he would like to talk about that to him is very important. He sits at the table in the room and faces Viki now. He tells her that she has to get Clint back on the altar. Viki laughs. She had one date with Clint and it ended up with her in the office. Asa just wants her to hurry and get Clint before he ends up in the clutches of that she-devil Dorian Lord.

Dorian shows up for her appointment to meet with Lindsay at a restaurant. She talks French as she chats with the Maitré D. As she is talking to the good man who has just reported that Lindsay hasn't arrived yet…he gets a call from Clint who is calling to confirm his table at the same restaurant. He is assured that his reservation is fine for the evening. Dorian hears every word and smiles at the idea of having an opportunity to make Lindsay's dreams come true as well as her own.

Miles has gone to see Marty at her office. He hopes that she will agree to be his psychiatrist and she can't imagine why he would want her of all people in town. He heard some nice things about her and thinks that she would be perfect for his needs. She is a little leery of taking on a patient who was such good friends with Spencer who almost killed her. She isn't sure what his motives are in coming to town after Spencer's death and they seem to disagree about what kind of person Spencer was.

Natalie knows that she was wrong for what she did when she took the evidence and complicated the case, but she really felt that she had no choice. John only sees that what she did was criminal and just plain wrong. She knows that it was criminal but that didn't matter at the time. John agrees with that statement but that doesn't mean that the whole matter is going to go away. "So, are you going to arrest me?" Natalie asks now, knowing that John is true blue and is probably thinking about it.

Matthew shouts for his mother who lays at the bottom of the stairs unconscious while the fire rages around them. Matthew is still upstairs and finding it hard to breath and getting harder all the time. He looks out through squinted eyes. Suddenly an explosion erupts and the way down the stairs is blocked when the flames rise to where Matthew is. "Mom!" Nora wakes and starts crawling on her stomach. She can hear her son calling to her. She calls back. "Matthew!"

Cole and Starr are at a designated meeting place again, talking but pretending not to be. The last thing that they need is for their parents or someone sympathetic to their parents catching them talking and hanging out when they have been forbidden to do that. They know that they are going against the rules but they can't seem to stay apart. Starr seems a little bored this time around. "There are other meeting places you know?" Starr says to Cole. He knows that but they have few choices in where they can go and what they can do.

Marty doesn't understand why Miles wants her help and she is not pleased to hear that he is staying in town a while.

Natalie tells John that she threw out the fibers that she stole. She thought that she would be permanently protecting John if she got rid of them. John only sees that there could have been DNA on the fibers from someone else. She wanted to tell him this a while before, but she never got the chance. He finds her saying that now to be a little convenient. "Are you calling me a liar again?" she asks.

Nora advises her son to get on the ground and stay down just like she taught him to do for just such an occasion. He is on the ground but it is still hard to breathe. He isn't on the stairs now. Nora crawls along the floor on her elbows making her way to him. Matthew lays limp on the floor now waiting for his mother to reach him.

Natalie tells John how she came to think what she did about him being a killer. She had no choice and she wants him to see things from her perspective. She comes to the hospital, and finds Michael dragging John out secretly when he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Then when she goes to the crime scene, she finds fibers like the ones on John's scarf present. She had to take them to protect him. He still expects that she wouldn't have thought that he was a cold-blooded killer. Now because of what she has done, Spencer's killer may never be caught. "Is that so bad?" Natalie asks.

Miles likes that Marty helped Spencer and that is why he has come to her for help. He had counselors at the other place he was in. They were helpful but he didn't have a say in where he would go. His family put him on lay-away and the hospital became his life. But now it is all over and he won't live in regret. She likes his good attitude and he sounds forgiving. "I never said that I forgave anyone," he corrects. "That is why I need you."

Cole takes a chance and sits directly beside Starr. She tells him that he is crazy. They could get caught at any minute. He wonders why she likes to be with him. She tells that she is with him because she wants to be with him. She would like to be with him in public, but it doesn't matter. "I really like you Cole!" They move together and kiss. "Starr?" Blair has come up behind the two. "What are you doing?"

Dorian is at the restaurant when Clint arrives and she suggests that they have a drink while Viki and Lindsay are on their way.

Viki loves Asa but she can't talk about this now with him. She has to go and meet Clint for dinner. Asa is happy to hear that and even offers to drive Viki to the date. Someone is at the door when the party is about to leave. It is Lindsay. She is surprised to see that Asa is there. He and Nigel leave with Asa warning Viki that she shouldn't let Lindsay make her late for her appointment. Lindsay tells Viki that she needs help with a charity event that she is hosting. She needs Viki to help with this right now and not the next day. Viki will give her a minute. Lindsay fumbles around and then finally blurts out "Lupus." She says the charity event is for Lupus. This hits home for Viki as her daughter Megan died form Lupus.

Bo hears of the fire over the police radio and rushes to get out. "That's Matthew and Nora's house. Let's go!" Officers fly into action.

Matthew is out cold upstairs and Nora manages to get a blanket to cover her head as she makes her way up the stairs. She has to use the fire extinguisher first to blow at some flames before she actually heads up to get her son, who doesn't answer her call anymore.

Blair grabs Cole and tells that she is taking the boy to his mother. Starr is embarrassed but Blair doesn't care. She drags Cole to the door and out of there. Starr follows.

Miles finds Marty unlike the other therapists that he has seen. He doesn't find her objective. If she were, she would just take his case, but she is more worried that she isn't the right fit for him. He asks about why everyone thinks that Spencer was evil. Marty corrects that and says that Spencer has evil in him. She didn't mean demonic possession by any means. Marty says that Spencer was sick and if time had gone by he would have been a serial killer. Miles disagrees. Miles feels that even if Spencer did these things that everyone says, he must have felt he had to for whatever reason. Marty sees that Miles really saw the good in Spencer. She would like to discuss this more but Miles will only do that if she agrees to take him on as a patient.

John is upset that now there is a new killer in town. Natalie feels that if anyone should understand why she did what she did, he should. He understands that she wanted to protect him but all she did was put his life and her career at risk. He isn't going to arrest her, but she still feels that she should go and tell her uncle what she has done. John wants them to go together and talk to Bo. They will let him figure out what to do next.

Nora gets to her son upstairs and crawls to him, while under the blanket. She is relieved when she sees him. "It's okay," she says to him. He doesn't responds and the flames fly higher and higher around them.

Matthew isn't getting up and Nora decides that she will get her son out of there if it is the last thing that she does. She puts on the hood of her sweater and throws Matthew over her shoulder. She turns then and walks out of the room and into the flames which is the only way out of the house.

Lindsay decides that on second thought, she won't have Viki help with the fundraiser. Viki wants to do it. She tells Lindsay that they both have something in common. They both have lost daughters. "You know she died on Valentine's Day," Viki says. Lindsay is really sorry that she came over now. She admits to Lindsay that she still talks to her daughter, as Lindsay does. They both admit to feeling better after doing that. The pain never really goes away, but it just becomes a little more bearable. Lindsay can relate. Viki feels that this really isn't the natural order of things. Parents shouldn't bury their children. Lindsay apologizes again for bringing this up. "No…What do you want me to do?" Viki takes off her coat and settles in a bit. Lindsay stops talking. "I can't do this to you," Lindsay says.

Clint and Dorian decide to spend some time together now and they walk off together to get a table.

Marty is with Miles in her office when Blair bursts in. "Oh now why am I not surprised?" Marty demands to know what this is about. "I want you to keep your little bastard away from my daughter!" Blair shouts.

Nora gets Matthew to the windows of the house and by that time, Bo and the officers are already there. Bo sees her trying to make her way out and she does. "He's not breathing Bo," Nora says of Matthew as she lays him on the ground. Bo flies into action, pinching the child's nose and holding his mouth open as he breathes into it. Nora watches, hoping for the best. The officers all clamor around as well to see if Bo is going to be able to save his son or not.

After a few more moments, Matthew is coughing and all rest easy.

Miles sees that it is time to go. Blair tells Marty that if she doesn't keep her son away from her daughter she will get a restraining order. Marty wonders if she should get one against Starr. Blair turns and storms out slamming the door. Cole says that he just couldn't help seeing Starr and kissing her.

Clint and Dorian talk about the murder and the photos that Dorian gave him of Zane who is in London with his parents. Asa got a real big kick out of them. Dorian knew that he would enjoy them. He likes the way that she has been lately. She tells him that he ain't seen nothing yet.

Lindsay confesses that she has no intention of making a Lupus charity. She tells how Dorian is behind all of this. She says that Dorian is at the Palace right now with Clint. Viki doesn't hate Lindsay for what she has done but Dorian…Now that is quite another matter.

Bo tells Talia that Matthew seems okay physically. Since he got the oxygen, he has been okay. Talia knows that the boy is going to be just fine. Bo is going to take the squad car and tells Talia that she needs to get a ride with someone back to the station. Talia insists on taking him to the hospital. Chief Mychal comes to Bo and tells him that this fire wasn't accidental. Bo finds that hard to believe and needs more info on why the fire looks deliberately set. "It looks like more of your arsonist's handiwork".

Talia takes the commissioner to the hospital and gives him coffee. She fixes it for him and he thanks her for that. It really hits the spot. She offers to help if he needs anything else but he is fine. He tells that Matthew is having a lung-function test. "I almost lost a son tonight." Talia knows that this has to be hitting the commish pretty hard too. She has seen the picture of his son Drew on the wall of heroes. Drew was killed just before Matthew was born and Bo has a feeling that Drew was up there keeping an eye on his little brother. Talia gets the feeling that Bo thinks of all of his officers as 'his boys'…'and girls', he corrects. She smiles. She says that just because Drew's not here, doesn't mean that Matthew doesn't have family. "He's got a couple dozen big brothers and sisters I can think of and we will help if we can help it." Talia is suddenly embarrassed by all that she has been saying but Bo tells her that she said the perfect thing.

Miles arrives at the restaurant and takes a table near Clint and Dorian. He hears as they laugh and jokes. Viki comes in next and Viki thanks Dorian for warming her seat. Dorian leaves suddenly wishing Viki and Clint a lovely dinner. She goes out of the dining room and damns Lindsay for not handling her part of this plan.

Cole knows that he really screwed up by what he did at the party. He tells his mother how he was talking to Tate Harmon and how he told him to take responsibility for what he has done. Marty understands and agrees with that. She only wants Cole to stay away from Starr and her family. There are bigger issues and as long as Cole stays away from Starr, everything will be alright.

Starr is heading to Marty's office and the door opens. Cole sees her but Blair grabs Starr before she can get to the office. Marty closes the door. Starr and Blair argue over her seeing Cole. She knows that her mother hates Marty but that hasn't got anything to do with her having a friendship with Cole. Blair tells that she knows so much more about all this than her daughter does. "Everything will be just fine as long as you stay away form Cole Thornhart…got it?"

John tells Natalie that they can't talk about this anymore until they talk to Bo about it. She would like to talk but he can't do that now and doesn't even look at her. She leaves the office and realizes that things can get worse.

In the office, John sits alone. He thinks aloud. "I was never in Blair's room. Never even came close to Truman's body. So how the hell did the fibers from my scarf wind up on his corpse?"

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