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One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/15/07


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Nash shows up earlier than expected to drop the baby off and Jessica whispers to him that Antonio is there in case he says something that he shouldn't. She lets him in to get the baby and she gets her coat. She has to go to work now. Nash didn't know that she was going to work, or that she even had a job. Antonio comes out all proud of his wife on her first day of work. He tells Nash how Jessica will be interviewing someone connected to the Spencer Truman case that day. He worries about her safety, but she is sure that she will be fine. She starts leaving and Antonio starts following her. Antonio stops Nash. He wants to speak to Nash after she is gone.

Miles is getting out his best black suit and he holds it up against his body as he looks into the full-length mirror. When he looks at his face in the mirror, he sees the old Miles. The Miles with the swollen brows and puffy head. The one with the bloated face. He is immediately angered by the sight…which really isn't there. He wants it to go away. He throws something that he mirror and breaks it to pieces…many, many pieces. When Miles looks back at the shards, he can't make head nor tails of anything that he sees now.

Natalie bumps into Talia at the station as they are both absentmindedly walking by each other. They both apologize for crashing into each other and they sit in opposite chairs. Natalie seems visibly preoccupied and so the ladies take a minute to talk and catch up. Talia is inquisitive, and so Natalie tells that she knows that John is there working from the break of dawn. He left early that morning to come in and get a head start on the Truman case. She turns nervously to the door.

In John's office, he uses the magnifying glass to look at the two pictures that should look relatively the same…but don't. Something is wrong. One picture is exactly the same in all important respects, but one. John knows what happened, but not who or how. Someone tampered with evidence and by the way that they got in and out of there without causing suspicion, that person knew what they were doing and did it well. John puts the magnifying glass down now and thinks.

John sits on the couch in his office to ponder this and suddenly sees his scarf there. He picks it up and looks closely at it. He then makes a call asking for a blowup of the pictures.

Talia is there when Vincent arrives. She says that there is no news on his buildings and who torched them. They had a suspect the night before but they lost him. Vincent is actually there to see Natalie and not ask about the arson. Vincent goes to Natalie to hand her some coffee and she ends up knocking it over. He helps her clean her desk up and asks what is wrong. She tells that the thing that they talked about the night before could come back to haunt her if John figures it out.

Adriana sees that Tate Harmon is standing behind Rex and she points him out. Rex turns to look at the sports god and the man says 'Hi', to Adriana over Rex's shoulder. Rex can't believe it. Adriana knows this guy.

Antonio tells Nash that there is to be a big party on February 23rd and that he will have a lot of managing to do. He can bring a date if he wishes but Nash says that he and Layla are only friends so he will be strictly working that night.

Jessica arrives at her interview's door to get in. A bellboy walks by and she gives him the story that she is the guy's girlfriend and that she has been locked out. The kid really isn't supposed to do this but he does it anyway. "Make it fast!" he says walking off. Jessica gets inside the place and talks to a recorder as she searches the room. "…The garment bags on the rack are all bought from the hotel boutique." Jessica goes to the clothes hung on the rack and when she separates the hanging garments. Miles suddenly appears. He had been hiding in the clothes and now he jus stares at Jessica. "Hi! I'm Jessica and I brought you coffee!" she says smiling. He isn't amused.

Nash and Antonio are at the apartment and Antonio wants to work out duties that have to be done…Nash can't stop thinking of Jessica and he when he looks at the bed…Nash finds this whole thing very weird. Antonio can't understand why it would be.

Miles has no idea who Jessica is or what she is doing there. She says they had an appointment. Her office set it up. He remembers her office calling but he told them that he had no idea what she wanted to talk to him about. Jessica didn't expect to be the only reporter there. She is the only person that he has been approached by. He considers throwing her out, but she begs him not to as this could be a really big break for her. Why should he care, he wonders. She asks her questions anyway, keeping them light. She sees he is ready to go out and asks where he is going. He says nothing. He talks though about Spencer and how he owes the man a lot. He shows Jessica the picture of the way that he used to look. Jessica tries to hide her horror.

Adriana says that she saw Tate the other day at the diner where they are now and they bumped into each other. Rex begs for an introduction and Adriana gladly calls the man over. Tate hopes that he gets Adriana's name this time. Rex is stunned and it shows. He offers a seat to Tate at his table.

Nora comes to see Marty and they talk lightly for a bit and then Marty wonders why it is that Nora has come to visit. "Who killed Spencer Truman?" Nora asks.

Vincent asks what it was that Natalie did that was so bad. Natalie tells thaw she has been afraid of losing John and she has been doing things to make their lives better and he doesn't like that. "So what did you do when he was acting crazy?" Natalie suddenly clams up. She says that she is really busy and this talk isn't helping her. Vincent will back off but he wants her to understand that keeping things bottled up inside isn't healthy. That is why he lost Layla. "No," Natalie says. She feels that he lost Layla because he did a crummy and dishonest thing. "But if anyone knew what I did…" Natalie's voice trails off. She sees John leaning in the doorway behind Spencer as she talks. Vincent follows her eyes and sees John behind them. John doesn't move…

Antonio understands that things have changed with Jessica as far as Nash is concerned. He says that sometimes Jessica is different than she would usually be. Like the job for instance. Antonio gets a call and has to take it. It's work.

Miles tells Jessica how he keeps the picture of himself as the old Miles in his wallet to remind him what Spencer did. Jessica wonders if Miles knows of the things that Spencer did when he was alive. Miles really doesn't want to dwell on that. She is fine with that. she thanks Miles for not calling the cops on her. She offers her cellphone number to Miles in case he decides that he wants to talk some other time. He needs to get to his meeting now. Jessica says that he can't go that. She fixes his collar for him. She picks out a jacket for him and soon he is transformed and looks very well put together. She wants to walk down with him. He knows that she is there because she thinks that he is up to something but he tells her that he isn't.

Adriana sits on the sidelines and listens as Rex and Tate talk baseball. Tate blew out his arm, but he doesn't think of it as the end of the world. He has endorsements and speaking engagements. He is still a lucky guy. Rex asks if the man would take a picture with Adriana for him. Tate likes that idea and scooches up to Adriana. "Say cheese!"

Nora doesn't get an answer from Marty about who killed Spencer and so they talk around the case. Nora feels that John is far too close to the case to be working on it. Marty says that Blair feels that she unleashed Spencer just to get back at Todd. Marty wanted to make a home in Llanview and now she really feels like she doesn't have a prayer there.

Natalie says that she was only talking about the arson case with Vincent…that's all. He accepts that and moves on to Donna the forensics teacher who headed the sweep of evidence the night off Spencer's murder. John takes Donna into his office…Natalie remembers this woman from the night of Spencer's murder. Natalie took evidence out of the room, right under her nose…Natalie tells Vincent that woman could end everything for her.

In John's office, he tells Donna that he has called her there to talk about the day that Truman was murdered. John would like to know everyone who was part of the team that day.

Nora tells how Matthew loves having his mother back at home after Nora spent so much time in the hospital. Nora has a second chance and she doesn't want to blow it. Marty's advice to Nora is to be happy and grateful…"but keep your guard up".

Natalie tells Vincent that this woman Donna could potentially be her boss real soon. Vincent feels that Natalie is worrying about things that she doesn't have to. Vincent can tell that this woman has something on Natalie. He can see that Natalie worries that the woman is telling John right now whatever it is that Natalie doesn't want John to know.

Donna gives the names of everyone including Natalie as workers on the crime scene. Donna says that she knows that Natalie is John's girlfriend, but John doesn't want to hear talk like that. Donna goes on to say that she was a little concerned about Natalie being there. 'She was bent over Truman's body. I thought, 'Great! She's going to toss lunch on my victim." John looks interested in this statement. He also learns that at no time did Natalie leave the room. Donna feels that she has offered up all that she can and asks if she has answered all of John's questions. He tells her that she has.

Donna is paged and has to get going. John has more questions about Natalie showing up there but Donna is already out of there. John knows Natalie. She doesn't have a bad stomach. Miles enters and asks how the case to find Spencer is going. John doesn't have information for this guy and tells him to see himself out. Miles is concerned as John is one of the people who might have wanted Spencer dead. John suddenly is curious about where this guy was the day of the murder. Miles doesn't bother to answer that. "Show yourself out."

Vincent can't understand why Natalie just doesn't go into John's office and ask him what is going on with the case. She thinks that is a great idea. "You’re right!" He tells her that is the smartest thing that she has said to him since he got there.

Marty tells that she wanted to come home after the death of her husband but since she has returned, things have been wrong from the start. Nora gets a call from Matthew, and she has to go right away. "Matthew is running a fever." Nora plans to stay at home with her boy and have a rest.

Adriana can't believe that Rex made Tate throw make-believe pitches with him in the parking lot. Meeting Tate really made his month and Adriana was the one to make it all happen. They kiss.

Nora arrives home and gets Matthew up to his room. She looks at the medication and sees that it may cause drowsiness. "Oh God I hope so," Nora says.

The arsonist is back at work again. he has his can of turpentine and starts a fire.

Natalie starts talking to John about what she did. She explains that she has been trying to tell him something for a while now and she needs to get it out so that he knows. "You tampered with evidence at the Truman crime scene," John says. Natalie is silent and then she quietly says, "Oh, so you know." John confirms that and wants her to tell him why he shouldn't just have her locked up right now.

The fire is raging now. It is actually Nora's house that is burning. She is sleeping in the living room and hasn't realized yet that her house is on fire and that she and her son are in great danger.

Nash and Jessica sit at a table and she tells about Miles and how he will not answer questions readily. Jessica types her article as Nash listens. 'When I met him, he quoted Walt Whitman in answer to one of my questions. It was as if he enjoyed being an enigma.' Nash knows that with Jessica on the case, Miles will not be an enigma for long.

Finally, Nora's fire alarm goes off and she wakes. She sees the fire at the front of the house and suddenly breaks into action. She turns to the stairs and calls for Matthew as loud as she can. She then goes into the closet and gets the fire extinguisher. She holds it up but before she can get the spray going, the fire blows in the windows at the front of the house in an explosion of glass and debris. The event knocks Nora off her feet and on her back. She is out cold, in spite of the house burning down. Matthew comes to the top of the stairs and shouts for his mother. He can see her at the bottom of the stairs unconscious, but he can't get to her. The flames are starting to come through the stairs he is standing on. Matthew stands in terror, on the stairs now, not knowing what to do.

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