OLTL Update Tuesday 2/13/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/13/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

John arrives at work. It is his first day back to the station. Natalie is with him and she can't stop being a mother hen, even though she knows that he hates that. They walk over to his office and John opens the door. He finds Antonio's name plate on his desk. It is the first thing that he sees and it causes him to freeze dead in his tracks and just stare at it. That is where his name plate used to sit. John didn't really think about this happening to him and he stays quiet for a few moments, with Natalie behind him.

Nash can't stop thinking about the kissing with Jessica the night before. They were on her bed…well actually her bed that she shares with Antonio. They both understood their feelings for each other and he understood that it was Jessica that he is attracted to and not Tess…Not anymore…He shakes his head now to get the ideas of where those kisses could have led out of his head. He needs to stay focused. Nash gets back to playing with his daughter as they sit in the restaurant and he feeds her.

Viki comes over to see how Jessica is doing after the night before. Jessica closes the door behind her mother and they both move into the room to sit together. Jessica had no idea that her mother knew what went on the night before and she starts to panic. Viki says that Antonio said that she was sick, that was all, but Jessica obviously thought that her mother was talking about something else and Viki wants to know what that something else is. Jessica just stands with her mouth open and eyes wide.

It is Jamie's birthday today and the diner is decked out for that event! People are milling about, getting ready for the big event. Carlotta talks to Cris about his relationship with Evangeline and where it is going. She can't see why things are not moving along. They seem to be a solid couple so why not take things a step ahead? Cris loves Evangeline and knows that things are not perfect right now for that move to take place. Carlotta asks if something is in the way of their future together.

Evangeline is with Todd at the office this morning. They sit at his desk and talk like good friends. She can see that he is down and she knows why. His hopes for a future with Blair have been dashed and he had to attend that fiasco of a will reading the night before. Spencer made things 10 times worse by arranging for Todd to be given the blanket of his missing baby. Evangeline and he talk about his life now that he and Blair are apart. He hasn't any idea what he is supposed to do. "Throw a party?" He looks to the door and sees Blair entering.

Evangeline leaves immediately without talking to Blair, and Blair takes a seat across from Todd where Evangeline was just sitting. She sees the baby blanket that Spencer left for Todd sitting on the desk. Blair was at the Palace Hotel when Todd was handed the blanket. She knows that has to be making him miserable. It belonged to Tommy. Blair tells that she is there to deliver something. It is an envelope. It is her resignation from The Sun.

Clint sits with Nash and Bree at the table in the restaurant. Clint loves that baby. "She looks more like Jessica everyday." Clint is glad to hear that Nash is understanding how things are. He is finally referring to Jessica as 'Jessica', and not mixing her up with Tess. Clint gets up now and goes to see Dorian at her table. Clint is still angry that Dorian spooked the horse that Viki was about to get on. She is reading the paper which shouts that Rex is innocent. Dorian says that Rex is the love of Adriana's life and because of that, Dorian will get over her feelings for the boy. Dorian never ceases to amaze him. She is a lot of things and he has to admit that beautiful is one of those things. She loves that he hasn't forgotten that.

Rex and Adriana come to see Bo. Rex wants to say thanks and he shows Bo the newspaper. Bo reads a few lines but he didn't give a quote to the paper. He doesn't think that Rex is guilty of the murder, but Rex is guilty of something. Bo's guess is that Rex is covering for someone else. Rex shouts that he isn't lying and he won't lie. Bo knows that Rex is taking the 5th, and so he decides to turn to Adriana and ask who it is that Balsom is covering for.

John apologizes for busting in Antonio's office. Antonio says that he is moving to his new office now and that he will be out in no time. Antonio takes his name plate and replaces it on the desk with John's. Antonio tells John that there is an autopsy report for him on his desk from Truman's murder. Antonio takes off now. John is back in the thick of it right away but Natalie is strangely quiet. She tells John that when they were talking before, she was going to tell him something. He wants to get to work but she won't let him. "You need to hear this now!" He looks up at her concerned now.

Jessica tells her mother that Nash thought that Tess came out and that was it. Viki doesn't believe that. Jessica seem to be bothered by that for some reason…Jessica thinks about Nash with no shirt on top of her the night before…Jessica tells her mother that she needs a job to keep her busy. Viki feels that is a great idea as long as Jessica isn't running from something else. In fact, Viki thinks that work is a very good idea. She can come back to The Banner if she wants to work there but Jessica doesn't want that. Viki has to go and is quickly gone. Jessica grabs her coat and drags the door open. Nash and Bree are there. "She forgot her wrappie." Jessica knows that isn't the truth and then Nash fesses up. "I had to see you."

At the diner, Jamie gets a hug from Carlotta who is so glad to see her…Cris tells Antonio that their mother has been pressuring him to get moving with the relationship with Evangeline. She seems to think that something is stopping the young couple from making it official. Cris tells Antonio that the only problem may be Todd. Evangeline arrives for the birthday party and hands Jamie the birthday present that she has brought. Cris is glad to see Evangeline. Carlotta comes over and offers Evangeline something to eat. She has already eaten though. "With Todd."

Todd starts in again with the idea of he and Blair getting back together. She won't do that. She won't even do it for the children. Todd tells Blair that he will not be accepting her resignation and he rips up the letter she had handed him.

Adriana tells Bo that Rex has been honest with her about everything. They almost broke up before and she knows that Rex wouldn't risk their relationship by lying to her again. Bo has no choice but to accept what Adriana says. He turns to Rex again to give him another chance to come clean but Rex says he has nothing to say. He and Adriana leaves the office and Rex tells that Adriana was scary just now as she calmly lied to the commissioner. She had no choice just now. She knows that Todd is going to kill them if he learns of what they have done. Rex leaves now to go and see John and see how he is doing with the investigation.

Natalie is trying to tell John what she did with the evidence on Spencer but a cop comes in and welcomes the man back…after that the phone rings and after that Rex comes in. Natalie begs him to leave so she can talk to John but Rex says that this is cop stuff and so John asks her to leave. Natalie reluctantly goes out of the room. Rex brings up the Truman case with John. "What about it?" Rex asks him plainly to 'drop it'. John quietly looks up from his paperwork.

Jessica tells Nash that he didn't mean what he said the night before about loving her, but Nash says that he did mean what he said. He still cares for Tess but if he had to pick between Jessica and Tess… Jessica orders him not to say it. Nash knows that if Antonio hadn't come in when he did, they would have made love.

Blair finds she and Todd together toxic. She thinks that by them staying apart, they can be whole. She begs Todd to let her go and then she turns to leave. Adriana is at the door when Blair walks out. she tells Todd she will be sending for her things. Adriana can see that something is up but he ignores all that and thanks Todd for the article that he had printed about Rex being innocent of the murder. Todd tells her that Rex can do him a favor and find his kid.

Rex tries to make John see that whoever did this probably needed to do it. John can see that something is up here. Has asks Rex what this talk is really about.

Bo has his niece come in his office and he tells her that he knows that she was at the crime scene when Truman was found. Natalie says that she was only there a few minute. Bo wants to know if she saw anything that she could tell him about the murder that he might like to know about…Natalie remembers stooping by the corpse and stealing a significant piece of evidence because she thought that it might have caused her boyfriend to become a suspect…But now…in front of her uncle, Natalie decides to forget about all that.

Todd says that he wrote the article for Dorian and not to help Rex out. He and Dorian are working on something together. Jessica enters the office and Adriana thanks her again for the photo shoot that she did for her new underwear company. Adriana leaves thanking Todd again. Jessica tells Todd that she needs a job. She has been reading the paper and thinks that she could do a lot more with it. It is settled then. Todd hires her for the job.

Dorian shows Clint some of the pictures that she has received from Kevin and Kelly in London. Dorian has an idea but Clint gets a call. Dorian can hear the voice faintly and knows that Viki is on the line. She reminds Clint that it is Jamie's birthday and that he has to get over to the diner. Dorian hates that Viki calls and Clint leaves. He tells her that he is on his way to a party and will be late. She hands him some of her pictures to take for the party. Clint skedaddles. "Damn. Viki calls and you run."

Natalie says that she has no idea of anything that she saw that could help Bo more than what is in the autopsy report. Bo would have really liked her help solving this case. She knows what he means. "I'm all about helping John."

Rex doesn't play his hand right and John becomes suspicious of him for trying to push the investigation in the direction that he wants. John can't make head nor tails of anything that Rex is trying to tell him and he asks Rex point blank if he has something that he wants to tell about the killer. Rex hasn't anything to say, he says. He just hopes that John goes easy on the guy. "Oh, so not it is a guy and not a woman?" John asks. Rex sees that he isn't getting anywhere and he suddenly exits the office.

Todd gives Jessica the assignment to find out as much as she can about Miles. She gets her coat and heads out.

Blair arrives at the restaurant and finds Dorian still there. She tells how she just resigned from The Sun. She hates how being with Todd makes them both miserable. She has to leave Todd and has no idea what she will do with the rest of her life. Dorian has an idea and tells Blair that she should do something about her life right now. She warns Blair that if she doesn't get her life in order right now, two people will end up walking in the moonlight to go horseback riding. Blair has no idea what Dorian is talking about. Dorian tells of the party and how she wasn’t invited. She will get some presents and get over there right away.

Evangeline is at the party when she gets a call. "Todd?"…Cris is behind her and hears that bastard's name. He also hears when Evangeline asks if something is wrong. Todd decides to hang up instead of talk. Evangeline tells Cris that she was just talking to Todd and he doesn't sound good. She decides to go and check on him. She will be back soon, she promises. Clint has entered and he finds Viki right at the door. Jessica makes it in time too. Carlotta comes out with the cake and all gather around. Cris looks nervously to the door, but Evangeline isn't there.

Bo and John brainstorm. John thinks that this was all by chance. He thinks that the killer just came up on Truman by accident and took advantage of the situation. Bo thinks that could have been the way that things were done. "Hey did I tell you that I'm glad to have you back at work?" John smiles at his friend and mentor. "Because I am glad to have you back at work," Bo smiles as he walks out. John turns to his autopsy pictures now. "Okay, okay, what do we got? Talk to me. Who killed Truman?"

Jamie blows out her candles and everyone claps…Jessica and Antonio share a look…Clint and Viki do too…Nash is at a restaurant looking at a picture of his baby and smiling…Blair is at the restaurant looking at the classifieds for a job…Evangeline enters Todd's office and sees that he has broken a picture of he and Blair. She steps on it by accident. She goes to her friend and hugs him…Cris meanwhile is at the diner and he stands alone. He hands the last gift box which was his and Evangeline's to Jamie…Dorian is entering the diner and her daughter comes up behind her and hugs her before entering the party location…Rex sees the flyers about Tommy on the ground and he picks them up…Natalie comes to see John and she puts a bottle of evidence on his desk. He smiles at her and she leaves the office. John goes back to his crime scene pictures. Something is wrong. John compares two pictures of Spencer which basically shows the same thing…but…from different angels. John's face changes. "Son-of-a-bitch! Someone tampered with the evidence."

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