OLTL Update Monday 2/12/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/12/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie is at the diner on a barstool, and Vincent sits behind her at a table. She turns and sees him and wonders what he is doing there but he is just hungry. There is no other reason that he is there, he says. He worked up an appetite trying to figure out who torched his places, and that Cris didn’t burn his buildings. He is sorry for his assumptions about Cris and Natalie was right from the very beginning. He expects her to say, 'I told you so', but she won't say that. She sits with him.

While Talia is alone in the dark at the stakeout location, the arsonist shows up and she tries to get him under control but he takes off before she can get him. He is wearing a ski mask with holes for the eyes and mouth. He holds ups something that looks like a blowtorch. He is stunned at first since Talia is holding a gun on him but still he managed to run off. Talia dropped her gun and gets sidetracked when she goes to pick it up. "Talia!" Antonio shouts when he returns. "Are you okay?"

Jessica tells Nash that he needs to understand that Tess isn't coming back. She is never coming back. He had shown up at the house unannounced that evening and at that exact moment, Antonio had to go in for work. He didn’t seem to mind that Nash was there but Jessica did. She asked him why he came there. They had an understanding that they wouldn't spend as much time together and yet here he is. He was going to take Bree with him, but she fell asleep and that idea went out the window.

Spencer has just revealed that Miles has just inherited all of his money because he understands the value of loyalty and friendship. Spencer talks to all in the room by videotape. He has been annoying and picking at each of the people in the room. Paige, John, Blair, Todd and Evangeline listen as the dead man speaks. Dorian was so hurt by Spencer's comments about her being alone for the rest of her life due to her being a battle axe, that she immediately left the room. Spencer thinks about Todd now. He is sure that the man will have more kids in life, to replace the one that was taken from him .

Michael calms down when he sees that everything is okay at the house, and that there isn't anything dangerous in the gift box that Marcie had received while he was at the Palace Hotel listening to Spencer's gibberish. Marcie stands up laughing and shows her husband that baby cup that was gifted to her. She has no idea why he would be upset. Nothing is wrong and she can't understand why he would think that something was wrong. "I wanna know why your are so upset!" Marcie says.

Talia tells Antonio where the arsonist went and he runs after him with gun drawn, leaving Talia behind. She leans up against the chain-linked fence and holds her gun close to her.. A look of displeasure is on her face and she looks to where Antonio has run, hoping for the best. She is out of breath and tired-looking. She also looks upset with herself for not having had the situation under control when she had the chance. It would have been the perfect collar.

Jessica has a headache and feels real dizzy. Nash wants to call the doctor or Antonio but Jessica knows that this will pass. Nash agrees to stay with Jessica when she asks him to. He won't go anywhere.

Bo tells Lindsay that he is waiting for Paige who is upstairs in the Palace Hotel listening to Spencer's will. Lindsay tells that she is so glad to hear that Rex was cleared. She knows that kid couldn't be the killer. "he's not capable of it." Bo knows that but he knows that a lot of people would have killed Spencer to protect someone they loved.

Vincent guesses that Natalie has been having trouble with John and he is right. She gets up to leave but Vincent follows her. He apologizes for upsetting her and is sorry that he thought that Cris did this in the first place. He should have listened to her. She tells that she has been acting strange lately. She and John were fine and now they aren't. She says that she has been overreacting lately.

Evangeline has had enough of this and she leaves the room where Spencer is jabbing the knife at everyone he hates. Todd is more interested in who this man is that Spencer has been going on about. "…This poster boy for facial flesh-eating bacteria…" He is almost laughing as he points at the monitor where the puffy-headed man sits facing the camera. "It's me!" a voice says behind everyone. They turn to find a stranger behind them. He introduces himself as Miles.

Nash marvels at the way that Jessica takes care of the two little girls that she has and keeps going. It is no wonder that she is sick. She says that people get sick sometimes and that is all that was. She really wants to get back to the point that she was trying to make about Tess and her not returning. Nash assures her that Tess coming back isn't what he is all about anymore.

Lindsay tells Bo that Rex is a lot like him and she owes him a great debt for how he was with Jen. Lindsay knows that the poor kid wants to be exactly like Bo and that doesn't surprise her.

Dorian is downstairs when Evangeline comes down. Evangeline won't be a part of Spencer's attack. Spencer still manages to poison Todd and Blair and it is tragic. Two people want to be together and the only think keeping them apart is a dead man.

Miles says that he could have gotten there sooner but his flight was delayed. This man isn't disfigured like the man on the tape. Because of that, no one believes his is the man on the screen. Miles tells that he is the same man on the screen because of Spencer Truman.

Michael tells Marcie that he was the one who sent the baby cup with the engraving on it. He jokes that John wouldn’t do something like this. Marcie just assumed the cup came from someone else because it was left at the front desk. Marcie hasn't read the card yet and she runs to go and get it, while Michael sits staring at the silver, engraved cup, with the baby's initials on it.

Natalie tells that she got in the mother of all fights with John and now things are really bad. Vincent can't help. He isn't great in the love department. Natalie tells that Spencer is dead and he still comes between she and John. Natalie blames herself for the screw ups but Vincent doesn't think that people screw up on their own. It seems that Natalie thought that John killed Spencer but now Natalie doesn't think that anymore. Vincent reminds her that she was right about her feelings for Cris…

John questions Miles about his face and learns that Spencer saved the guy's life by doing the surgery. Spencer told Miles that he could reveal the man's true face. Blair doesn't care about this. Spencer hurt a lot of people, but not Miles. Miles thinks the world of Spencer and is in town to make sure that whoever took Spencer's life…pays for it.

Antonio returns to Talia and tells that he has lost the perp. He has a question though. It looked to Antonio like Talia had a clear shot. "Why didn't you take it?"

Nash tells Jessica how he can't even remember Tess anymore. When Tess was in the picture before, things are easy but now that she is gone, Nash is stuck. He is stuck with his feelings for Jessica. He respects her marriage and all that but he can't help it. In a strange way, Jessica understands what Nash is saying. Nash says that he doesn't want Tess back, and that is because if Tess came back, Jessica would be gone. "I'd miss you." Jessica stares into Nash's face with those big doe eyes. "I'd miss you too." They move their faces closer and kiss. Nash says that he doesn't want Tess back, and that is because if Tess came back, Jessica would be gone. "I'd miss you." Jessica stares into Nash's face with those big doe eyes. "I'd miss you too." They move their faces closer and kiss.

Bo doesn't think that he is a good role model. Lindsay disagrees. Rex used to be a weasel and now he has turned his whole life around. He has changed a lot and so has Lindsay, Bo realizes. Lindsay says that losing a child will do that to a person. Bo knows what that feels like. He sees that Lindsay came out of the loss of her son as a new person and he hopes that she never loses sight of that.

Evangeline is surprised that Dorian wants to see Todd and Blair back together. Dorian just wants to see Blair happy. She has tried to get Blair to look at Todd in a new light but Blair will not budge. Evangeline knows that Todd wants to see his relationship with Blair get back to where it was. Dorian wonders how Cris feels about Evangeline being friends with Todd of all people.

Todd tells how Spencer screwed the people over in Llanview. He feels that Spencer should have had a couple of more turns of the knife before dying. Miles asks Todd who he is. "What? You live under a rock?" Todd replies. Miles talks to John about the investigation and is a little surprised to find that he has now become a suspect in Spencer's murder as well as others.

Michael tries to cover that anything is wrong but Marcie gets him to eventually admit that he was at a reading of Spencer's will. "The man is sick…sick man who wanted people to suffer a little more than they already had." Marcie tells Michael that this all has to end here. She has her family and Michael is loved. They hug. She has food for him to eat if he is hungry and she goes off to get it. Michael has managed to get his hands on the card for the gift before Marcie sees it and he reads it now. "Happy Birthday, Todd Manning Junior. Love Spencer." Michael rips up the card in anger…

Talia didn't think that it was worth the risk to shoot the perp before he ran off. She says that shooting the man was her call and that if Antonio feels differently, he can reflect that in his report. She wouldn't expect anything less. She walks off.

At Antonio and Jessica's place, Jessica and Nash are wrapped in a kiss that is welcomed by both. The kiss is timid at first but after stopping to look in the other's eyes, they both know that this is okay and so the kissing gets heavier and more heated.

Bo gets a call and has to get going. He and Lindsay hug and while doing so, Paige returns and sees Lindsay and Bo together. She isn't pleased. She will fill Bo in on how the reading went on their way out. Paige turns to give Lindsay one last look before heading out.

Evangeline doesn't like the questions into her relationship with Cris. She asks Dorian to respectively…"Butt out!" She turns and walks off. Dorian turns in the other directions.

Miles just can't understand the man who did so much for him, doing these heinous acts. He would like to watch this tape from the beginning. The attorney who has set this up tells Miles that the can stay for the night if he likes. The lawyer leaves and Todd is ready to go as well. Blair will be with him in a minute. She hands Miles the engagement ring and explains that she doesn't want it and he can remember Spencer with it if he wants. Miles doesn't want the ring. He just needs to look in the mirror if he wants to remember his friend. Blair leaves the ring on a table and walks out. An angry look comes to Miles' face now that he is alone.

Antonio covers for Talia and she is grateful for that. Bo accepts the story as told to him by two of his finest and he checks out the crime scene for evidence. Antonio tells Talia that she should realize now that if there is something that she needs to tell him, she should trust him to let him know what it is.

Nash and Jessica tear at each other's clothes and claw at each other as they make it to the bed. Their lips never part, and they are like a runaway train. They can't stop. He has her on the bed now and he climbs on top of her where he feels he has always belonged.

Vincent tells Natalie that John is a damn fool, if he can't appreciate he for being willing to do anything to protect her. Natalie needed to speak to someone and told Vincent that she did something that John doesn't know about. it was for his own good but she can't have him find out.

"I can't find out what?" Vincent lies saying they were talking about something frivolous and John buys it but with some suspicion.

Nash and Jessica are about to cross the line, when they suddenly look at each other and move away from each other quickly. They straighten up their clothes, and just in time. Antonio walks in the door and the two try not to look suspicious. Jessica says that she hasn't been feeling well. "You look flushed," he tells her. Nash rushes to get Bree and he rushes out with her. Antonio puts Jessica immediately to bed and kisses her forehead.

Marcie wants to see the card now, but Michael says that he threw it out and it is long gone. He will try to remember what it says and write it down for her sometime soon. She looks at the cup again. "Perfect!" Michael frowns looking at the cup. "Yeah…Perfect."

Blair walks off and Dorian tells Todd in private that she will help him with Blair. She wants Todd to help her disabuse the police of the notion that Rex knows who it was who killed Spencer Truman.

Miles is alone now in the suite and he holds the remote to listen to Spencer. He is touched by the words that Spencer says of his true and loyal friend Miles. He stops the tape and is visibly touched.

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