OLTL Update Friday 2/9/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/9/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio and Jessica are on the couch having alone time. They are kissing and Antonio really wants to be with her right now. It is nice and quiet for a change and they can't believe their luck. Bree is in bed and Jamie isn't there that particular night…Antonio pushes her gently to the couch to get down to business, but then the phone starts ringing. Bree starts crying on cue and Jessica heads to the baby's room. Someone is at the door as well. It is Nash. "Bad time?"

Cole and Starr sit at different tables and pretend that they aren't talking as they visit at the diner. He sits with his back to her and she sits behind him but still they talk. She complains a lot about their parents not having better things to do besides hounding them about their relationship. He offers to stop seeing her if that is what she wants.

The people assembled at the Palace Hotel, watch a video of Spencer who tells the group that he will have the last laugh even though he isn't around anymore. Todd and John get angry and order Jim the attorney to shut the tape off. He grabs the remote and does as he is told.

Marcie is upset that someone murdered Spencer. She didn't like Spencer but still. "He pushed everybody right up to the edge in this town. I just can't imagine who could have stopped him." Lindsay understands. Marcie confides that she kind of wishes that she would be the one to find out who did this murder.

Paige tells Bo about the meeting at the Palace Hotel. Bo wants to get up there but Paige tries to talk him out of it. Paige got to the suite first and no one was there but she stayed downstairs and she saw everyone go up. She doesn't want to go up there now. She wants no part of it.

Jim tells that this tape had been set up at the visiting room in the Llanview police department. They continue the tape and John jokes that there isn't anything like a good laugh. Spencer starts boasting and says that he has something to say and he knows that some of the people watching will be interested in this. His only son is dead and he is filthy rich, so he has decided to bequeath some of his riches to some of the people present. Spencer knows that David isn't there but that is okay as Spencer leaves him nothing but contempt. He promises the attendees that he has taken measures to see that each and every one of them gets exactly what they deserve.

Antonio is called into work and he leaves Nash and Jessica at the apartment. "You are not supposed to be here," she says.

Cole knows that they should just stay away from each other. Someone is bound to see them and get them busted. He gives her a chance to back out of their friendship but she won't. She gets up to leave. "I think that I know someone who can help us."

Spencer starts with Marty. He tells her that he fooled her about his mental illness, but that doesn't make her a bad person. He feels that she was blinded by her hatred for Todd. That saved him from 12 people in a trial and so he thanks Marty for helping him by using her hatred of Todd to help him. He has the lawyer give her a framed certificate for her good work…Spencer sets his sights on Evangeline next. He leaves a statute of a woman holding a balance for justice…Spencer calls Dorian a shrew and says that he took delight in taking David away from her. "I leave you this mirror sop that you can always stare at the only person who will always love you." She is handed the mirror and she thinks about throwing it at the screen where Spencer's image grins, but then she decides against that and leaves the room instead. John breathes a frustrated sigh…

Starr leaves Cole to go talk to this person who may be able to help her with her boyfriend. Cole sees Tate at the counter and can't help starting at him. Cole tells the man that he was at the assembly and that he is the reason why the man was asked to come and do the assembly. "I was the loser who was doing the steroids."

Antonio and Talia meet at the building. It is another one of Antonio's and they figure the arsonist is targeting it. They decide that they should wait and see if something happens.

Nash didn't realize that Antonio was going to leave the second that he showed up. Jessica says that doesn't matter. She just wants to know what was so important that he had to come over there to talk to her in person.

Dorian finds Bo and Paige downstairs at the Palace Hotel on her way out and she tells how Spencer has left some people things now that he is gone. Dorian suggests that Paige go up and find out what Spencer left her.

Spencer gets to Todd now and he says that he couldn't see what the man saw in Blair. He tells Todd over the machine that he never understood why he thought that he could get Blair. His satisfaction comes from the fact that Todd will never know where his son is. Spencer admits that he knows where the boy is. The attorney gives Todd the blanket that the boy was in after he was born. This is Todd's give. Spencer says that he has a special gift for Little TJ. It is to be delivered to his new mommy and daddy this very day. Michael tries to hide how intense he is feeling now.

Lindsay is on her way out of the apartment when she finds Starr coming in. Lindsay says 'hi' and leaves the apartment. Starr steps forward to Marcie and hands her a wrapped present. She says that someone at the front desk gave it to her and asked her to bring it to Marcie. Marcie takes the gift while holding Tommy in the other hand. "Oh!"

Tate likes that Cole owns up to what he did. He didn't have to do that. He likes that about this kid. Tate did hear about this kid. Cole says that he screwed up for the team. Tate knows that the boy did the drugs for himself and he is lying about it if he says otherwise.

Marcie decides to open the present later, and she and Starr sit for a visit. Starr tells Marcie that she is the coolest teacher by far because she knows what is going on with the kids at school and so Starr has come for advice. Marcie tells he to stay away from Cole. She will not tell Starr that she should see the boy because Starr wants to hear that. Marcie can't help her see the boy as her parents won't allow it. She thinks that Starr should just give this time. She is just making things worse if she keeps butting her head against the wall. Marcie won't fink if she sees the kids together, but there are others like Britney who has offered to watch the kids to make sure they stay apart.

Nash has gone to see the baby and thanks to him, she has fallen back to sleep. He offers to take her for the night but Jessica doesn't think that is a good idea. Suddenly she does think that it is and she offers to go and get Bree and her things.

Talia and Antonio sit together and drink coffee that she has in a flask. "It is Black tea flavored with spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, cloves. It's my father's recipe, actually." She talks kindly of her father but she doesn't seem to have good memories of home.

Bo shouldn't really crash the party but he would love to know what Paige thought of it. She decides to go upstairs after all but she is only doing it for him. Bo can see that Dorian is a little upset. She doesn't know why she shouldn't be. She just got invited to a dead man's party. Bo invites Dorian for a drink while they wait for Spencer's party to end. She leaves for a minute to 'freshen up'. Dorian goes behind a corner and calls Lindsay. She tells the woman to get into something slinky and come to the Palace Hotel.

Paige arrives at the party, and Michael leaves to get to work. The tape is restarted. Spencer now decides to talk to Blair from the grave. He really did love her. He would have done anything for her, but she turned out to be the lying manipulative whore that Todd always said that she was. Todd doesn't want Blair to hear this but she wants to hear it. Spencer tells that he has fixed things so that she and Todd can't ever be happy ever again. Spencer knows that Todd will never forgive her for making love to his enemy. Spencer knows that Blair loves him, in spite of what she told herself. Her gift is the engagement ring that he gave her before. It was returned to the lawyer when Spencer's personal belongings were delivered…Spencer now comes to Paige. He hasn't anything to say to Paige, but he tells that she was sauced that night even though she didn't kill Thomas. He leaves Paige a bottle of cheap champagne…Now last, but not least, Spencer comes to "Bom! Bom! Bom!" Spencer sings in an attempt to be dramatic. "…The Brothers Mcbain…"

Tate admits to Cole that he tried steroids but he was scared and he wanted to live a long life. He wants to be able to hit a ball to his kid without his arm disintegrating. He gave up money and a great career to do the right thing. Starr arrives and Tate says he has to go. He gives Cole a card and tells him to call if he wants to talk about this some more. "He's all yours," Tate says to Starr on the way out. Starr runs to Cole and is angry, thinking that he was talking to that man about them the whole time.

Jessica comes back to the living room alone. She tells that Bree is sleeping and so it looks like she won't be going with her dad after all. Nash starts heading to the door, but Jessica holds her head and stands as if about to keel over. "what's wrong," Nash asks. "Are you pregnant?"

It looks like it is going to be a long night. Talia and Antonio are going to be working for a while. Antonio has to let Jessica know. He tries his cellphone but he can't get a signal. He moves away to get a better spot for a signal, but he warns Talia first to watch herself and call for backup if anything happens.

Marcie can't wait any longer. She is dying to see what is in that gift box that Starr brought from downstairs. She pulls the wrapping off and--suddenly she is horrified.

Lindsay shows up and sees Bo sitting alone. She finds Dorian behind a corner and Dorian tells her that this is a good time to get in there and make inroads with Bo. She makes Lindsay take her jacket off and sends her over to Bo.

Spencer talks of John's father and how he shot him. He had to do it. He couldn't let the man shoot his little brother. Spencer knows that John would have done the same thing. Spencer admits that after his drunk wife stitched the man up, he then came back and loosened up the stitches. John is always talking about his father and how much of a good man he was. He is a man who would do the right thing, no matter what. Spencer tells therefore that John's gift will be a challenge. "find my killer, and make the bastard pay."

Cole says that Tate was cool and that he won't get them in trouble. If Cole likes the man, then Starr will like him too. They go back to their respective tables and talk without looking at each other.

"Hey you!" Bo smiles when Lindsay comes over. He is more than happy to have her sit with him when she asks to.

Jessica sits at the table and holds her heads. Nash doesn't understand this. "Jessica? Is it still Jessica?" He asks as she raises her head to face him.

Talia hears something. She gets out her gun and walks in the dark towards the sounds that she hears. She sees something. "Police! Freeze!"

Marcie loves it. It is a silver baby cup with Tommy's initials on it. "Marcie no!" She turns, falling on her butt to face the door. Michael has come bursting in and whatever it is that she is doing, he wants her to stop!

At the Palace Hotel, Spencer has said all that he has to say to everyone in the room. There is only one surprise left. It is a friend of his. This is the person who Spencer will be leaving his riches to. He turns on a monitor. In the taped scene that Spencer is showing the group, there is a man in a hospital room. He has his head hanging down and he says nothing. Spencer talks to him in the hospital as he stands by the man's hospital bed and he tells the man gently to raise his head. The patient doesn't move all that quickly and Spencer can tell that he is afraid. He makes the man look at him instead to help him through this and then he tells the man again to raise his head…to face the camera. This time the man raises his head and stares into the lens. The left side of the man's face is fine, but the right side is puffy and enlarged. That side of his face is swollen, making his head, on that side much larger than it should be…

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