OLTL Update Thursday 2/8/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/8/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex and Adriana are going into a restaurant. He hasn't slept all night and she is worried about him. He is nervous and jittery. Michael comes over and wants to talk to Rex alone. Adriana says that she knows about it all and she understands all about it. "About what?" Marcie asks walking up.

Cristian is with his mother and Evangeline at the diner. They talk about the close call Cris had with the charges. Evangeline sees Todd and goes to sit at his booth. "You look like hell." She takes the paper and looks at what Todd is reading. He is reading about Spencer. Todd tells that Blair has gone and taken the kids with her. This time it's for real.

Blair tries to be chipper for Starr when she comes down but Starr won't talk to her. Dorian watches as Blair tries to get her daughter to pay attention to her mother. "she is only doing what is best for you." Starr knows that having her family torn apart isn't the best thing for he and she hates having Cole kept from her.

At Cole's place, he argues with his mother over Starr. He thinks that she is just mad that she has no one in her life like he has with Starr.

John and Natalie have gotten up but still lay in bed. She would like to stay in bed all day. The phone rings but Natalie will talk to Jessica later. She reminds him of the time that he gave her the appointment book that she now holds in her hand. He circled a date in there when he first gave this to her and she wonders if they can still keep that date. "Do we have what it takes to spend the rest of our lives together?"

Blair knows what it is like to fall for the wrong guy. Starr will not take relationship from her mother. She is ready to go and she promises that she will be seeing Cole that day. She leaves slamming the door behind her. Dorian feels that Blair is handling this all wrong. Blair calls Principal Wexler and tells her that she promised to keep Cole Thornhart from her daughter and she hasn't been doing that. Blair tells the woman that things are going to get real ugly is the woman doesn't do what she said she would.

Marty knows that Starr's family isn't going to stop coming after them if Cole doesn't do what he is told. "Sometimes life isn't fair." Cole has had enough of this and leaves for school. Marty gets her phone and dials. "Hi…Chancellor Gaultieri, please. I have an understanding at Llanview High School about my son Cole and a girl named Starr, that they were to be kept apart. I don't want to make this a legal issue but I will if I have to."

Michael says that he and Rex were just going to talk about Spencer and how he got off easy. Marcie doesn't think that getting murdered is getting off easy, but anyway, she has to get to work. She leaves and Michael turns to Rex and Adriana now. Adrian tells Michael that he doesn't have to worry about her telling his secret. Michael can't have Marcie finding out about this or she will not be able to handle this. He was the only other person who knew about this, unless John finds something. Michael had no idea that John was going to be working this case. If there is something to be found, John will find it.

John tells Natalie that they have to get better with each other if they are going to make it as a couple. "No secrets, no lies, no more of these unilateral decision. Do we understand each other?" Natalie stares at John, taking in all that he is saying to her.

There is a special assembly at school and so Starr and Langston pile into the gym…Marcie goes to the Chancellor of the school and tells that there is a problem with Starr and Cole and that is what this is mainly about…Britney and her friends come in the gym and overhear the Chancellor talking to Marcie and ordering that she make sure that in her class Cole be kept from the Manning girl…In the gym, Starr is sitting a few feet behind Cole.

Blair says that this is all about Marty and her son ruining their lives. Dorian thinks that Marty might have been right about Todd and what she said about him. Blair seems to be looking for a reason to hate Todd and find a reason for them breaking up. "That's what this is all about. The death of the relationship with Todd," Dorian says.

Cris talks about how things have been going wrong for him. First the boxing and now this. Evangeline knows that this wasn't his fault and it was proven.

Natalie asks John if he really just went to the hospital the night of Spencer's murder to talk to the doctors and get Truman stopped from being transferred to Wingdale. He was really doing that, he says. She also remembers him saying to Bo that he wouldn't cover up for someone that he cared about if he had evidence. He meant that too. She finds they are different then…She has a flashback to stealing the evidence from that rotting corpse. "I would do anything for the person that I loved."

Chancellor Gaultieri takes the podium and announces that he has someone coming to speak to the kids about drugs. "How about a big hand for Llanview graduate…Tate Harmon!" He used to play major league ball and that was cool, but he wants to talk about jerks who take drugs and what they see when they look in the mirror. "Hey Thornhart! Look in the mirror!" someone shouts from the crowd of kids. Everyone laughs.

Michael goes to get some coffee, and Adriana tells Rex that it is time to put this all behind them and move on. Rex can't do that. How can he when Michael can't put this behind him. They look over at the young doctor now and see his zombie-like behavior.

Cris comes over to Todd's booth where Evangeline is talking with him. All of a sudden, all their phones start ringing at the same time…

In Dorian's kitchen, both her phone and Dorian's start ringing at the same time…

Marty is alone at home and she looks at a wedding invitation. Suddenly her phone starts ringing…

John's phone rings and he answers… "Hello John…"

Marty hears Spencer's voice too…"Be at the Palace Hotel, Suite 2131, in one hour--and come alone…" The phone disconnects.

The message goes out all at once to everyone…Blair and Dorian hear it as well as Todd and Evangeline…

"Who is it?" Natalie asks John. "It's a dead man," is how John answers her.

The sports figure tells that it isn't worth smoking pot, or snorting coke to be part of the crowd…The man ended his pitching career with a bad rotator cuff. A guy came to him and offered to take the pain away. He then decided that it was better to be a man than an athlete. He made the right choice but it wasn't an easy one. "You only get one shot in life and that shouldn't be a reason to make it shorter than it should be just for a little extra glory." All the kids clap…Britney says that he can play ball in her end zone anytime…Marcie watches as Starr bumps into Cole and apologizes before running off…Britney tells Marcie that she could help keep Cole and Starr apart by reporting if they get together. Marcie thinks that Britney should apply all of her attributes to building herself up instead of tearing someone else down. She walks off.

Cris gets the news that Cristian and Evangeline got the same message just now to go the Palace Hotel. Cris wants to go with Evangeline but she was told to go alone. Evangeline will go with Todd then since he got the same message. Todd and Evangeline head out together.

Blair puts the phone down and is way too creeped out from that message. Hearing the voice of a dead man was a bit macabre for Dorian as well. Dorian thinks that they should go to the Palace Hotel and check this out. Dorian is dying to see who else got a call from the newly, dearly departed Dr. Truman.

Marty looks at her phone for a minute and then she gets her coat and purse and leaves the apartment…

Rex tells Michael that Truman is dead and Michael knows that but he knows that Spencer is the kind of son-of-a-bitch who would leave something for the whole world to find out about his boy. Rex wants to go with Michael but Michael had to do this on his own. He can't do anything…anything to lose his boy Tommy. Marcie is supposed to come back and meet Michael there and he begs Rex and Adriana not to say anything about this to her. Rex and Adriana won't say anything. Michael leaves. Adriana wonders if this is the way that Rex is going to be from now on. He doesn’t sleep and he doesn't think about anything but this case. The bad guy is Spencer and no one else, Adriana points out. Adriana starts leaving. She wants to do something. She might go to the beach, lie in the sand, or maybe just eat a big bucket of ice cream.

John is sure that Spencer recorded that message before he died. Natalie starts calling her uncle but John tells her not to do that yet. She wants to go with John but he tells her 'no'. She is going to have to trust him. She watches as he gets his gun and checks it before going to the door. She tells John that she loves him. "Me too!"

Cole and Starr have secretly arranged to meet at the diner and they sit at separate booths now…Adriana is there and Carlotta can tell that Adriana is having boyfriend trouble by the look on her face. Adriana sees Starr and comes over to say a quick 'hi'. Starr rushes to Cole's table after Adriana leaves. She assures Cole that Adriana is cool…Adrian sees Cris at the diner who tells her that Evangeline got a weird call just now and so she is off with Todd looking into it…Adrian tries to call Rex but isn't able to right at that moment. She turns and bumps into the sports figure who was just at the school. They apologize for bumping into each other and then go on their ways. "Where's Adriana?" Carlotta asks. "You want her Death by Chocolate?" she asks holding up Adriana's dessert. He knows that Carlotta has to be talking about the beautiful brunette with the big dark eyes that he just bumped into. Luis…Cris is in the back of the restaurant. He leaves Evangeline a message. "something is wrong!"

Marcie wants to go looking for Michael when she returns to the restaurant and doesn't find him there. "Why don't you just have lunch with me?" Rex suggests to Marcie.

Natalie practices telling John that she stole evidence from the murder scene. No matter how she says it, it all sounds horribly wrong. She takes out the evidence and looks at it. "What have I done? Oh what have I done?"

John arrives at the Palace Hotel and finds his brother there. Soon others who have received the message start arriving as well. When they have all been assembled, they look around. "Now what are we supposed to do?" Dorian wonders aloud.

The group make small talk while waiting to see why they are there. "Any leads on your case?" Michael asks his brother. John has nothing to report yet. Blair wants to know why Marty is there. She hasn't any idea. Dorian whispers to Todd about Blair but he quickly tells her that he and Blair are finished. Someone is coming. John pulls is gun and goes to the door. He opens it and finds Jim there. He introduces himself as an attorney. He starts a video player and Spencer's face appears. "you are all here, so that must mean that I am dead. Or to put it more bluntly, I've been murdered. Now, I know you're all just dying to know the answer to the question that you've all been asking, which is-- 'Why are we here?'"

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