OLTL Update Wednesday 2/7/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/7/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Cris is glad that Evangeline isn't quitting her job after all. She wants to be at her job when Cris is found innocent.

Antonio has a situation now. Aaron thinks that he has set fire to his own building.

Clint takes Viki to the hospital. She is rushed to an examination room. Dorian hustles to the hospital, asking about Viki but Clint think that she is faking and finds her responsible for Viki being there.

Rex has revealed that he knows who the killer is. He doesn't feel though that this person should go to jail for killing Spencer and so he doesn't want to say who he saw. Adriana wants to know that truth.

Lindsay plays with Tommy as she talks with Marcie about Spencer. Marcie knows that Rex isn't the one who did this. She knows that he couldn't have. Michael talked to Rex and he to is sure that Rex didn’t do it. Lindsay thinks that if Rex was found with the smoking gun, he probably did it. Marcie feels more like he is trying to protect someone.

Adriana pushes Rex to tell her all that he knows. Rex says that Bo was right when he suggested that maybe Rex picked up the scissors to protect someone else. Rex didn't have enough time to clean off the scissors before Antonio and Bo showed up. Adriana knows that Rex wouldn't just do this for anyone. Rex confirms that he wouldn't. Adriana can see that this person is really important to him. Rex knows that she is trying to guess who the killer is but he will not tell her.

Marcie apologizes for not having called since she found out about Lindsay's breakup with RJ. Lindsay know that Marcie is busy. It was hard at first, but Lindsay is starting to get a fresh perspective on things. She looks down at the newspaper and sees Bo's name in the paper. "Oh I am definitely ready to move on!"

Dorian says that it isn't her fault that Viki doesn't know how to handle a horse. Clint finds her behavior deplorable. Dorian says that she is really concerned that Viki might have been seriously injured. "oh! Yes! It hurts! Oh! Yes! It hurts!" Viki shouts from a room nearby. Dorian shrugs at Clint.

Evangeline says that Aaron is just doing his job for Vincent and he is angling for reasonable doubt. Evangeline finds it all sleazy. Evangeline was sure that Ted started that fire himself and screwed up trapping himself inside. Or maybe Vincent set Ted up for telling that the fight was fixed. Cris left the police station and both Aaron and Vincent knew that Cris was going for a walk so they knew you were going to be alone.

Antonio tells Bo that he inherited an old building. Aaron knows a little bit about that. That was Santi money that Antonio inherited. Point is that Cris couldn’t have done it. He was in custody. Cris is brought into the main room of the station and the cuffs are removed. "Another fire was started." This means that the starting of the fires have a pattern and Cris no longer fits it.

Someone is on the website for a travel agency. The person fills in the information by typing on the keyboard to fill in the applicable spaces.

Rex tells Adriana that he is in this thing up to his eyeballs and she isn't and that is the way that he wants it to stay. "But we are together," Adriana says. Rex thinks that maybe they shouldn't be anymore.

Vincent drops his lawsuit against the police department and Aaron isn't happy. He doesn't care what Vincent says. "This isn't over," Aaron says before leaving. Vincent asks Cris if he really thought that he was the one who burned down his own building. Cris didn't think that…Evangeline wants to talk to Nora and so Bo gives them time alone. Bo wants to get going and so Antonio offers to wrap things up for him at the station. Cris and Bo leave together…Nora guesses that Evangeline is trying to come back to the job that she quit. Evangeline does want to come back but before she does, she wants to get a few things straight.

Dorian knows that Viki will be fine, but what really concerns her is that Clint seems to think that she would wish physical injury to Viki. Clint tells Dorian that she should consider herself lucky that Viki hasn't said anything about filing charges. He thinks that Dorian should be on her way now. She could leave, but first she wants Clint to think about going out with her for a moonlight ride one night. "Now you are pushing it!" Clint says moving away from Dorian. "He'll call," Dorian tells herself.

Clint goes in to see Viki who is in a hospital gown and sitting up. She has badly sprained her wrist. "I am mad. I am really, really, really mad! I am not going to let Dorian get away with this!"

Nora warns Evangeline that Connelly isn't going to give up on this. Nora wants to have Evangeline work with her and she doesn't want to lose her friend. "No hard feelings?" Evangeline has no hard feelings. The two friends hug. They return to the main room of the station and find that everyone is gone. Antonio tells that he and Talia are going to Rodi's for a beer. Nora begs off. Evangeline wants to know where Cris is, but Antonio says that he ducked out the back way. Evangeline finds it funny that he left without her.

Michael gives Viki the thumbs up and leaves the room. That is when Viki lets loose and tells Clint that she is sick and tired of Dorian's cracks all the time and her showing up whenever she wants and wherever she wants. "No more Mr. Niceguy!" Viki promises.

Dorian and Lindsay sit for a drink and Lindsay tells that this place will only have good beers. Dorian tells that she found Clint and Viki having a romantic walk in the park…horseback riding. Dorian blames Viki for Clint being angry with her now. Dorian tells how Viki fell off the stupid horse and Clint is now blaming her for this and she really needs someone to help her with this.

Rex tells Adriana that he needs to keep her out of trouble. Adriana knows that if he will only tell her who the killer is, she will be able to help him. He can't do this. "We know everything about each other," Adriana says. "Not everything," Rex says. She wonders if this has anything to do with Tommy. "Yeah, it was Tommy. He beat Spencer to death with his sippy cup." Adriana knows that it can't be Todd because he wouldn't leave Blair with Spencer's dead body like this. Rex says that it isn't Natalie either. Adriana tells that she just wants to help protect Rex. "Michael Mcbain," Rex blurts out. "He killed Spencer." Adriana takes a step back as if bitten by a snake.

Connelly is angry that Vincent has fired him. He will not let the issue go. Vincent and Shaun return to the station and see that Aaron is continuing to stir up trouble. "I don't talk to people after I fire them and you are fired," Vincent says. Aaron doesn't believe it. Shaun steps into the way and helps the mouthpiece out of there.

Talia and Antonio are at Rodi's having a drink alone. They talk about what just happened at the station. Antonio is so glad now that he did quit and he has Talia to thank for that. Talia tells that she likes this town. She was working at the 6th in Manhattan before here. "It was okay…until 9/11."…Dorian clinks glasses with Lindsay and tells her never to give up. Lindsay has learned that sometimes it is better to cut your losses. Dorian says that she is still trying to get her daughter to be nice to her again and she has found a way to do it. All that she has to do is to act as if I like Rex. Dorian points out that this could work for Lindsay as well. If Lindsay is nice to Rex, Bo will take favor with her as well. "Oh no!" Dorian sees Bo enter and get seated with Paige. Dorian can see that Lindsay still likes Clint and she knows that if they play their cards right they can bag both those men.

Cris is at his place. Someone is pounding on the door. Cris opens to Evangeline. "why didn’t you just use your key?" she walks in and throws her bag down. "why didn't you just use your head?"

Rex tells that he had to tell Michael that Tommy was really Todd's son. That is how Rex believes that they all got to this point. "Michael came to visit me in jail. We talked around the issue, but he knows that I know, and I know that he knows that I know…" Adriana wonders if Rex should have just told the truth about Tommy in the first place. Rex still thinks that he did the right thing.

Marcie brings Michael some junk food and he is so grateful. Tommy is with Marcie since he couldn't go to sleep. "could you believe all those cops?" a nurse asks Michael when she walks by. "You were here last night?" Marcie asks stunned. "I thought you told me that you were with John?"

Evangeline hates that Cris left her at the station. Cris said that he just wanted to get the jail stink off him. Evangeline thinks that he could have at least told her what he was doing. She was really scared. They apologize to each other and he tells her that the water is running. She hates that water is being wasted. They decide to shower together to do their part for the environment. He picks her up and carries her into the shower while she jokes with him in his native tongue.

Bo joins Clint and Viki and he loves the idea that Viki is going to go toe-to-toe with Dorian…Dorian hates that Lindsay is just staring at the three over at their table. "Don't be such a bitch!" Lindsay growls…Antonio has questions about what happened around 9/11 that changed things for Talia at the 6th precinct. "I don't want to talk about it." Talia gets her things and leaves the bar. Once outside, she falls apart for a few seconds before continuing on.

Nora finds that Vincent isn't all that bad after all. She promises Vincent that she is going to find the guy who did this. she is going to find the guy who burned Vincent's building down.

The man has finished booking his ticket and he gets the printout confirmation now. The destination is Llanview…Pennsylvania…

Michael still denies that he was at the hospital the night of the murder. Marcie can't see how he can do that. It is like he is lying to her face. He says that the nurse just probably assumed he was there the night of the murder. That's all. That seems to make sense to Marcie and she accepts that excuse.

Adriana thinks that that this secret about the real killer could still come out. The police are bound to investigate. Rex knows that, but John has been put on the case and that is the good thing. "What do you think he will do if he finds out the killer is his own brother?"

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