OLTL Update Tuesday 2/6/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/6/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Cris has been brought in wearing cuffs to the police station. Bo and Evangeline are there and are momentarily stunned at the sight before them. Cris tells Evangeline that he didn't do anything wrong and has no idea why he has been brought in. The officers who bring Cris in say they are arresting Cristian by the book. Bo has to let it happen then. Evangeline turns to him upset but there isn't anything that he can do. He warned Evangeline stay away from all this.

Rex does push-ups, and with each one, he relives a scene of the events that led to him being in this dark cell, alone and tortured by his thoughts. He sits on the floor of the cell now and thinks about all that has happened. The circumstances for him are unfortunate but he feels that he is doing the right thing here and will hold out. He is tempted to tell his secret, but he is sure that he can beat this. He tells himself to keep it together just a little while longer

Adriana is home upset. Layla tries to talk about business and make some plans with Adriana but she is clearly preoccupied with other things. Adriana is sorry. She can't stop thinking of Rex in that jail cell. Layla understands and tells Adriana that they can just stop talking about underwear for a while then. Someone knocks and Adriana answers the door. When she sees the person on the other side of the door, her face drops even farther than it was before opening the door.

Natalie gives John his big chance to end it with her now. She doesn't know what else to do in the relationship. It isn't working anymore. She feels that his actions are telling her it is over but he assures her that she has no idea what it is that he wants in the relationship. She doesn't know what that means, and she looks deeply into his eyes to see if she can understand what he is trying to share with her.

Viki is not happy trying to walk in this uneven ground. Clint shouts for her to come in and she finds him in the barn. He is wearing his ten-gallon and he is very much dressed down. She doesn't appreciate that she had to come to pick him up at the barn. She can't believe that they will be grooming horses for their date. "It's not my horse," Clint says. "It's yours. "Say hello to Sugar!"

Dorian has come over and Adriana really doesn't want to see her right now. Layla is friendly but Adriana isn't Layla runs to get them all some coffee. Dorian tells Adriana that she heard that Rex has been arrested for killing Spencer. Adriana knows that there mother is there to gloat and she doesn't want to hear it. Dorian isn't there to go on about how horrible Rex is. Dorian could actually kiss Rex right now.

The cell door opens and Bo is there. He hopes that they are through playing these games. There are people who would like to see this case closed. Bo wouldn't mind seeing the case closed but he knows that Rex didn't do this. Rex feels that if Bo doesn't think that he did this, he should let him go free. Bo knows that Rex is guilty of something if not murder. Bo has been a friend to this kid and he has only one option left to use with this kid. "Rubber hose?" Rex quips. "No," Bo says. "Father to Son!"

Cris tells Evangeline that he has something information that could help to save his butt in this case. Antonio and Evangeline listen to the details and Antonio offers to check Cris's cellphone records to see if he can track down this man that Cris had contact with. Nora appears and tells Antonio and Evangeline that they are off the case and that if they don't want to be, then they need to just 'get out'!

Natalie doesn't believe anything that John says to her anymore. He lies to her all the time. She isn't sure that they can work this out.

Layla gets the coffees and then Vincent and Shaun are there behind her. Her phone is ringing and Vincent tells Layla that she needs to answer her phone. She looks at the monitor and doesn't answer. Vincent offers to help with the coffees, but the only help that Layla needs from Vincent is for him to back off her sister and Cris.

Nora will not have her case compromised. She doesn't care that Evangeline and Antonio help Cris…She just doesn't want them helping Cristian on the city's dime. "One step out of line and Jones' attorney is going to be all over you!" Evangeline decides that she will make things easier for Nora then. "I quit!" she says. "So do I," Antonio chimes in. Nora breathes a sigh of frustration now.

Bo has always looked at Rex as a son, and in fact Rex reminds Bo of his son Drew. His son had problems finding his way and he doesn't want the same thing to happen to Rex. Rex tells Bo that he too looked at Bo as a dad, and when he had a problem, he wonders all the time how Bo would handle things. Bo just wants the truth…Rex says that he already told the truth. He went to Blair's room, saw Spencer and picked up the scissors…Bo warns that John is on the case, and if there is something to find, John will indeed find it. Bo tells Rex that he can go home now. Rex tries to say more but Bo doesn't want to hear it.

Natalie goes over the lies about the pills, and going to the hospital… She wonders if he thinks that she is such a bitch to live with. He didn't seem to care that she was devastated and needed him. He understands that but she can't do his recovery for him. "Yeah? Well tell me that when you are arrested for murdering Spencer Truman!" Natalie shouts.

Viki would much prefer to go to dinner and a movie instead of riding a horse. She says that the poor horse would probably get cold. Clint says that the horses have nice thick coats and they see real good in the dark. Clint and Viki used to go riding all the time but Viki could deal with that because it was in the daytime… "Come one Viki! It's time to get back in the saddle again!"

Vincent gives the coffees to Shaun and takes Layla to a quiet part of the park to talk about Evangeline and Cris. Vincent tells Layla that he isn't after Cris but the man was there and he can't look away from that. Layla just wants Cris to be treated as if he is innocent until proven guilty.

Dorian can understand Rex killing Spencer and that might even raise Rex's status in her eyes. Spencer deserves this and it proves that Rex has character and is so good like her daughter always said. Adriana can't believe her ears. It is taking murder for her mother to turn around and like someone? Dorian says that in this case it does work, and what is really great is that Rex isn't pushing the murder on her for a change. Adriana sees that Dorian is really getting over her hatred for Rex. "Yes," Dorian confirms. "The question is though…can you?" They both turn to find Rex walking in the door.

Cris doesn't want Evangeline to quit her job. Cris wants Antonio and Evangeline to do as Nora suggests. "what do we have here? Conspiracy?" Jones' mouthpiece walks in with his client and Shaun in tow. They are there to see justice being done. Nora promises that she is on it. Aaron can't believe that when they see Evangeline and Antonio standing with the suspect. Antonio and Evangeline tell that they can do what they want because they have just quit their jobs. Jones wonders if this should be a case for Internal Affairs. Wouldn't be the first time for Vega. Antonio turns quickly to move towards Aaron but Nora calls for Talia to take Cris to holding and stop all this. Cris walks by Vincent and asks him how he is going to explain this one to Natalie.

John can't talk his way out of the corner that Natalie has forced him into. She knows that if he saw her do something and he knew that it could hurt her, he would stop her. In fact, he has done that. Yet, he is asking her not to be able to do the same thing for him, which is like asking her not to love him. "Is that what you want John? So I guess that you don't want to love me?" Natalie says sadly. John pulls her by the arm and pulls her into a kiss.

Rex is welcomed into his home. He tells how Bo didn't have enough evidence to hold him but he was warned not to leave town. Dorian tells Rex that if he needs anything, he only needs to ask. She offers to get Rex money, a lawyer if he needs it. "Don't be too proud to ask." Dorian leaves the two to their reunion. "Who was that masked woman?" Rex asks…Outside the door, Dorian tells herself that if this is what it takes to get Adriana back in her good graces, it is well worth it.

Evangeline is ready to go and clean out her office but Nora doesn't want that. She wants Evangeline to think about this. Evangeline will not change her mind about her job and neither will Antonio. Nora warns the two that their bosses will not like them using their jobs as a revolving door. "This had better be about Cris Vega and not about two bruised egos."

Clint and Viki walk the horse out and about in the dark. She remembers when Jessica used to ride with her father as a little girl most of the night. It was rough on Jessica when she had to get up for school the next day. Clint feels that sometimes you just have to have a little fun. They make another date to do just that… Dorian happens on the scene and stays hidden by the barn as she watches Clint and …Viki!

"What are we going to do about this?" John has no idea. He does care for Natalie though and he will try to fix things. They hold. "I miss this," she tells him. He tells her that he missed her too and that they shouldn't miss each other anymore.

Adriana gives Rex a massage on the couch as she tells how afraid she was for him. He tells that he found the dad that he never did, and then he screwed it all up. He lied again.

Talia tells that Cris is upset that Evangeline and Antonio have quit their jobs. She tells that other people are talking about that too. She says that other cops are talking about how Antonio has come and gone a couple of times, and this last time he comes in as a higher positioned cop and he doesn't even need the money. The other cops don't like the way that Antonio throws the badge down when it suits him. Antonio decides then that he will not quit after all. Antonio gets a call and is suddenly attentive. "Where?"

Evangeline comes to see Cristian. He comes to the bars and tells her that he loves her more than everything or anyone that he has ever loved in his life. He wants her to go back to Nora and tell her that she wants her job back.

"Fancy bumping into you at this time of the night!" Dorian says. "What am I looking at? Is this some kind of roundup or Oh…Are you getting together a posse and going to track down whoever killed Spencer Truman and sting him up?" Dorian laughs clearly thinking herself comical. Clint stops the laughing by shouting Dorian's name. "It's not a posse! It's a date!"

"Have a great time Clint! Viki has always been more of a horsy person than I am," Dorian says. Viki says that Dorian just says things like that because she isn't an animal person and they can sense that. Dorian feels that animals can sense a strong woman. She shoots straight and she hits what she aims for. She points her finger at Viki. "Pow! Pow!" The horse rears up from fright and Viki goes flat on his back.

Cris talks Evangeline into keeping her job. She understands what Cris says and sees his point about keeping the job now.

Antonio goes to Jones and Vincent and tells them that he just got a call about another fire being set. It can't be Cris cause he is in custody. "Another one of Vincent's buildings burned down?" Aaron asks. "No, one of mine," Aaron says.

John and Natalie try to connect. She touches him carefully. She doesn't want to hurt him. "No one getting hurt tonight he says while kissing her under the sheets.

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