OLTL Update Monday 2/5/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/5/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair lays into Marty and Cole for being around her daughter. She found them at the park and she doesn't like it one bit. She orders Starr to Dorian's place and ends up explaining that she is finished with Todd. She says that she can't be with Todd ever again. Starr tells her mother that she hates her. Blair says that she isn't to blame for all that has happened with she and Todd. She finds that Marty is to blame for that. Marty and Cole stand behind the two and Marty rolls her eyes at Blair's words to her daughter.

John has come to work, asking about the Truman case and if he can work it as Lead Detective. Bo won't allow it. Natalie was outside the room but is now in the office with both men. She sees that Bo is suspicious of John, especially when he tells the man that he too could have killed Spencer. Natalie jumps into the conversation, telling Bo that John was home in bed all night, but John tells Bo the truth about where he was when the murder investigation happened. Natalie tries to interfere and lie but John will not let her.

Antonio tells Jessica that he feels responsible for she and Nash not getting along when he realizes that she has something to tell him that seems upsetting to her. Jessica starts trying to talk but Antonio doesn't give her a chance. He guesses and rightly so that this has to do with Nash and he is right. Jessica is upset that Antonio has brought Nash into their lives like he has. Antonio sees that something is terribly wrong and wonders if something happened between she and Nash that she should be telling him about.

Nash has a chat with Jessica in his own special way. She appears to him at the home at the vineyard, and he talks to her while she rages over his apparent feelings for Jessica. Nash tells Tess that there was this incident and he kissed Jessica while alone with her in the steam room at the gym. Tess is angry with Nash getting involved with Jessica and developing feelings for her. Nash admits it. He is in love with both Tess and Jessica. Tess looks stunned, as if slapped in the face.

Cristian thinks that Nora is right about he and Evangeline not being around each other for a while until his case has been sorted out. Cristian knows that Nora is just protecting the respectability of the DA's office and he can understand that. Cris knows that the only reason that Evangeline is fighting this is because she hates being bossed around by the DA's office. Evangeline says that this is about her integrity and not her ego. "So are you with me? Or not?"

Starr wants to talk about this some more but Blair only orders her to Dorian's place right away. Her relationship with Todd isn't up for discussion. Cole steps forward to Blair and Blair orders the boy away from Starr with venom in her voice. Cole goes back to his mother's side where it is safe. Marty tells Cole to go to the car. She will handle this. Blair too tells her child to leave and head to Dorian's. "And don't even think about getting in the car with Cole!" Starr walks off.

Nash tells Tess that Jessica confuses him and he can't seem to figure her out. Tess thinks that means that he wants to sleep with her and feels strange about it. He isn't sure what that means exactly. She tells him that they belong together and he will accept that but that means that he will be alone for the rest of his life, and somehow that doesn't seem right. She says that she will be there for him whenever he needs her, but that isn't enough for him anymore and he can finally admit that.

Antonio wants to hear anything that Jessica has to tell him. Jessica sits in one of the chairs at the station and says that something happened. "You and Nash were at the gym…I showed up with Natalie. The woman at the desk mentioned that you were in the steam room. I wanted to go in and surprise you." Antonio smiles. He is liking this idea…Jessica thinks about the conversation that she had with Nash and then there was the kiss…Talia comes over, sorry to interrupt. "We have an emergency." Jessica breathes a sigh of relief.

John tells Bo that he went to the hospital the night before, and was there when the murder occurred. He wanted to talk to Spencer's doctors about him, but he didn't shoot Truman. "That was all in your head," John says to Natalie. She stands back from him with her eyes squinted. "Is it she asks with disbelief in her voice.

Evangeline will not risk her relationship with Cris for the job. She was very successful being a defense attorney and can go back to that if need be. Evangeline will not buckle. If she cooperates with Nora, Cris will look guilty. She wants people to know that she thinks that he is innocent. He knows that but he can see that this will hurt them. She will start resenting him. Her work will start hurting and she might blame him for that. She gets her coat and leaves and he follows her.

Antonio has to get going and so he says goodbye to Jessica and leaves with Talia.

Bo knows that there is something that he should know about but Natalie gets upset instead and leaves. Bo asks John if this case being his might be a way to deflect suspicion from himself.

Jessica makes a call and leaves a voicemail for the person to call her back.

Tess wonders what Nash wants from her. "you want to be in love, fine, you be in love with anyone…anyone but Jessica." Nash can see that she doesn't want him to be with anyone. He feels that she wants him to be with anyone. She tells him that he used to be with her. Nash says that for the first time since Tess left he felt good…when he kissed Jessica.

Starr and Langston are alone and they talk about Starr's mother. Starr tells that her mother is in the park screaming at Cole's mom. Starr and Cole were in the park when their mother's appeared. Starr tells that her mother and father are not getting back together and her mother is blaming Marty. Starr's dad proposed but Blair said 'no'. Starr thinks that maybe this has to do with the accident. Blair wanted to be together with Todd until the accident happened. Starr knows that her mother doesn't want her with Cole, but Starr won't wreck her life like her mother wrecked her own.

Starr tells Marty to stay away from her daughter and not even talk to her. Blair wishes that Marty had never met Todd. She knows that every time that Marty and Todd's paths cross there is trouble…

Langston says that Blair just went through a lot and that she will change her mind about Todd soon enough. Starr has to wait and bide her time until that happens. Langston doesn't see what the big deal is. In the meantime, Starr can live in gorgeous La Boulaie. Starr can't really be happy there. This isn't her home. Starr's cellphone rings. "It's Cole!"

"Why are you such a bitch Blair?" Blair tells Marty that her son is on steroids and his mother can't control him. Blair can't get over the fact that she lost her son because of the man that Marty let run free. Blair pushes Marty and she falls to the park bench nearby. Blair asks Marty if she saw herself in Spencer's eyes when he looked into them. Did she see a person who couldn't forgive? Blair knows that Marty must have see that she was just as evil as Spencer was.

Natalie comes home and is pissed. She throws her keys on the coffee table and flings her purse at the wall. "Damn you John!"

John wants to know what Bo's final answer is going to be here. Bo will let him work the case then but he only wants John's input into the case. Bo will be supervising this himself. He will not hear any arguments on this issue. They shake hands. It is a deal. Bo orders John to go home and get some rest so they can start the case the very next day. Bo would like John to also go and talk to Natalie and see why she thinks that he needed an alibi when he really didn't.

Tess wonders what all this with Nash means for her. What about the love that Nash had for her. Nash tells Tess that his love for her never changed. "Do you mean that?" Tess's face and body, suddenly morphs into Jessica. "Jessica?" She is actually there…in the room with him. Nash rubs his head now a little confused. "Do you really mean it?" Jessica asks. "You love me, like you love Tess?"

Nash says that he is losing his mind. Jessica can see that something is wrong. Nash says that he was talking to Clint who came to visit a while ago. It was a good talk they had…and then Nash climbed up the ladder and fell. He banged his head. Jessica worries that he may not be okay. Maybe that was why he told her that he loved her. He wasn't talking to her. She looks around but doesn't see anyone. Nash flips the topic to she and why she is there. she tells that she was going to tell Antonio about the kiss and then she got interrupted and decided that she shouldn't do that. She has come to see Nash now and she wants him to agree not to tell about the kiss now.

Evangeline arrives to see Bo. She was just curious about the arson investigation. Bo says that the investigation is open right now. Evangeline wants to make sure that Cris will get a fair shake. Bo says that he always handles cases with fairness. Evangeline tells how Nora has asked that Evangeline not be seen in public with Cris. Bo understands that. Evangeline hates this and can't wait until the case is solved. Bo gets a call from Antonio who is out working now. "What'd you find?"

Langston thinks that her friend is crazy for not liking living at La Boulaie. She would gladly change places with Starr…

Marty doesn't know what it is that Blair wants from her. Blair just wants her son back and the last two years of her life back. She wants to be happy. Marty knows what that feels like even though she hasn't ever lost a child. Blair thinks that Marty knows nothing then. "Go to hell!" Blair says. "You go straight to hell!" Blair walks off. Cole returns and goes to his mother. Marty is okay and will be okay as long as they stay away from that family. "And I mean everyone."

Marty and Cole head home where they argue about Starr. Marty tells her son that one wrong decision here could affect her son for the rest of his life. She reminds him how her rape has affected her. Cole knows that his mother wasn't at fault for getting raped. She knows that, but what she needs to have him understand is that she had to own part of what happened to her. She knows that if she had stayed sober, her whole life would have been different. Cole knows that from what she is saying he might not have been born either. He just wants his mother to be happy and she will try to do that. But what she needs the most is to have Cole realize that Starr could ruin his life.

Blair arrives home and finds Starr and Langston together. When they tell her that they have no homework, Blair knows that they are lying. Starr tells her mother that she is the one who is a liar. She hates being treated like a child. She wants to hang out with Cole, but Blair absolutely forbids it. She leaves the room. Starr's phone rings. "It's Cole!"…At Cole's house, his phone beeps. Marty enters the room and tells Cole that if his phone beeps one more time, it is going out the window.

Bo has news. Evangeline wants to call Cristian about that but Bo has a better idea. "Come with me." Bo and Evangeline exit his office and in the outer office, they see Cris being led in by officers…in cuffs.

The moment is awkward and so Jessica says that she should really leave. Both Nash and Jessica have decided that the kiss will be their little secret. Jessica runs out…"No one needs to know," Tess says from behind Nash.

John gets home and Natalie is ready for him. She wonders what happened at Bo's office. John tells Natalie that he will be working on the case, but not as lead. She knows that he told the truth about being at the hospital the night before, but she wonders if he told Bo that he tried to kill Spencer a few days before that. John doesn't find that one incident has anything to do with the other. Natalie smiles. Marty protects him and that is okay, but she does it and it is all wrong. Natalie tells John that he should just go ahead. If he wants to break up with her, this is the perfect time to do it.

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