OLTL Update Friday 2/2/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/2/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Nash is trying to use the drill on the house and get some work done. He is up a ladder and he fires up the electrical drill for a few seconds before shutting it off and cursing aloud. Clint walks in and leans by the wall where the ladder is. He hears the anger in Nash's voice, and looks up at him calmly. Nash looks down and sees Clint there. "What's got you frustrated?"

Jessica is in the park and she bumps into Marty as she is jogging by. Marty is just having coffee alone when Jessica happens by. They talk about Spencer 's murder and Marty can't help thinking that Spencer could have been different had he gotten help earlier on in his life. Jessica's warm and fuzzy feelings are not coming out for this guy at all. Jessica feels that the tragedy here would be that someone may go to prison for this murder when they actually did something good.

Addie tells Antonio that she can't confirm that Todd was with her the night before like they want her to. Antonio and Talia are not surprised and it shows on their faces. Blair rolls her eyes. She was to be Todd's alibi for the night before when the murder took place but she can't save Todd now. They have all been on a wild goose chase, and out of everyone else, Antonio already believes that Todd is the one that took the scissors to Spencer and finished him off.

John has come to see Bo unannounced at the office. Natalie was already in the office when he arrived. She was very surprised to see him. She knows, and he knows that he should be at home resting. He ignores Natalie and directs his conversation to Bo. He asks for the job of Lead Investigator for the Truman case. He wants to return to work. Bo understands the man wanting to return to work in some capacity, but why this particular one? "Why John?" Bo asks "Why does it have to be you?"

John feels that he has been on this case too long and he has the best chance at getting it solved. Natalie shouts that he isn't ready for the case. He isn't better yet. John tells Natalie to stay out of this. Bo thinks that John is too close to the case. John admits that, but he needs to do this. it has been a part of his life for too long. Bo reminds John that he did solve his father's murder and that should be the end of it. Bo has a task force working on this and the murder of Spencer Truman will be solved. Natalie doesn't care about the solving of Spencer's murder. "He's dead! John got what he wanted!" Bo finds that a funny statement. "What do you mean?"

There is a dark room. Someone sits at a computer. The fingers on the keys dance causing the scenes on the monitor to change. The brightest light, in fact, the only light in the room is that from a computer monitor that is on. Someone browses as they work. The files are newspaper articles…about Spencer…

Starr enters the library and goes to the place where Cole's note told her that he would be. They talk together with a bookshelf between them…and some books. Cole is sorry that Starr saw what she did the hospital. Starr says that she is fine now and she will be able to handle her dad too.

Addie just lied to the police because Todd asked her not to tell Blair that he was there. She now changes her tune when she realizes that Todd really wants her to tell the truth to the police. So she admits to Antonio that Todd was there. He was there to try to convince Addie to tell Blair that she was making the biggest mistake of her life by not agreeing to marry him. Blair is there and she shows signs of frustration at what Todd was up to the night before. Antonio's patience with this is wearing thin.

Talia tells Antonio privately that Addie could be confused seeing as how she is a mental patient and all. Antonio knows that. Todd has no alibi as far as they are concerned. They ask Todd back to the station to answer more questions. The police leave and Blair apologizes to her mother for what Todd did. Addie didn't mind the visit from Todd but she is more upset that Blair won't marry Todd. She begs her to say 'yes' now.

Marty is shocked at the way that Jessica talks about Spencer's murder. The Jessica that she knew wouldn't ever talk like that. She has changed. Jessica says that she is still changing. Her feelings about Nash haven't changed and have since gotten worse. Jessica keeps on running into Nash and then there was this day that she was at the gym and she thought that Antonio was in the steam room. She went in there and dropped her towel and Nash was in there instead of Antonio. "He told me that he had feelings for me and then he kissed me…I kissed him back. I cheated on my husband."

Nash is upset over all the little things that he has to do to get his place in order. Clint understands. He is there to have a little talk. He thought that he and Nash had developed a friendship. Nash says that they have. Clint offers to take Nash out for a drink or two. Nash can't do that as he has too much work to do but he does have a bottle of Fume Blanc that he could open for them. Clint likes that idea. Nash opens the bottle and the two talk about the party that Clint was recently at. Bo and Paige, Antonio and Jessica…and he and Viki were there. Nash finds that interesting. Clint tells that Viki is not only the mother of his children but someone that Clint cares for as well. Nash thought that Clint was with Dorian, but Clint doesn't know where he stands with Dorian. He likes both ladies. Viki is stable and Dorian is wild. Nash knows that some of those qualities that Viki has might not be as appealing as they sound. Nash likens Clint's situation to his own experience with Tess and Jessica. Nash gets up quickly and starts walking off but Clint calls him back. "Nash! Are you starting to have feelings for Jessica?"

Nash tries to sidestep the question by saying that Jessica is the mother of his child. Clint didn't ask that. Nash says that he probably has the same feelings for Jessica that Clint has for Viki. Clint finds their situations different. Viki isn't married. Nash throws some more wine in his glass, but then he puts even more in the glass when Clint starts with, "Consider this a friendly warning." Clint tells Nash that people are going to get hurt if he gets involved with Jessica. Nash says that some times people lose the ones they love and then they fall in love again. "Are you going to pursue Jessica?" Clint asks.

Jessica feels guilty! She feels horribly, horribly guilty! Marty understands. She kissed and man and now she feels guilty. What does Jessica feel guilty about? Was it just the incident or the feelings for Nash?

Cole and Starr talk from opposite sides of the bookshelf and pretend they are looking for book when they think that people are looking. As they talk, they realize that there are a lot of things that they don't know about each other. He would like to go ice-skating with her one day. They will hold hands…some day…

Natalie tells John that he is still on medication and still could get sick. "I want you to leave," John says. Natalie turns to her uncle and asks him to help her with this. Bo sends Natalie out of the office so that he can talk to John by himself. "I have to prove something to myself Bo. And for the old man's sake, I got to do it right." Bo remembers how John's determination almost got him killed once. He has other concerns too. The list of suspects on this thing is huge and the killer could be anyone really. "Are you anxious to run the Truman case because you're afraid that someone that you care about is the killer?"

Natalie peers at Bo and John through the blinds in Bo's office…John thinks that Bo is asking these questions to see if he would do something wrong or not in the process of the investigation. John tells Bo that people might be saying things about Paige and thinking that Bo has bent the rules for her at times…Natalie watches the men, but then she looks around and sees a coat hanging on the coat rack behind her…She remembers how she took that risk and stole evidence from the crime scene to save John…She looks back at the coat behind her again.

Cole and Starr arrange to meet near the park where they won't be seen by a lot of people. "May I help you?" Starr jumps. A woman thinks that she is looking for a book, and she pretends that she has been looking, but now has found what she needs.

Antonio and Talia talk about Todd and how he is a major manipulator in town. He knows that if his wife lied to him the way that Todd has, it would be a deal breaker for him.

Jessica feels that she should hold this time bomb thing in and not let Antonio find out. Marty feels that keeping a secret like this could blow up in a while. She isn't telling Jessica what to do here, but she knows that strong marriage survive when faced with this sort of thing.

Addie settles for Blair agreeing to follow her heart when it comes to Blair marrying Todd. A nun comes to take Addie for her medication. Blair is alone with Todd now and she tells him again that they can't be together. She tells Todd that she has hired movers to move she and the kids back to Dorian's place. "How am I supposed to live without you?" he shouts at her.

Jessica is alone now and she thinks about how Nash confronted her about her feelings for him. He said they didn't have to talk about it ever again, but for now he just wanted to know if she had feelings for him…Jessica shakes the thoughts from her head and starts running again.

Blair knows that things will be fine for a while but eventually they will come down from their high and they will remember the bad times. Blair can't survive him anymore. Todd offers to change and make things work this time. She can't believe that things will be any different this time. The kids have to be their first concern and they need to be happy. Blair knows that to will find his happiness elsewhere, but he doesn't think that he will. She doesn't want to talk about this anymore, but he still grabs her and kisses her. "Goodbye," she whispers before rushing out.

Talia knows that being married to Todd must have been rough. Antonio says that marriage is a lot of work and it is a commitment. You need an environment where both people can grow up. "It is worth it and then you have to work through the rough patches."…Jessica has arrived and she hears Antonio talking to Talia about marriage and how it needs trust to survive.

Clint tells Nash there are other people involved in Antonio and Jessica's lives now. People will be hurt and so Nash needs to let things go. "Let it go. You will be better for it. Thank you for the wine." Clint leaves. Nash gets back up on the ladder and starts drilling again, but this time he misses his footing and falls off the ladder. He falls on his back with his legs twisted. He is unconscious.

Bo thinks about John's proposal. "I could have a major problem with you in charge of the .Truman investigation. How do I know you're not covering your own ass?" The door flies open and Natalie comes in and stands beside John as her uncle talks. "How do I know you didn't kill Truman?" It's hard, but Natalie keeps her mouth shut as she look from her uncle to John and then back again.

Nash dreams. He sees a familiar figure before him. "Jess!" The woman with her hand on her hips tells Nash that it is Tess…"Ya big jerk!"

Jessica gets Antonio alone at the station. "I have to tell you something," she starts…

The man reading about Spencer, reads the article of the murder of Spencer Truman. He suddenly picks up the computer from the desk where he is sitting and he flings it into the wall beside him. It shatters into many pieces.

Addie sees that Todd is sad. She tells him that if he loves something, he should set it free. If it comes back to him, then it is his…

Cole and Starr meet near the park and now they walk together…"Cole?" The kids turn to find Marty sitting on a park bench behind them. She comes over to the kids to find out what is going on. "Marty?" Marty and the kids turn to find Blair coming up to them. "What are you doing with Starr? What the hell are you doing with my kid?"

"You think that I killed Spencer?" John asks Bo. Bo didn't exactly say that. Natalie steps forward now. "John couldn't have killed Truman, because he was at home in bed the entire night. So John had nothing to do with Spencer's murder!" she blurts out, with each of her eyes as big as the moon. "Don't listen to her Bo!" John says "She's not telling the truth!"

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