OLTL Update Thursday 2/1/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/1/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Marcie finds Nora in a restaurant and sits across from her, wanting to pick her brain for a moment if that is okay. She wants to know about Rex and this murder of Spencer Truman. She wants to know if Nora thinks that he did it.

Evangeline comes to see John at his place. She hasn't been in touch with him for a while and she would like to see how he is doing. He likes that she has come to see him. She makes him feel good. It really is good to see her. ***

Natalie and Talia

Bo and Todd

Blair wants to get out of the hospital but Dorian knows that she needs to stay in. Dorian knows that Blair is sneaking out now that the kids are gone. Dorian has fears that more could be wrong with Blair than they know. Blair finds her aunt acting a little guilty. "Did you kill Spencer?" Blair asks.

Natalie sits with Talia outside Bo's office and she has lots of questions about the murder and what the cops have found so far. Talia thought that Natalie didn't care about anything but Mcbain. She knows that Natalie is up to something and asks what that may be.

Todd tells Antonio and Bo that he was with a woman the night before and he hopes that no one will tell Blair about that.

Nora has no idea what's happening with Rex. She knows that he is being questioned and not very cooperative…That is all that she can tell Marcie.

Michael has come to see Rex and he tells that he had to come to see the man as he has all these concerns. Rex tells Michael that he shouldn't worry anymore. "Spencer is dead and so your secret will go with him," Rex says.

Evangeline has been keeping tabs oin John and she heard that he can't get to the hospital on his own like he would like to…John thinks back to the night before when Michael found him almost passed out on the floor of the hospital.

Rex might have had the weapon in his hand but that doesn't mean that he is the killer. Marcie knows that but she wants tio know because Rex is the godfather of her child. Nora reminds Marcie that Rex hasn't been arrested. He yhas just been brought in for questioning and that is all. Nora knowws that there are other people in town who would like to see Spencer dead more than Rex did. "There is even Michael!" Nora says flippantly.

Rex would like Michael to stop talking about this and get over it. He tells Michael that no one needs to find out that Tommy is Todd's son. Rex would like the couple to finally live in peace.

Natalie tells how she sympathizes with the murderer and doesn't want him to get caught. Talia wants to help and talk but she can't screw up her job by giving out information. Talia is trying to make detective and she can't do the wrong thing here. Natalie won't let up. Sehj tells Talia that she would get the information from her uncle if he weren't busy but she can't go in there right now. Talia then whispers that there are no leads at this time. Talia also asks Natalie not to mention that she said anything.

Todd is still being questioned by Antonio and Bo and he is cavalier and carefree about the questioning…

John talks about his father and how he would look at this thing…this murder. In Thomas's eyes, murder is murder…It is a mortal sin. Evangeline listens intently to what John says and seems to understand him. The phone rings. It is Natalie calling from a dark corner in the station with news. She whispers to John that the police are still investigating but at this time, there aren't any leads. "Looks like whoever did this is in the clear," Natalie says.

Dorian assures Blair that she wasn't the one who killed Spencer but she does hope that whoever did this gets away with it...even if the murderer is Todd.

Todd tells that he was with Addie the night before. He didn't want Blair to know that he was with her mother because he needed a favor. He won't tell what that favor is though. Bo thinks that Todd is just mking that up and taking advantage of Addie's good nature. Antonio will check it out anyway.

Nat suddenly finds herself alone at the station and she looks around at the desks in the room and the papers on them...

Evangeline tells John that Vincent's case isn't looking good for Cris. When John uhears the evidence, he knows that Cris is being set up. John sees that Cris is a lucky guy for having Evangeline. She knows that she is lucky too. Seh asks about he and Natalie. John says that it has been rough and still hasn't let up yet.

Marcie tells Nora that if Michael waanted to kill Spencer he would have done it on the operating table. Nora finds this interesting to hear. Seh tells that Michael had the chance to kill Spencer and he passed on that. Nora sees that Marcie is terribly stressed and she hugs her woman to calm her. Marcie is sorry that she is nervous but she will not rest until this murderer is caught.

Michael has trouble with this. He feels that this is all wrong. Rex wants Michael to focus on his kid. That is what matters. Michael doesn't think that he can look Manning in the eye ever again. Rex tells Michael that he has to do this. Michael can't see how. He treats Blair, they now the same people. Michael can't see how this can be easy for Rex. Rex tells that Michael that from now on, nothing will be easy for him ever again.

Todd's questioning is over and he is released. He will be heading to the office now to write up Spencer's obit and eulogy. Someone has to do it. The guy didn't have any friends.

Blair gets stressed out from Dorian and orders her out of the room. After she is gone, Blair's phone rings. It the home where Addie lives. The police were jthere. "I will be right there," Blair promises.

Bo talks to Natalie now that he is free and her ear is ready for any news that Bo might have about the murder.

Rex knows that when he and Michael see what a terrific kid Tommy turns out to be…things will get better for the both of them as time goes on. Michael knows that he will never be able to repay Rex for doing this. Michael owes Rex and will never betray the man's trust…ever. They did this for Tommy. "One of us did something that was wrong but why do the people that we love have to suffer?" The door flies open and Natalie coimes barging in. She wants Rex to tell her that he didn’t do this thing. "He didn't do it," Michael says. "I am positive of that."

Evangeline offers to help John with whatever problem he is having with Natalie but he doesn't want to talk about that. Nora calls and asks Evangeline to meet her at the diner. Evangeline will be right there. Evangeline turns to John now and tells him that Nora was on the phone and sent her best. She will keep him updated on the Truman case. She is working on the case but there is a part of her that wishes that the killer doesn't get caught. John smiles. He is glad that she came by. She is glad the he let her know that he was thinking about her. She leaves and John sits on the couch alone…looking around the room.

Rex sits in his cell and tells himself that Spencer had to die. There wasn't any other choice...

Michael and Marcie meet up at the hospital and he tells her that he was with Rex and is positive that he didn't do the murder. Marcie thought that he was going to the hospital, but instead he went to the police station. "You lied to me." Michael says that he just made a last minute decision to go and see Rex. "I have to go now Marcie." Michael walks off.

Nora wants Evangeline not to be seen with Cris in public. Evangeline finds this terrible. Nora says that a lot of things are at stake now. Evangeline thinks that her integrity is being questioned here. She has been kicked off the case and now her job is trying to dictate what she does in her private life. Nora also has more news that Evangeline isn't going to like. The mayor would like Evangeline to issue another press release saying that she agrees with action that the DA's office has taken so far in the case. "You tell the mayor to go to hell," Evangeline says before walking out. Nora turns to her coffee cup now. "Ah...That went well."

Antonio has Addie with him now at the home and he gets ready to start questioning her about Todd and his actions the night before.

Bo and Natalie start talking about the case. Natalie gets ready to defend John if need be, but before she can get into a conversation about that, the door opens behind her. John walks in. "What are you doing here?" Natalie asks. "What does it look like I am doing? I want to come back to work Bo. I want the Truman case.

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