OLTL Update Wednesday 1/31/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/31/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Viki shows up a the hospital with breakfast for Todd and his family. Blair is still sleeping and Viki can't believe what that bad man did to their Blair.

Michael comes out of the shower and wants to hear the news. Marcie tells him that she turned it off. Spencer Truman has been killed. "I know that," Michael says.

John and Natalie are in bed. "John…are you awake?" Natalie asks. John is awake but doesn't answer.

Bo is at work and he sets about investigating the murder.

Adriana is angry when she finds Rex in a jail cell. Rex her not to worry as Bo is just thinking about what he has to do here. He has officially arrested anyone yet.

Bo and Antonio talk about the case and how Rex may look guilty but probably isn't.

Starr is upset that her family is the center of attention again. She wishes that Spencer had died when he fell off the roof. Blair wakes now crying. She cries about what Spencer did to her.

Rex tells Adriana the story of how he came to be in jail. He had been caught standing over Truman with the murder weapon in his hand.

Natalie can't stop thinking about Spencer lying there dead. John thanks her or going to the scene and checking things out. Natalie heads out to get John something to eat but he only wants juice, if that isn't too much trouble. She looks at him sadly before leaving the room. "It's not too much trouble."

Marcie is angry that Michael didn't tell her that Spencer was dead the night before. She says that she isn't angry but she is in shock. Spencer was a horrible person but he is yet another person in their lives who has met with a violent end. Michael just wants to concentrate on his beautiful family who he loves so much. Michael would die for these two.

Adriana knows that Rex was foolish for picking the weapon up and then not calling her about it. Rex didn’t' think that he would be in jail this long. He wasn't thinking straight. Adriana finds him to be acting like an idiot right now. He knows that he should have told her about this sooner. She wants him to stoop thinking of other people now and tell Bo what he knows. "I don't know anything," Rex says to her. "I don't believe you," Adriana says.

Bo decides that along with the huge list of suspects, he should be adding himself to it as well. They get a visit from Officer Sahid who has the results of Blair's rape kit. It was negative. Bo decides that he should go to the hospital and see Blair, but Talia thinks that she would be better suited to talk to Blair about this. Bo feels that this is a great idea.

John has his juice and Natalie offers him something else but he is fine. She asks him how much longer is it that they are not going to talk about this. She will not let this go. John decides to tell her the truth about the night before, but he knows that she isn't going to like it.

Rex is sorry that he involved Adriana in the Tommy thing like he did. Right now he wants her out of this. Adriana wants to be a part of this. That is what it means to be in love with someone. Rex tells Adriana that Blair was unconscious and the charges will never stick. He is sure that he will be let go and doesn't feel a need for Adriana to get involved. He needs her to trust him and believe in him. She does, and he has to know that. He does and he is sure that this whole thing will blow over.

John tells Natalie that the thought that he would go and see Michael at the hospital but he was wrong to do that. He overestimated his strength…that's all. She doesn't believe a word he says. "You don't trust me with the truth but you trust Marty Saybrooke…I heard you. I heard what you had to say, and it didn't warm my heart a bit!" John stands now, facing Natalie with his hands on his hips. "So you eavesdropped on my conversation?"

Marcie feels that Todd might have been the one to kill Spencer. Michael is silent. Marcie tells that Spencer's body was in Blair's room, which means that if Todd found Spencer attacking Blair he would kill the man. Michael doesn't like Marcie trying to figure this out. "Marce! This isn't one of your mystery novels, ok?" Marcie is stunned to silence at Michael shouting at her.

Antonio sees Adriana at the station and she tells him that she is there to take Rex home.

Rex is in Bo's office being questioned and he persists in being difficult. Bo chuckles and asks his question again. "What were you doing at the hospital?"

Blair calms down quite a bit now. Starr and Todd want her home but Viki knows that Blair isn't ready for that yet. Talia arrives to talk with Blair and Todd doesn't want to allow that. Blair wants to talk to the officer, Todd insists. Talia decides to talk to Todd first them for a moment. She and Todd go into the hall and she tells that Todd needs to go downtown for questioning. He will not leave. His options are voluntarily or in cuffs. Todd decides to go on his own them and he walks out with an officer.

Talia returns to Blair's room and Viki and Starr start leaving. Blair asks that Viki stay with her. She is glad to do that and returns to her seat in the room. Starr exits. Talia turns to Blair now. "I'll try to make this as easy as possible. I want you to tell me everything you remember from the time Spencer came into your room."

Blair remembers that Spencer pumped her full of drugs. Talia asks if Blair thought she was going to be killed. She did think that and she even asked Spencer about that. she tried to scream and he put his hand over her mouth and got on top of her. His weight held her down and she tried to fight but she couldn't fight the drugs. He kept saying that he loved her and wanted to marry her and he took her gown off and he touched her… He puts a wedding dress on her and continued touching her. After he changed her clothes, he proposed to her. Then he gave her more drugs and then she doesn't remember much after that. Viki moves to Blair and tells her that everything is going to be alright.

Todd is at the station and Adriana tells him that she is really sorry that this happened. Todd hates having to wait to see Bo but Rex is in there and Todd will have to wait. Todd tells Adriana to tell Rex that he is going to get a big bonus for this. He even offers to pay for Rex's lawyer if he needs that. Adriana gets angry that Todd insinuates that Rex is the killer.

Rex isn't cooperating and so Bo tells him to see himself out. Rex asks Bo if he would really put someone away for doing someone a favor. Bo hasn't a choice when it comes to something like that. he is a cop and has a job to do. Rex figured that the killer felt the same about the way that he acted.

Michael and Marcie are arguing now. Marcie hates the way that he just treated her when he got angry. He knows that his overreacting is bad but mostly he is sorry that he shouted at her in front of their son. Michael doesn't want his son exposed to this kind of ugliness. Marcie doesn't want to do that either but sooner or later Tommy is going to see this kind of ugliness and there isn't a damn thing that they, as parents can do to stop this.

Natalie tells that she came to the door and heard that Marty was at the apartment. John finds her eavesdropping reprehensible. Natalie admits that she listened-in, and she is glad that she did it.

Marcie turns on the TV to see what's been done about the case. She and Michael hear that Rex has been picked up regarding the murder. Michael gets his coat and tells Marcie not to worry. He has to go to work. "You take good care of your mommy, okay big guy?" Michael asks Tommy. He kisses his family and leaves the apartment.

Todd asks Adriana and Antonio is they found anything interesting at the crime scene but he gets no answers.

Michael worries now that Rex might be the killer. She gets a call from Lindsay and is happy to talk. Marcie says that she isn't doing well right now. She tells how Rex has been arrested for the murder of Spencer Truman.

Bo sees that he has no choice in the matter. He won't arrest Rex but he will hold the man as long as the law allows. Bo calls for Officer Haskins to take Rex right back to his cell. Rex is shown out and he tells Adriana that he will be fine and that she isn't to worry. Bo tells Todd to come into the office now. Adriana asks Antonio if he thinks that Todd did this. Antonio isn't sure but wouldn't blame the guy if he did.

Blair thought that Spencer was going to rape her. He kept telling her that this was their wedding night. Blair was wiped out from the drugs and she was frightened. Spencer kept giving Blair more drugs and she couldn't do anything. Talia has all that she needs now and will go. Blair asks that Todd and Starr be sent back in. Talia leaves but only Starr comes in. She tells that her father was taken to the station for questioning.

Natalie is angry that John didn't talk to her about his problem with her. John reminds her that the woman is a psychiatrist and so what he did wasn't that big of a deal. She just wants him to trust her. She thinks about the crime scene and how she found those hairs that weren't discovered by anyone else yet. she took those hairs off the rotting corpse of Spencer Truman and shoved them in her bra to save this man. John asks Natalie again why he should trust her after all the things that she has been up to lately. "because," Natalie say. "There isn't anything that I wouldn't do for you."

Viki knows that Todd didn't kill Spencer. Starr wonders about that though. Blair hopes that if Todd actually did it that there will be no way that the cops can prove that he did.

Bo asks Todd if there is anyone who can prove where he was while Spencer was being murder.

Outside Bo's office, Talia has returned to the station. She would like to speak to Bo but sees that his door is closed. Adriana wonders who this killer could be…

Lindsay comes over to visit with Marcie and get an earful about the murder. They both love Rex and don't want him to be the murderer…

Michael arrives at the jail and Rex runs to the bars to talk to the man. "We need to talk," Michael says to Rex.

John tells Natalie to go to work. She wonders if he just wants to get rid of her. John needs to know if they have found anything at the scene. She promises to check it out. She offers to help him in any way that she can but he tells her that he is capable of taking care of himself. He walks off from her and goes to the bathroom. She follows him in. "You're also pretty capable of making a mistake, John. And when you do, you're going to be glad that you have someone there to cover your ass." John is about to wash his face but he pauses curiously to ask Natalie what she meant by what she just said. "I just hope you don't have to find out," she responds before turning on her heel and getting out of there.

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