OLTL Update Monday 1/29/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/29/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

One Life To Live - Update - 29th - Monday

Bo and Antonio find Starr and Cole in Spencer's room and they demand to know what the kids are doing there. Bo and Antonio see that Truman's attorney's neck has been broken. Starr just wants to go and see her mom. The guard who got knocked out tells Bo how Truman's lawyer had a bag and briefcase with him and that is how Bo puts together that the man was in the process of assisting Spencer when he was brutally killed. The guard tells that he remember that he was shot full of something with a syringe while out in the hall doing his job. Starr insists that she get to go and see her mother right away. "All right -- cover him up. Look, I don't want any funny business, all right? There's a psychopath running around out there. As soon as I know it's safe, I'm going to send somebody after you. Let's go. Blair's up in ICU," Bo instructs. Antonio hopes that Bo's hopes for Blair's safety come to fruition.

"So now that we're incorporated, we can legally solicit investors, and once we get capital, we can get a real workspace instead of the apartment and start cranking out those crotch-less underwear the way you wanted," Layla jokes when she sees that Adriana is only pretending to hear what she is saying. Adriana pretends to be into what Layla is saying but she can't fake it and she knows that she has been busted. "I'm sorry. It's just I don't understand why Rex isn't here. He said he was going to meet us." Adriana has been trying to reach her beau, but every time that she calls, she gets sent straight to voicemail. Adriana is very concerned and Layla wants to know why. "Probably nothing. Let's just do what we came here to do -- talk underwear. Rex will be here. I know he will," Adriana says perking up.

Bo and Antonio arrive at the hospital and with their guns drawn, they venture down the halls of the hospital to check out what, if anything has been going on with Spencer. The halls are dark now as it is night and patients are asleep. There should be little or no visitors at this time. Bo and Antonio pass no one in the halls of the hospital as they creep along. Antonio covers Bo, then Bo covers Antonio. They peek around the corners before stepping ahead with confidence.

Cristian brings Evangeline to Capricorn and she isn't sure that they should be there right now. Evangeline figures that Cristian got his brother to pull some strings so that they could get a table at the busy club, but it wasn't Antonio's doing that got this underway. "No, actually, it was your sister. She was working when I called yesterday and she put us on the list," Cristian reveals. "I hope you have a reservation. It's going to be a long wait, even for the Boss' brother," the hostess shares with the antsy couple. Cristian tells that he does in fact have a reservation for two at the club that night but the hostess corrects that his reservation is for three actually. The hostess tells Cristian that he has to know about this as he was the one who called and turned the reservations into three places as opposed to two. Vincent is nearby and jumps in saying that he was the one who changed the reservations. Evangeline immediately wants to know what this is all about. Vincent will explain everything, after he has a seat.

Clint and Viki talk about how great it is to have Asa back to his old self and telling jokes like he loves to. "That's good. You know, it's -- it's nice to see Asa up and about, but, you know, I'm going to have my hands full trying to get him to take it easy," Clint shares. Clint noticed that Jessica was really quiet that night. "Yeah -- ahem -- well, Antonio's been working a lot of long hours since he rejoined the police force and, you know, she's got a baby and a 4-year-old to look after. She's tired," Viki explains. Clint is sure that there is something going on with Nash though. Clint likes Nash but isn't so sure that having the man in the picture at this point is a very good idea. Viki agrees on some level. She knows that Nash only comes across as confusing to Jessica at times.

Jessica comes home quietly and sees that Nash is crashed out on the couch. She stares at him for a few moments before announcing that she is home. He doesn't move but asks for five more minutes before having to get up. Jessica can't wait that long. She is beat and needs to get in the apartment. Jessica goes over the couch and Nash starts snuggling her immediately. He and she lay on the couch kissing and being intimate with one another, and the both of them are enjoying it…Jessica has been having this little fantasy all on her lonesome at the front door as she watches Nash sleep. She knows that she has to stop that nonsense and get with reality and how her life really is. At least that is what she tells herself.

Bo and Antonio make it to Blair's room as Starr has requested. They enter the room and see the destruction. Bo knows that back of that head. He and Antonio draw their guns and hold them on the man. Bo orders Rex to put the weapon he holds in his hand down. Rex hears the voice behind him and rolls his eyes. He knows that voice, and slowly he turns to his friend and mentor. Starr sees her mother past all that is going on with Bo and Rex. She tries to get into the room but Bo won't allow it and orders that the kids be held back, out of there. Rex still holds the weapon in his hand and Bo orders him again to drop it. Rex sees that Bo holds his gun on him but he can't believe for a minute that Bo wouldn't ever plug him full of bullets. Antonio flies into action retreating to get backup and a doctor. Rex knows that Spencer will not be needing a doctor. He is dead as a doornail. Michael's voice rings in Rex's ear now that realizes that his goose may be cooked…"What about Spencer? Hey, how do we make sure he doesn't talk?" …

"Ok. All you have to do is make it out of here. You can do that. You do it every day," Michael tells himself as he tries to make it out of the hospital quietly and unseen. He starts walking to the door. Suddenly, Michael trips as he falls over something dark on the floor. He looks down and finds someone laying on the floor. He stoops and finds John down there. He is as shocked to see his brother in the hospital at that time, as John is to his him. Both brothers just stare now.

Cristian and Evangeline worries that Vincent is purposefully following she and Cristian everywhere they go since he seems to be everywhere they go. Vincent is at the table with Cristian and Evangeline in the Capricorn. Evangeline feels that they are going to be harassed some more about the fires in Vincent's buildings. Vincent says that he has called off the dogs for now. "You know, Vincent, there -- there are a lot of other restaurants in this town. What do you say you go to one of them and leave us alone?" Cristian suggests. At this time, Layla arrives to see her sister and Cristian for a bit. She knows that Evangeline and Cristian aren't thrilled to have Vincent at their table, so she makes a suggestion. "Oh. Well, I just talked to Holly and there's a table on the other side of the room that's getting their check, so why don't you just move over there and leave my sister and Cris alone?" Vincent sees he is going to get the bum's rush from everyone. "Look, I'm sorry. I didn't come here to ruin your night. I came here because I thought we could sit down like civilized people and work this thing out. But, you know, I was wrong. I'll leave." Cristian decides that he wants to hear what Vincent has to say after all and calls Vincent back.

Viki tries to backtrack out of he conversation with Clint about Jessica and the private matter they talked about. "Oh, no, no, no. You can't do that. You can't say that Jessie's having problems and then not tell me what they are," Clint pleads. Viki gives in and tells how Jessica is feeling confused about Nash lately. Clint wants to know what that means exactly. Viki relates how Jessica's feeling for Nash are a little out of control. "But on the good side, she talked to me about it, ok? Which is good, and apparently she's been working with a therapist on separating her feelings from Tess' feelings and -- " Clint understands now, but just hasn't any clue why Antonio is so friendly to the man. Clint thinks that the option to let Antonio in on what is going on should be looked at, but Viki disagrees. Clint thinks that Viki just doesn't want to do the deed, so he offers to talk to Antonio about. Viki won't allow that. Jessica wants to work this out on her own. Viki is worried about this but she doesn't think that she should do anything about it. Clint feels that action is needed here. Viki doesn't see things that way. "Well -- why? Just to upset her even more? I mean, what's the point in that? I'll keep these feelings to myself, unlike you, obviously." Clint knows that he handles things differently than Viki does, but at least he doesn't just sit on things and waits for things to work themselves out like she does.

Nash sits up now that Jessica has returned. She jokes that usually the baby-sitter shouldn't fall asleep on the couch the way that Nash did. He says that he had a tough day at the vineyard that day and that is why he is especially exhausted. Then he had to deal with Brennan that night and she wouldn't stop moving around. Jessica knows. Brennan loves trying to get up on everything. Nash has no idea how Jessica handles Brennan the way that she tries to get around all the time. Jessica tells that Antonio is back at work with Bo when asked to explain where he is. Nash nods and wonders aloud if Brennan is going to get up again to maybe say goodbye to her dad. Brennan is teething and so Jessica is sure that Brennan will be up again. In that case then, Nash decides to stay a little longer which is okay with Jessica.

Bo gets the crime scene under control. Antonio returns telling that he has things in motion for the investigation of the murder to start. Starr can't get near her mother and watches from across the room as a nurse tries to revive her. Rex starts denying being a part of this, but Bo orders him to just shut up. The nurse can tell that Blair was given a sedative that knocked her out.

Evangeline wonders if Aaron knows that his client is meeting with them now. "Well, he's not going to like it, especially after he spent the afternoon telling every reporter who would listen what a dangerous guy I am," Cristian points out. "Look, he's only doing what he said he was going to do, ok? He's bringing attention to a case that the police keep trying to bury," Vincent explains. "I apologize. But I've been hearing some things and I've been talking to people and they're telling me that you're not the kind of guy that would set those fires." Evangeline is relieved to hear that. "You know, Vincent, if I had any beef with you, I'd be in your face about it. I'm not like you, man. I wouldn't go behind your back," Cris explains. Vincent tells how he has examined the facts due to someone that he trusts explaining what a standup guy Cris is. Cris wonders who it is that is in his corner over this. Vincent tells how his ex-wife, Natalie has been defending him.

"Stay with me, buddy. What are you doing here, huh? What are you doing in the hospital, man? You're not supposed to be out of your room," Michael says to his brother as he helps him up off the floor. John says that he is just fine and that his brother shouldn't worry. Michael wants to know what the hell John is doing there. He worries that maybe John came there because he was feeling ill. John evades the question and just concentrates on standing with the support of his brother. John mumbles that he had to do this. He had to come there and take care of Truman.

Starr is getting more and more stressed the longer her mother is out of consciousness. Bo wants to talk to Balsom in private now. He has to get Rex away from Cole and Starr for a bit. Starr is almost hysterical and so Bo can't leave her just yet. She wants to know why her mother is in that dress. Rex starts talking about what a sick bastard Spencer was. "I think I told you to shut up," Bo says to Rex. "Now, I'm going to go back inside with your mom, ok?" Bo says turning to Starr now. "If I find out any information at all, I'm going to come out here and tell you. All right?" Cole is happy to take care of Starr when Bo asks him to. "Ok, thank you. And, Balsom, I've got an officer right over here who's going to keep an eye on you, so you're going to stick around, aren't you?" Rex has no plans to go anywhere. Paige comes running up asking if everything is okay…Cole tells Starr to relax. He knows that everything is going to be okay and her mother is going to be fine too.

Paige gives Bo more information on what actually went on between Spencer and Blair. "Well, it's a muscle relaxant. You know, the heart is a muscle, so hers was already compromised because of the infection. She's breathing, she's got a pulse, but she's still unconscious and her responses are depressed. I'm not going to know for sure till I get an EKG And an EEG." Due to the bizarre circumstances, Bo feels that he has to make a strong decision here. "I think we're going to need a rape kit for her, too. Hey, come here. Listen, I know you're a doctor and everything, but are you ok with -- you know, with this?" Antonio comes up, asking if Blair is going to be okay. "Well, he's been stabbed in the shoulder and from the amount of blood on the floor, I'd say he was stabbed in the chest or the stomach a few times." Bo doesn't know how Rex plays into this. He has been keeping the man quiet for now. "What about Blair? You think she could've done it? If he was over her, she could've come at him from the front," Antonio deduces. "It's possible, I guess. You know, these scissors, they're hospital scissors, so maybe they were left on that nightstand over there," Bo responds. "That or Truman could've brought them in with him. That bag over there looks like the big briefcase the officer was telling us about, the one the lawyer brought in," Antonio realizes. Bo's got his work cut out for him. "Look, this is going to be tough. It's going to be real hard, Antonio. If we bring in everybody who wanted to see Spencer Truman dead, we're going to have to rent an arena."

Viki feels that Clint is coming at her like Dorian. Clint doesn't know what she means. "Analyzing me to my face? Oh, my god -- you're not going to come up with cute little names for my alters, like Sneezy and Dopey and Doc?" Clint only meant to imply that Viki likes to have a stiff upper lip in life. "Yeah. It's a lot better than whining over everything. Hey, Clint, I'm a WASP. That's what we do -- we get through things. Sorry if that's such a trial for you." Clint didn't mean to be offensive. "No, I didn't say that. I know what you've been through and I -- I know how strong you are, but I also know that you choose to take certain feelings and you just sweep them right under the rug. I -- well, I've been in Llanview for more than a year and this is the first time that you've asked me over for a drink." Now Viki understands. This isn't about she ignoring her feelings. It is about she ignoring him.

Nash and Jessica talk and joke around at her place while alone talking. She tells him to turn off the lights and follow her. She is heading to the patio. It is freezing out there and he can't believe that she wants to go out into the cold. She points something out to him. It is Andromeda. Nash knows all about that. He showed it to Tess once. One day the parents will show that star to Brennan. Nash is having a much better time with Jessica now that she isn't throwing glasses at him. The only problem with this scenario though is that he wants to grab her right now and start kissing her.

Bo gets on the horn and makes sure that things are in motion at the station…"I want to tell you, your mom's vital signs are much, much stronger than they were before, which is a very good thing," Paige says to Starr. Starr just wants to see her mother now, but she isn't allowed as Paige is still unconscious from the drugs that she was given…Bo tells Paige that she had better be prepared as the hospital will be crawling with cops pretty soon. Paige will have Blair moved to another room to get her out of the way then. Bo is really concerned about what this must be doing to Paige. "You know, I -- I gave up my son in order to protect him from Spencer, and then I lost him. I -- I don't feel anything now but relief," she confesses.

Adriana tries to keep a straight head, but she can't stop thinking about Rex and is worried now. She has to go. Layla is staying at Capricorn. She will look out for Rex in case he arrives…"All right, so let me get something straight. Let me make sure I heard you right. You had one conversation with Natalie and now you've changed your mind about me?" Cris asks Vincent incredulously. "Hmm, I haven't changed my mind. But Natalie stands up for you, so I'm willing to look at the situation again," Vincent explains. "What I want from the two of you is something concrete that could back up what Natalie said." Cristian and Evangeline are not holding anything back. "You know everything we know. The fires were started during a small window of time when Cristian does not have an alibi." Cris suddenly thinks that this is a waste of time. "You know what, babe? Save your breath. He doesn't believe me. And he didn't come here because he thinks he might change his mind." Cris knows exactly what this is about. "You want to go back to Natalie and tell her what a great guy you are. I was right -- you got a thing for her!"

Nash immediately apologizes for breaking the rules and crossing the line by talking about kissing. She quickly tells Nash that she loves Antonio. "I know you do. Sorry, I'm not very good at this. I'm not very good at the brooding, quiet, guy-in-the-corner thing." Jessica has noticed that. She is suddenly sorry that she brought him out there. The memories are too strong. He thinks that it is time for him to get out of there. He knows that Antonio would hate finding them together like this. Jessica says that Antonio will not be back. He will be gone until the next day. That is what being a cop is all about. Jessica doesn't want to go back in yet. She needs to stay out for a while. Jessica apologizes for bringing him on the patio. She knows that she shouldn't have done that. 'Well, I'm glad you did. I used to tell myself that when I could see those stars clearly, I'd be home. For better or worse, here I am."

Clint feels like Viki is turning on him now that she has accused him of complaining about her supposedly ignoring him. She says that she is probably the way that she is because she can't ever have anything to do with him if he is in any way involved with Dorian. Clint has been feeling like there isn't any room in Viki's life for him and that was why he spent time with Dorian. She really enjoys having him around. Viki didn’t make room in her life for Clint because he was with someone else. "I'm not with anybody now, no matter what Dorian may think. And you -- you've taken off your wedding ring!" She wonders what he thinks that means. He isn't trying to become 'mom' and 'dad' again. He just wants to…have a date with her.

Nash comes over to Layla who is sitting alone. He offers to buy her a drink. She can tell that something is up with him. She wants all the details. She wants to know why he suddenly seems and looks different. She can tell that Jessica has probably done something…"No, I got it right. You see, Layla dumps you, we all think John is dead, and then there's a chance with Natalie," Cris says to Vincent. "Hmm. The thing is, Vincent, that John is very much alive, so you can try to score as many points as you want, but Natalie's not going to go for it."

"Truman's Body is in that room right there. There's also a patient that's still in there with him. I want her processed first, ok, so we can have her moved just as soon as possible. Her name's Blair Cramer, and Truman -- Truman was in the act of attacking her when he was murdered, all right? Now, you do what you have to do, but watch what you say, ok, because her daughter is here. She's sitting over there with that young man right now. Ok, thank you," Bo says to his officers…Bo wants to know where Todd is but Starr hasn't been able to reach him. She has been trying with her cellphone but has only been able to leave voicemail. Bo tells Starr to keep trying. Cole says that he will call his mother to let her know where he is. Antonio arrives to tell that the dress has been taken off Blair. Antonio will go with her to the new room and he will stay with her. "All right, I want you there with her when she wakes up, ok? Go easy on her, but we need some answers, all right? I need to know what and who she saw," Bo says.

Michael wants to get John out of there, but John is stalling. "Look. Listen to me. Um -- I could get a wheelchair, but I think that would draw way too much attention. I'm going to have to get you up on your feet, ok?" Michael says as he tries to support his brother all on his own. John is babbling that he shouldn't have let things go this far, but Michael ignores him as he tries to get the man out of the hospital as quickly as possible. "Hey, listen to me. You're not going to think about Truman ever again, ok? We're not going to -- we're not going to worry about him, we're not going to think about him. We're not even going to say his name. We're done with him," Michael commands.

Viki is truly shocked that Clint is asking her out. "We go out, we have fun, we spend a couple of hours talking about anything except the kids, and then we say good night and then we'd think about whether we want to do it again." She wants a blow by blow as to how the date would go, but Clint hasn't even had time to think what that would involve yet. Viki just throws her hands up saying 'Alright! Alright!' but Clint hasn't any idea what that means, so she then blurts out that she will go then. She warns him that she hasn't had a date in a long time. He is sure that she will remember how to do this. It is like riding a bike. She wonders what happens next. Is he going to call…He says that he will and he leaves right away, he says, so that he can make that call to her. He leaves and Viki is immediately struck with the realization that she hasn't any idea what to wear to this date.

"Wow. Look who's up. I guess your daddy should've stayed after all, huh? Although, it's probably better that he left, right? I wish Antonio would come home soon, huh? You know, we're pretty lucky. We have two wonderful men in our lives. But when I look at you -- I know -- oh, oh, oh -- that you have it all figured out. You have a special place in your heart for daddy, and you have a special place in your heart for Antonio, huh? Maybe when you're older, you can help me figure that one out, huh?" Jessica plays with her baby as she thinks about her complicated life.

Nash doesn't want to talk about Jessica, he tells Layla. He finds Layla a more interesting subject. She asks him if he thinks that exes could ever be friends. Nash knows that is a sneak-attack on the subject of Jessica and Nash will not go there. He wants to turn the subject to he and Layla instead…Cristian and Evangeline are alone again, but Cris senses that the night has been ruined for the both of them because of the visit from Vincent to their table. Evangeline refuses to feel down about that though. She wants him to hold on for a minute…

Cole leaves Starr for a minute to call his mom. Starr sees Rex nearby and goes to him. She thanks him for what he did. Rex says nothing. Paige is walking by and Starr runs to her to ask about her mother. Blair is being moved to another room now and she seems to be coming out of her slumber. She is even moving around a bit. Starr is allowed to come with Paige as she oversees the move to Blair's new room. Cole returns and sees that Blair is being moved. Cole doesn't want to go with Starr to be with her mother. He doesn't want to be in the way. Starr feels he is being stupid and tells him to come on…Bo is ready to talk to Rex now. Bo doesn't think that Rex looks so good. He wonders if Rex has been having a rough time with anyone. Bo asks Rex is he has a lawyer but until that moment, Rex didn't realize he needed one. "I see you standing over a dead Body with the murder weapon in your hands? Yeah, I think you need one. You did this?"

Michael drags his brother to an exit. "Okay, we'll get out through the terrace. It's a few feet away. Come on, we'll make it." Michael opens the door for and John to leave and Natalie is in the doorway. "Oh, crap," Michael says.

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