OLTL Update Friday 1/26/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/26/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Marty and John are having a conversation in John’s room. Marty tells him that nothing good will come out of his obsessing over Spencer. She warns John that his obsession could possibly ruin his life. Marty receives a phone call on her cell, and John glances over at Natalie’s engagement ring. Marty is visibly concerned about the phone call she has received. She tells John the youth center called, and Cole did not show up for his community service. She states this is not like Cole. She doesn’t understand why he would just fail to show up. John remarks that maybe he is just hanging out with some friends. He tells Marty he could call the station and send a unit out to the park to see if Cole is there. Marty refuses, but she wishes Cole could be fitted with a tracking device. She leaves to find Cole. John makes a phone call after she leaves. Later, his therapist shows up. He has a session with his therapist who tells him he is doing much better. The therapist tells John that Natalie knows something is up. John tells his therapist not to worry about it. After the therapist leaves, John goes over to his desk and gets his gun out. He checks it over, takes it with him, and leaves. A phone call comes through on his answering machine, but he is already gone.

Natalie and Rex are talking at Rodie’s. Both express concerns about how Spencer is ruining their lives. Natalie tells Rex how John is obsessed with Spencer. She also makes the comment to keep sharp objects away from her because she might use them on Spencer. Rex goes to the bar for nuts, and Vincent comes over and sits down. He asks Natalie if she and John are having trouble. Natalie tells Vincent her ankle is better. She gets a call on her cell phone. It is John’s therapist returning her phone call. She requests he call in refills for John’s medications. He explains to Natalie that John probably won’t need to take the medications for much longer, so he cannot refill them. She asks the therapist if John is getting better. He tells her he doesn’t want to get in the middle of things between John and her. He evades her questions, and she gets off the phone. She voices her disgust about this to Vincent. She tells him how John doesn’t seem to trust her and trashes her to Marty. Vincent asks why John talks to Marty. She starts to tell him that Marty stopped him from killing Spencer, but she shuts up. Vincent tells her she can trust him. Vincent tells her it makes him mad that John treats her badly. After Vincent leaves, Rex returns, and he asks her if she is okay. She tells him she is, and Rex leaves.

Michael holds Tommy close in their apartment as Marcie watches. She asks him what is wrong. He thinks about his conversation with Rex and states he can’t lose him. Marcie asks him who he is talking about. Michael says he is talking about a patient. Marcie warns him that they talked about how he can’t save everybody. She reminds him he needs to find a way to take care of his patients without losing himself. Marcie reminds him how he will always have his family. Later, Marcie and he are sleeping without any clothes in bed. He tells her he will always protect her and Tommy. He doesn’t care what it takes. He will do anything. Marcie continues to sleep as Michael slips out of bed and leaves.

At the penthouse, Todd tells Jack a story to help him fall asleep. It is a story about a king, queen, and a monster (Spencer). He tells Spencer how the monster ruined the king’s life and made the queen not love the king anymore. He explains how the king defeated the monster, and the story ended happily. He does explain that the king might have had blood on his hands. Jack is fast asleep, and Todd leaves.

Cole and Starr discover that Spencer’s attorney is dead in Spencer’s bed. They are both shaken up about this. Starr wonders where Spencer is. Cole tells her they should be safe because Spencer is not there with them. The guard enters, and they show him the attorney’s dead body. Starr attempts to call Bo, but the guard forbids it. The guard wants answers. Starr tells him she is friends with the commissioner, and he better not screw things up. Starr wants to call her father, and Cole says they need to go. The guard stops them and reports Spencer as missing. As he is doing this, Cole tells Starr to follow his lead. They tell the guard that the attorney is still alive. As he scrambles to verify this, Cole and Starr make their escape.

Dorian and Lindsay are having drinks together at the Palace. Dorian tells her she heard how she and R.J. broke up. She asks Lindsay if she wants to talk about it. Lindsay states she does not want to discuss it. Dorian watches Clint and Viki in disgust. Lindsay asks her if they should invite Clint over. Dorian says no and tells Lindsay she should trade her seats so she doesn’t have to watch Viki throw herself at Clint. Lindsay also voices how she finds watching Bo and Paige unsettling too. They toast and make a pact to get the men they want (Bo and Clint) and to help each other accomplish this. Clint comes over and tells Dorian he is happy Blair is going to be okay, and Dorian thanks him for his concern.

Asa, Renee, Clint, Viki, Bo, Paige, Antonio, and Jessica are celebrating Asa and Renee’s anniversary at the Palace. Asa tells Renee he truly loves her. He knows he may not have treated her as well as he could have throughout the years, and he regrets this. Jessica decides to toast the couple without Natalie. She reasons that Natalie is probably with John. All lift their glasses to toast Asa and Renee. Jessica confides in Viki that she is not happy with Nash and Antonio being friends. Viki tells her she has to be honest. Jessica remarks she can’t tell Antonio about the kiss she and nash shared. Viki tells her she didn’t mean for her to. She wants Jessica to be honest with herself. After the toast, Bo and Antonio get called out on police business. Jessica is to take the car home to be with Bree. She kisses Asa goodbye. Paige leaves too for the hospital. Clint asks Viki if there is anything wrong with Jessica. Viki tells him she’s fine. She invites Clint to Llanfair for a nightcap, and Clint accepts. Later, Asa makes a call and asks if what he wanted done is completed.

Later, at the hospital, Rex runs past Paige and tells her he has some PI business to attend to.

Spencer tells Blair it is time for them to be married. He gives Blair a sedative when she calls out for Todd. Spencer has a delusion that a Reverend is there to perform the ceremony. He tells Blair, “Till death do we part.” He kisses the ring on Blair’s finger. He tells her they will be together for eternity. She protests, but he does not listen. He informs her it is time for the best part. It is time for their wedding night. He gets on top of Blair and starts to kiss her. Someone comes into the room. He/she seems to be dressed in black, and is wearing black gloves. The hands do look slender. The hand picks up a black-handled pair of scissors from a medical stand in Blair’s room. The hand stabs Spencer once in the back with these scissors. He turns around and states, “You!” The hand stabs Spencer several times in the chest. He falls to the ground with blood on his shirt. Blair’s white wedding dress is covered in drops of blood as well.

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