OLTL Update Thursday 1/25/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/25/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie continues to listen outside of John’s door. John tells Marty he owes her for stopping him from killing Spencer. John admits he did not tell Natalie about her involvement. He confesses he may not be able to trust Natalie anymore. John and Marty continue to talk and John tells her not to do the opposite of what he says. That way she will stay on his good side. He goes as far as to tell her how Natalie drugged his food, and how he wants Spencer to pay for all he has done. Natalie stands there and listens. She continues to feel rejected.

Nash goes over to Antonio and Jessica’s to talk to Jessica. Antonio tells Nash that Jessica is not at home. Antonio wonders what Nash wants to talk to her about. Nash tells him he wants to talk with Jessica about Bree’s visitation schedule. In the meantime, Antonio gets a phone call stating Jessica forgot to pick out an anniversary gift for Asa and Renee. Antonio runs out to get the present while Nash watches Bree. Before he leaves Antonio tells Nash that the problems between him and Jessica should get better. Nash remembers back to the steam room. Meanwhile, Jessica is visiting with Viki at Llanfair. She confides in Viki that she kissed Nash at the steam room. Jessica is really upset about this. Viki asks her if she is afraid Tess is coming back. She also asks her if she is afraid she is falling for Nash instead of Jessica. Jessica denies everything to Viki. Viki then advises her to focus on her life with Antonio. Jessica thanks her mother for the advice and leaves. Jessica returns home to find Nash there with Bree. Jessica admits she has been very absent-minded lately. Nash states this is because she must be thinking about the kiss they shared. Jessica tells Nash what Viki said and that she can tell the difference between the Tess and Jessica parts inside of her. Nash asks her which part kissed him. Jessica states she felt something when Nash kissed her, but she won’t let that happen again. They both agree to drop it, and Antonio comes home. He asks if he is interrupting something.

Michael and Todd sit next to each other at Rodie’s. Michael orders a whiskey, and Todd tells him he didn’t think he was a whiskey guy. Michael tells him that is one thing they have in common. Todd questions him as to what the other thing is. Todd concludes their hatred for Spencer is the other thing. Todd goes over to talk to Evangeline. Todd explains to Evangeline how Blair turned down his proposal. All he wants is to put his family back together again. He believes if he had his son, he might be able to do this. However, he admits he is unable to find his son. He questions Evangeline about Cristian being accused of committing the arsons. Todd tells Evangeline that she should help Cristian behind the scenes. Michael goes up to Todd and asks to talk to him alone. Rex sees this, and he insists on talking to him about Tommy right away. Michael admits to Todd he wanted to tell him he hopes Blair will be alright. Michael tells Rex to go home and keep his mouth shut about Tommy. Evangeline calls Cristian to see what’s keeping him.

Starr and Cole are at the hospital. Just as Cole is about to go into Spencer’s room, Starr runs into him. She asks him why he is going into Spencer’s room. He says he is going to tell Spencer to stay away from his mother. Starr decides to go with him into Spencer’s room. They look at the sleeping guard, go inside, and find Mark’s dead body.

Blair wakes up and finds Spencer standing over her. He covers her mouth and gives her a sedative. Already in a weakened state, Blair becomes drugged as well. He tells her he has everything they need in his bed to have a night they will never forget. Spencer is delusional and lies next to her as he tells her he is going to make all her dreams come true. He proceeds to dress her in a wedding gown. Todd comes back to check on Blair and almost enters her room. He then thinks better of it, and he walks away. Blair is left alone with Spencer.

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