OLTL Update Wednesday 1/24/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/24/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Michael is at Rex’s loft and asks Rex if he knows who Tommy’s birthparents are. Rex evades the question, and Michael becomes very angry. He grabs Rex by the shirt and tells him he is lying. Rex does manage to calm him down. He tells Michael that Spencer is probably just confused because he is Tommy’s godfather. However, Michael continues to push Rex for an answer and threatens to go back to Spencer for more information. Finally he pushes Rex too far, and Rex tells him he knows who Tommy’s birthfather is. He admits it is Todd. As Rex explains the whole story, Michael is devastated. Michael realizes Margaret was Tommy’s birthmother, and she had a history of mental health problems. Rex begs Michael not to tell Marcie. He says that nobody has to know. As far as Rex is concerned, Tommy is with his “real” parents. Michael asks him if anyone else knows. Rex states Adriana and Spencer are the only ones, and he can take care of Spencer. Rex wants Michael to keep quiet, and Michael states, “It might just kill me.”

In John’s room, Natalie apologizes to John. She will do anything to make him get better. John states, “Things between us aren’t working out.” He also says, “Maybe one of us should move out.” Natalie says she won’t be back to take care of John if she leaves for good. That’s okay because John will take care of himself. Natalie decides to pack up and not come back. She tells John she doesn’t want to be a “nagging little bitch.” John tells her she does what she wants when she wants to. He says she can help him with his recovery, or he will do it by himself. It doesn’t matter to him. He wants to know why she wants to break up. She wants things to be the way they used to be, and she is tired of watching his self-destructiveness. She wants him to look beyond his scars to see if he can find a person worth loving. Natalie leaves, and Marty visits John. She admits to John that Spencer threatened her son. She says he also threatened John. John believes Spencer is evil instead of insane. He tells Marty she sent Spencer free. She stands by her diagnosis and states she only wishes Spencer was sane. Natalie shows up outside the door and listens to their conversation. Marty talks about how she kept John from killing Spencer. He admits he wants Spencer to die. Marty agrees with him. She asks John if he told Natalie about how she prevented him from killing Spencer. John says that he didn’t because he is not sure he can trust Natalie.

Todd goes to Llanfair to ask Viki for advice. He wants to know how to get Blair back, and he blames Spencer for the break up of his relationship with Blair. Viki states, “When a woman says no, you better stay away.” She advises him not to force Blair, but also not to take “no” for an answer. Todd needs to make Blair see what is truly in his heart. She needs to see his love and how it brought her back. She tells him that his words have to come from his heart. It matters more how he says it then what he says. Todd leaves, and Natalie shows up for advice. Viki tells her that John is proud. Viki wonders if he is fighting Natalie’s help or fighting her love. Viki reminds Natalie that John is a grown-up. She also tells Natalie that John loves her.

Dorian tells Blair she is beautiful. She brings her a romance novel and chocolates. Blair says she doesn’t deserve it. Dorian admits to Blair that Todd surprises her. She also tells Blair she has a tendency to push people away that she cares about. Blair says her and Todd are just not good for each other. She states, “As a husband, he’s poison.” Todd shows up, but Blair does not want to talk about things. Dorian has Todd go with her to request a sedative for Blair (Big mistake!). Todd and Dorian have a talk. Dorian says she is glad Blair will sleep through the night. She admits she told Blair she should stay with Todd. She tells him Blair will come back to him in time. She now realizes how much Todd loves Blair.

Spencer takes Mark’s briefcase (His attorney), but he overhears Marty outside of his room talking with the guard. He hurries up and hides Mark’s body under the bed. When she comes into the room, he is back under the covers. Marty says she is no longer his doctor. She needed to see him to confront her attacker. He comments, “There won’t be no joy in Mudville tonight.” Spencer tells her that he wants to be friends. She wonders where his attorney is. He states, “What’s one less lawyer in the world.” She asks him what he has done. He evades the question. Marty reminds him that she will be walking out of his room freely, but he will be leaving in chains. He remarks sarcastically that perhaps Cole is Todd’s son (Interesting!). She gets very angry about this. He goes on to tell her that life is fleeting, and she could lose everything. As she leaves, he states that she has made a “pretty pathetic prognosis, Princess.” Spencer places Mark’s body in the bed. He puts on Mark’s suit after she leaves and attempts to walk past the guard. The guard stops him, and he silences him with a syringe and places him on a bench. He slinks to Blair’s room and peers through her window. He enters and closes the curtains surrounding her bed very carefully.

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