OLTL Update Tuesday 1/23/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/23/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

John wakes up and looks at his clock. He has been sweating, so Natalie gets him a clean shirt. He starts to feel as if she is suffocating him again, and he tells her this in not so many words. She gets angry and slams out the door after the physical therapist arrives. John makes good progress with his therapy, but he insists the therapist not mention this to Natalie. Later, Natalie returns, and John apologizes for being mean to her. Natalie tells him Marty seems to be the reason he is being mean. She confesses she went to see Marty and told her to stay away from him. This causes another big argument.

Marty has a nightmare and wakes up screaming. Cole finds her and offers to help her, but Marty tells him she is okay, and so he goes to school. Nora visits Marty and can tell she is an emotional wreck. She tells Marty to sit on the sofa while she makes coffee, and then they will talk. They talk about how similar her rape was to the hostage situation she was recently in. Marty admits that Todd saved her life. Nora leaves, and Natalie also visits with Marty. Natalie tears into her and wants to know why John always seems to feel as if he owes her something. Marty refuses to give Natalie an answer, and Natalie tells Marty it was her fault that she was used as a hostage by Spencer. Marty screams at her and demands she leave immediately. Natalie warns her to stay away from John.

Rex also has a nightmare and wakes up abruptly. Adriana tries to reassure him that everything will be okay, but Rex continues to worry that the secret about Tommy will come out. Rex believes Spencer will use Tommy before he goes to Wingdale. He also believes the next 24 hrs. will be critical. If they can get through them, then Tommy and their secret should be safe. However, Michael stops by later and asks Rex what he and Spencer know about Tommy that they are not telling him.

Todd’s nightmares are about Spencer and Blair. He wakes up and goes into her hospital room to check on her. She is upset to learn that he was having nightmares about her and Spencer. She tells him that there is no hope for them. Todd insists that he will not give up on her. She admits she is grieving for the baby they lost. Todd asks her if things might be different if they were raising TJ together. Blair tells him he didn’t want her help before, but Todd does ask for it now. She continues to believe all hope is lost. Todd wishes he would have killed Spencer on the rooftop when he had the chance.

At school, Starr confesses to Langston that she and Cole kissed. Just then, Britney walks up the hall with Cole trailing behind. Even though Langston warns them of the ramifications if they are caught, Marcie catches a glimpse of the closeness between them. Marcie warns Starr and Cole about what might happen if they are caught. So, Starr and Cole decide to stage an argument. It seems to work, but Britney knows better and swears to find out what is really going on.

Michael comes into Spencer’s room. Before long, Spencer will be sent to Wingdale. Of course, Spencer is still doing his insane ranting and raving. He tells Michael that Todd couldn’t save his son. He also says that Dr. Michael McBain doesn’t know who the father of his baby is. Spencer admits that he does know. This really agitates Michael, and he screams into Spencer’s face. He screams for him not to talk about his son. Spencer acts as if he is talking to Rex and says that Rex will have to be the one to tell him. Michael leaves. Spencer’s attorney shows up and tells him that he has completed all the legal paperwork making him Spencer’s power of attorney. Spencer responds by asking him to come closer and then strangling him until he passes out. Spencer uses this to uncuff himself and try to escape. However, the attorney wakes up. Spencer solves this problem by breaking the attorney’s neck. He continues to the door as Marty tells the guard outside that she is Spencer’s doctor and needs to see him.

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