OLTL Update Monday 1/22/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/22/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie is at the gym. Vincent is also there, and Natalie makes sure he knows she is not happy about the press conference. Natalie starts to leave and falls. She sprains her ankle. Vincent comes to her aid and ices her ankle. Natalie admits John has been very difficult to get along with, but she then wonders why she is telling this to him. Vincent admits he has missed their friendship, but Natalie leaves again. Vincent makes a wise crack to her about how she has to get back to her patient. Adriana and Marcie are also at the gym. Marcie adoringly refers to Tommy as TJ. This scares Adriana. Marcie talks about how wonderful life with Tommy is and admits he looks like someone she knows.

Meanwhile, Marcie, Tommy, and Michael have been visiting John. Marcie and Tommy leave. Michael asks John how he is really doing. John confesses about how Natalie has been mothering him and getting on his nerves. Michael advises John not to hurt Natalie, which makes John somewhat angry. John states he just can’t handle feeling like he is coming out of his skin. John remains upset that Spencer seems to be getting away with his father’s murder. John wishes he would have killed Spencer when he had the chance. Michael reminds John that Spencer will be shipped to Wingdale very soon. When this happens, they will both lose their chance for avenging their father’s death. Michael tells John he is not a killer, but John is formulating plans of his own. Later, Natalie returns as John is loading his gun. He hides the gun from her and helps her with her ankle.

At his studio, Cristian tells the police he has never seen the files of Vincent’s warehouses on his laptop. The police also find a pair of Cristian’s gloves. They are to be sent to the lab to test for turpentine. He continues to deny any involvement with the arsons, but Talia informs him he better get a good attorney. At the police station, Evangeline and Antonio defend Cristian to Vincent’s attorney. They tell him they have been pulled off the case. Vincent’s attorney seems pleased because maybe now the real villain will be caught. The attorney decides to wait around and see what evidence the cops come up with from Cristian’s studio. Antonio receives a call and secretly tells Evangeline that the police found something at Cristian’s. Evangeline goes back to the studio, and Cristian states he didn’t know anything about any files on his laptop. He thinks someone is trying to ruin his life by setting him up. Cristian states he will find out who is setting him up. Evangeline embraces him.

Nash and Jessica are still in the steam room. Jessica confesses that the feeling she has for Nash could ruin everything for her. Even though Nash tries to pry her true feelings out of her, Jessica won’t budge. Jessica does admit she is afraid her Tess feelings will come back again. Nash tells her he has accepted that Tess is gone, and he wanted to kiss Jessica in the mine and not Tess. He tells her she is afraid of her feelings. He also admits he has feelings for her, even though he doesn’t want them. Nash begs her to own up to her feelings, but she doesn’t. He takes her in his arms and kisses her. She passionately kisses him back and then runs out the door. Nash seems pretty pleased with himself as he lies down on a bench in the steam room.

Spencer remains hospitalized with an apparent lack of sanity. He calls out Tommy’s name in front of Rex. Rex questions him as to who he is talking to, and Spencer states he killed Tommy McBain. Rex is hopeful that Spencer is talking about John’s father, but this is not to be. Spencer says he doesn’t think Tommy should remain where he is because he is Todd’s son, and he has plans for him. Rex tries to give Spencer the false impression that Tommy is dead by showing him his fake death certificate, but Spencer keeps on insisting Tommy is alive. The guard finally makes Rex leave. Rex is upset and vows not to let Spencer ruin anymore lives. Later, Michael also goes in to visit Spencer. Spencer is delirious and keeps on repeating that the baby is dead and there is a death certificate to prove it. Spencer tells Michael that his baby is the one that is dead. This gets to Michael, and he leaves Spencer’s room and calls Marcie. He asks her if Tommy is okay. She tells him that he is. Michael makes her promise that she will tell Tommy he loves him and give him a kiss. Marcie hangs up and starts to reach down to Tommy, but Rex and Adriana arrive, and she says she needs to get home with Tommy. Rex tells Adriana that Spencer knows Tommy is Todd’s son. They vow to keep their secret because they cannot afford for it to get out. Rex will go to prison. Rex admits that Spencer is somewhat in control. Adriana thinks nobody would ever believe him anyway.

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